Volunteer of the month: Julia Senderska

Text: Emilie Faarup Storvik
Photo: Private

In NTNUI’s column “Volunteer of the Month” you get to meet a bunch of selected volunteers at NTNUI who put in invaluable effort. The volunteer of the month in June is deputy head of NTNUI Bumerang, Julia Senderska.

Julia has been a driving force for Bumerang since she joined for approx. 2 years ago.

She is one of these people who really lives for Bumerang. So it’s no wonder that she quickly took over as material manager. She always knows which tent needs fixing, which parts of our backpacks are particularly prone to damage, which types of skis are most popular, which shoe sizes we need more of, etc.

She simply has the best overview of everything that happens with our material. In addition to that, she is very involved in the training and integration of new volunteers in our group (this applies to both operations and social life in the group). You can simply say that Bumerang could not have existed without volunteers like Julia! Her efforts in Bumerang really contribute enormously to making our club better!

Lena Müller, Leader in NTNUI Bumerang
Facts about Julia

Name: Julia Senderska
Age: 25 years
Group: Bumerang
Years in NTNUI: 2 years
Position: Deputy head in NTNUI Bumerang

Hi Julia! Thank you very much for wanting to talk to us in NTNUI Blits! Who are you really?
I am a master’s student who decided to come to Norway to study English linguistics. Otherwise, I am a big travel-, sports- and language enthusiast who likes to explore and try something new all the time, and that perhaps explains both what I study and why I ended up at NTNUI.

How did you end up at NTNUI?
I wanted to volunteer somewhere, and, as a new person in Trondheim and in Norway in general, I wanted to get to know more people. Then Bumerang was the first thing I found, because the first time I heard about the organization I already knew that I should regularly borrow the equipment from them. Then I thought, why not ask if they need volunteers. And they did, thankfully.

How do you actually get a position in Boomerang?
Volunteers come and go every semester. But if you have been here for a while and shown an interest in how things work or could work, you naturally start to take more and more responsibility. New volunteers always ask the “old” about everything. And then it’s just that some of the “old” take this responsibility on themselves officially.

What will be the next step within NTNUI then?
I’m finishing my master’s degree this year, so I think I’ll have to say goodbye to NTNU very soon, although it’s sad, it’s been a really good time.

If you had to change one thing in NTNUI – what would it have been?
Perhaps it should be possible to come for one free training without having to pay the membership first to see if you actually want to do the sport. Some may have been doing it for many years and then they want to continue when they start their studies at NTNU, but for many it is also an opportunity to try something completely new.

But why are you getting involved and engaging in NTNUI?
There are so many reasons. Firstly, I think it is a wonderful opportunity that people can borrow sports and camping equipment completely free of charge. That it will be easier to experience what Norway has to offer, everything from different winter sports to hiking opportunities. For some, it’s a chance to try something new and see if you like it, without having to buy expensive equipment first. For many foreign students, it is an opportunity to try sports they may not be able to play in their home country. And I think it’s very exciting to work to make that kind of thing possible for others. Otherwise, I really enjoy fixing things and learning new skills, and I’ve learned so much in the 2 years, from the technical details of how to repair and maintain equipment, to how to solve organizational problems and deal with customers. And it can be challenging, you meet different people, but I always remember best those who were positive and happy, who came to us with sweets so that we would have a better time on shift, or who donated their sports equipment so that others could in the future use it. And then there is the mood in boomerang, between us volunteers. You become a group of friends, spend a lot of time together, not only on shifts, meetings and chores, but in your free time. That’s how it’s been for the last 2 years, and I hope it continues, because without volunteering in boomerang I would never have met such wonderful, positive, open people. Boomerang gave me much more than I can give back no matter how much I get involved.

What do you think about the stamp “volunteer of the month” that you have now been given?
I think it’s a great honor and a very cool stamp. I don’t know how much I have managed to contribute to boomerang, but I have always had a very big enthusiasm for everything that happened here and everything that could be improved, our venue has become almost my second home, so I think the word “ildsjel” sounds pretty cool.

You in 5 years, where will you be?
Hvem vet? Det er det jeg synes er mest spennende. Å ikke vite, å ikke ha noen spesifisert plan, bare ha øynene åpne for muligheter, og prøve seg på forskjellige ting.

You have one million that you can dispose of freely in NTNUI – what would you use the money for?
I have to say that for Bumerang equipment haha People book all the skis we have in winter, and all the tents when it’s hiking season, they often have to book far in advance, and in winter there’s a big queue in front of the boomerang. And equipment wears out quickly if so many people use it all the time. So we need so much more equipment to cover the need.

NTNUI or a partner?
A very difficult question, without joining NTNUI I would most likely never have met my partner.

Coolest thing you’ve worked with at NTNUI?
Christmas holiday workshop with Bumerang during my first semester here. It was perhaps a third of all of us volunteers who did not go home for Christmas. We met every day at Bumerang, fixed things, built new storage shelves, came up with lots of new ideas and implemented them. Without anyone demanding it, we just had so much enthusiasm and wanted to work and spend whole days together at the same time. In the evenings we sat with some of us and watched films, or went skiing, or tobogganed at Moholt. We spent Christmas Eve together, and New Year’s Eve as well. Definitely my best memories from boomerang, when we worked hard so that people could get a better lending offer after the reopening, and at the same time had fun together.

Would you rather choose Rowing’s tights or “djevellua”?
Djevellue, it’s the most absurd headgear I’ve ever seen.

Which sport do you wish you were involved in at NTNUI?
Maybe karate. I trained in karate for several years before I started my studies at NTNU, although it was a different style of karate than the one you have at NTNUI. I miss this sport so much.

Director of Sit for a day or principal for a day? Why?
No one, it would probably be the most stressful day of my life.

If you were to create a new position in NTNUI, what would it be?
Party manager? That could be cool.

Do you have any tips for someone to interview for volunteer the month in NTNUI?
Contact blits-promo@ntnui.no

NTNUI introduces para-contact for all sports!

Text: Emilie Faarup Storvik
Photo: Mari Hanesand/NTNUI Blits

Parasport Goalball was one of the sports you could compete in during the Student Games Trondheim 2023.
Photo: Mari Hanesand/NTNUI

At the General Assembly on 14 March, the members of NTNUI voted to legislate that all sports must have a para-sports contact in the group board. – Important for further development and investment in Para-Sports, Sebastian Cheng, head of NTNUI Para-Sports.

In 2016, NTNUI established a separate administrative committee which was to work for better arrangements in the club so that everyone will be able to play sports, regardless of functional ability. Sebastian Cheng, outgoing head of NTNUI and recently elected head of NTNUI Paraidrett, is very pleased that the proposal went through:
–Through the last few years of work, it is a project that we feel has had a good effect and therefore wants to enshrine it in NTNUI’s statutes. This can make it easier for further work towards making NTNUI even more inclusive.

Sebastian Cheng, head of NTNUI Para Sports.
Photo: NTNUI Blits

At the General Assembly on 14 March, it was decided that each sports group in NTNUI should have one Para contact on the board who is responsible for looking after potential para athletes in the group. Parakontakt shall function as a point of contact between the group and NTNUI Parasport – the administrative committee.

What is a para contact?
  • Para contact shall be the point of contact between NTNUI para sports if a para athlete contacts NTNUI Para sports and wishes to practice the given sport.
  • The para contact should be the person who contacts NTNUI Para Sports if you get a para athlete in the group who wants to participate. You can get advice on planning from NTNUI parasports.
  • Parakontakt must participate in a skills-enhancing parakontakt meeting every semester that focuses on the inclusion of everyone in sport.

Sebastian is looking forward to the collaboration going forward with new para contacts in the groups in NTNUI, and hopes this will contribute to even more para athletes being included in the club in the future:
-At the general meeting, NTNUI has had an enormous impact in the work for greater diversity and inclusion in the club! I am very positive about the future and the way forward to include everyone, regardless of functional ability.

Do you have questions about arrangements or would you like to find contact information for a para contact for your group? Contact NTNUI Para sports.

Volunteer of the month: Runhild Aakre

Text: Emilie Faarup Storvik
Photo: Emilie Faarup Storvik, Ingunn Egeberg Vári, Liv Aakre
& Huimi Chen

Runhild on a New Year’s trip with Koiene
Photo: Ingunn Egeberg Vári

In NTNUI’s new column “Volunteer of the month” you will meet a bunch of selected volunteers at NTNUI who put in an invaluable effort. First up is the leader of Koiene, Runhild Aakre.

Others on Runhild

“Å sammenfatte hvor flink Runhild er i korte trekk er vanskelig, men om det er en ting man absolutt må trekke frem så er det at hun har stålkontroll på absolutt alt.  Hun holder seg alltid oppdatert når det kommer til Koiene, så om du lurer på noe, uansett om det er vedtilstand, økonomi eller hvor lenge det er til neste kontrakt går ut, har Runhild alltid et svar (om ikke så tar det ikke lang tid før hun har funnet svar på det). Arbeidsviljen skal man heller ikke kimse av, å være kasserer i Koiene er ingen liten jobb, men fortsatt har hun har greid å kombinere det med både skole, verv i ØKU og utallige koieturer. Etter to år med dette er motet fortsatt stort og hun har nå tatt over som koiesjef, hvor hun gjør en fantastisk jobb og ildsjelen brenner minst like hardt om ikke mer enn tidligere!”
John Marius, Kakesjef i Koiene
Facts about Runhild

Name: Runhild Aakre
Age: 23 years
Group: Koiene
Years in NTNUI: Member since fall 2019
Positions (including former positions): Koie boss (October 2022-) member of the economy committee (February 2021-November 2022), Treasurer Koiene (November 2020-Oktober 2022)

Hello Runhild! How fun you want to talk to us in Blits! Who are you exactly?
I am a student who likes to go on walks!

How did you end up at NTNUI?
Hereditary burden, as dad was very keen in the Koi when he was studying. I went on a get-to-know-you trip with the Koi, and then suddenly I was on the board as treasurer.

Koiene have a “Koiemøte” (Koie meeting) every other Monday, which Runhild leads.
Photo: Emilie Faarup Storvik/NTNUI

What position do you have? And how did you get such a position?
I am the Koie boss. It was fun being treasurer in Koiene, so I wanted to continue on the board with new challenges.

The next step in NTNUI?
Definitely the Cake Boss in Koiene.

Wow, what’s that?
Cake Boss is a board member with long experience, who makes sure that traditions, such as cake at the Koie meeting, is maintained and helps the others on the board.

If you were to change one thing in NTNUI, what would it be?
I think all the groups in NTNUI should go on a koie trip at least once a year, because it’s a lot of fun!

Why are you getting involved then?
Because it’s a lot of fun and lots of nice people, and cake at koie meetings.

Runhild outside Øvensenget.
Photo: Liv Aakre

What do you think about the stamp you have now received as a zealot?It’s very nice to be appreciated, but there are also many others who put in a lot of effort in NTNUI and who deserve attention!

Want to highlight someone?
No, I don’t want that. No one mentioned no one forgotten.

Who would you rather have been stuck in the lift at Sit training center with?
Who takes the lift at Sit training centre?

If you were to have created a new position in NTNUI (without having to apply yourself), what would it have been?
A welfare officer at the clubhouse who provides coffee, tea, cocoa and snacks would have been very nice.

What makes you happy in life?
Being out on a trip, preferably on a koi trip!

Runhild from the construction of new ones Mevasskoia
Photo: Huimi Chen

Which Koie is your favorite then?
Everyone has their own charm, but Kamtjønnkoia probably has the finest location.

Rowing’s tights or NTNUI’s devil’s hat?
Devil’s hat, because it is much more suitable for koie-trips travel.

You in 5 years, where will you be?
Hopefully finished studying and in work.

If you had to choose, NTNUI or love?
What about a love in NTNUI?

Where would you rather have got involved, if it had not been NTNUI? 
Maybe DNT young!

Do you have any tips for someone we should talk to about the firebrand of the month? Contact blits-promo@ntnui.no

First Norwegian student cup i quidditch at SG-Trondheim 2023

Text: Kasper Malkenes Sørtun
Photo: NTNUI/Jonas Schwarzwälder

Photo: NTNUI/Jonas Schwarzwälder


Qudditch has grown in popularity both globally and in Norway in recent years. In norway there are 5 teams and approximately 80 players in Norway

What is Quidditch?

NTNUI Rumpeldunk will hold the first student cup in connection with the Trondheim Student Games(SG) in a few weeks.

Rumpeldunk is not like most sports, and does not have a long and proud history. It has only been around for two decades. 

It is, as you suspected, from the well-known book series “Harry potter”.

Rumpeldunk can be compared to other sports such as handball, cannonball and rugby.

Each team consists of a keeper, three chasers, two beaters and a seeker.

The keeper and the chasers play a bit like handball, where the goalkeeper must protect the 3 goals of his team. Chasers must score goals on the opponent’s 3 goals.

Thus, you have the two beaters whose task is to shoot out opponents with a cannonball. They simply play cannonball in the middle of a handball match.

Then finally you have the seeker who is let into the game after 20 minutes. The seeker’’s job is to catch the golden snitch. The golden snitch often hangs on the back of a volunteer who runs around the field.

Catching the golden snitch is worth 3 points and can either end the game or send it to overtime.

On a quidditch court, there will therefore be two teams of 7 each, where 8 play handball with 3 rings as the goal. 4 play cannonball between themselves and the other 10. Then there are two who run after the golden snitch.

All this must be done with a pvc/plastic pipe between the legs, and with full contact as in  tackles.

It is played with mixed gender teams where everyone is on the same team.

It’s probably a bit more complicated than football or handball, but it looks like a lot of fun. Just search youtube or check the links below to watch it in action.

Are you feeling magical?

All you have to do is sign up for the student cup here.

The registration deadline is January 20.

Some words from your host    

NTNUI Rumpeldunk welcomes you to Trondheim for the first SL in Rumpeldunk. Our sport continues to grow and dunk as a regular feature in SL in the future will be a good offer for all the country’s students. So join us in making this year’s tournament a huge success!

Some words from Sl.

It is nice to be able to offer quidditch at SL 2023 in Trondheim. This will be the first time dunk is played in such an arena in student sports. There has long been great interest in this sport and we are looking forward to seeing how this unfolds in this year’s SG.

Mohamed Sadou Barry(Nestleder for Studentlekene Trondheim 2023)

Mohamed Sadou Barry(Viceleader for Student Games Trondheim 2023)

Do you wanna read more or participate ?

First norwegian student cup in roundnet at the Student games in Trondheim 2023

Text: Kasper Malkenes Sørtun & Marius Jack Roset
Photo: Nils Dittrich/NTNUI

Photo: Nils Dittrich/NTNUI

In a few weeks, the student cup for roundnet will be held at Student Games(SG) Trondheim 2023.

Roundnet or spikeball has its origins in the United states.

It is a simple game consisting of two teams with two players each, a net and a ball.

The game starts with a player serving the ball down to the net, and then the opposing have the ball.

While the game is taking place, the ball must be bounced off the net towards the other team with a maximum of 3 touches. 

The aim is to give the other team a ball that they cannot control or cannot bounce back,

This causes the ball to fall to the ground.

If the ball falls to the ground after it has bounced off the net. Then points are awarded to the team that bounced the ball off the net last.


The sport was originally called roundet, but after a company called Spikeball started promoting the sport and selling equipment for the sport. Then the name spikeball have become equivalent with the word roundnet, 

You’re welcome to participate in the roundnet. Sign up here.

The registration deadline is January 20.

Some words from the technical responsible(TA) .

As Both TA and a great admirer of roundet. I would like to welcome everyone to Trondheim for the roundnet tournament!  

After playing for over 4 and a half years, I am very sure that this will be a fantastic event for all those who register and not least for the growing roundnet community in Norway! 

Some practical information from us.

  • For an overview of group names,points,play offs etc. We will use the website:https://fwango.io/studendtcup2023
  • Here you will be able to register your team, plot results so that the group is updated automatically.(Note:requires both players to have/create a user.)

Marius Jack Roset- Technical responsible Roundnet 2023

Some words from Sl.

Mohamed Sadou Barry(Viceleader for Student Games Trondheim 2023)

Wanna read more or participate in roundnet? Look down below.

From the bedroom to Studentcup ved SG-trondheim 2023

Text: Kasper Malkenes Sørtun & Kenneth Olstad Johnsen
Photo: Andreas Flo/NTNUI

Photo: Andreas Flo/NTNUI

First student cup in E-sport this spring.

E-Sports has taken the world by storm. Games such as League of legends (LOL) and Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) get several million spectators both digitally and in arenas. It has become especially popular among young adults.

There are several leagues, championships and cups both nationally and globally. One of the bigger leagues in Norway is the Telia League, where people compete in  LOL, FiFA and Rocket league. 

NTNUI E-sport participates actively with 15 teams spread over different games in Telia League.

NTNUI E-sport will hold the first student cup in Trondheim together with SG-Trondheim 2023.

They will compete in LOL and CS:Go at the student cup this spring.

Both games are team games where two teams fight each other in field over objectives.
CS:GO is a traditional shooter such as Call of Duty . So the game consists of shooting the opponent before he shoots you.  There are also other objectives such as flags and bombs to spice things up.

LOL, on the other hand, is a MOBA which stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, where there are two teams of five players each. Each player controls a figure called a champion. A champion has some skills that can do anything from change the battle arena to self healing.  

The object of the game is to destroy the enemy’s base, and this is more easily done when the enemy is dead. So the concept of shooting the enemy before he shoots you is also relevant in this game.

So there are 10 different champions that have different skills on two different teams, which is trying to destroy the other team’s base. It is as simple as that.

LOl is also one of the biggest E-sport in the whole world.

The competition itself will take place at Jotunheim E-sport in Trondheim. So there is no need to bring an expensive gaming pc and a mechanical keyboard all the way to trondheim.

Jotunheim E-sport is a sports bar that offers a great place to be and quality gaming PCs

Do you wanna pwn some noobs or whatever the kids are calling these days?.

You’re welcome to join the student cup here,

The registration deadline is January 20.

Some words from your host

E-sport has seen great growthat NTNU in recent years and it has been incredibly fun to watch the association go from a few dozen members to over 100 members in such a short time. This year will be the first opportunity to organize e-sports in Trondheim SL as 2021 was canceled due to covid, so it will be new and exciting!

Kenneth Olstad Johnsen Technical responsible for E-sport 2023

Some words from SL

We are very happy to have the opportunity to offer e-sports at SL 2023 in Trondheim. E-sports have

has been seen by some as a non-traditional sport, but we have experienced great commitment within this sport. We look forward to seeing how it continues to develop

Mohamed Sadou Barry(Viceleader for Student Games Trondheim 2023)

Want to read more or participate ? 

Join the game – Sign up for Studentlekene Trondheim

Text: Emilie Faarup Storvik
Photo: NSI, Iris Frydenlund/NTNUI & Thomas Karlsen/Karslen Foto

From the Student Games in Trondheim 2019.
Photo: NSI

22th-26th of February 2023, the Trondheim Student Games will finally be held. And you can sign up until the 20th January!

The Games are a collection of student national championships and student cups in a number of sports at all levels. In some of the sports there is even qualification for the student European Championship. This year you can choose between 23 sports to compete in, and some of them are being organized for the very first time.

New and unique sports

Sports manager in the Student Games Trondheim, Ine Tønnessen Straumbotn, is looking forward to finally organizing the Student Games in Trondheim, after the Student Games 2021 had to be canceled due to Corona:
– This year, for the first time, we will organize student games in E-sports, roundnet and rumpeldunk, which we are very much looking forward to introducing as part of the Trondheim Student Games!

Sports manager at Studentlekene Trondheim, Ine Tønnesen Straumbotn, is looking forward to Studentlekene Trondheim 2023.
Photo: Iris Frydenlund/NTNUI

This autumn, the Student Games Bergen Challenge was organized, and Trondheim differs from these student games by being able to offer competition in several other sports:
– Trondheim has competition in, among other things, snow rugby, indoor orienteering, roundnet and Quidditch to name a few. We think it’s really cool to be able to offer some unique sports in the student games, and hope many take the chance to compete in them! says Tønnesen Straumbotn excitedly.

Happy participants who are helped by volunteers from “Koiene” during the koie pentathlon in 2019.
Photo: NSI

Long Traditions

The Student Games entered student sports in 1999, where NTNUI welcomed 800 participants in ten different sports. This was the start of something that would prove to be a great success and since 2010 the games have been organized every single year with ever-growing numbers of participants and interest in the rest of student sports in Norway. The 2019 Student Games were the biggest ever in Trondheim with 2,251 participants.

Leader of the Student Games, Oda-Alette Kjellsbøl Hole.
Photo: Iris Frydenlund/NTNUI

Leader of the Student Games, Oda-Alette Kjellsbøl Hole, is looking forward to inviting student sports Norway to Trønder capital:
– The board and I are looking forward to showing what Norway’s largest student city and NTNUI have to offer. We are looking forward to finally organizing the Student Games, as it was unfortunately canceled in 2021.

She hopes that many will take the chance to sign up for the Student Games and believes that everyone who likes sports, competition, togetherness and who is a member of a sports club should sign up:
– It is a good opportunity to make acquaintances across sports both within NTNUI and other students – here you will meet opposition from the rest of student Norway! If you have finished as a student before the next Student Games are held, you should seize the opportunity now!

Something you don’t want to miss

Not only is the Student Games a large sporting event, it is also a very social arena where you get the opportunity to party with other student sports clubs in Norway. Among other things, an opening ceremony at the Studentersamfundet and several social offers are planned during the days.

Atle Hybertsen, event manager at the Student Games, is looking forward to organizing the banquet.
Photo: Privat

Atle Hybertsen is the event manager for the Student Games, and he is looking forward to the banquet on Saturday, which will be the highlight:
– According to tradition, several banquets are arranged at the same time, and a lot of good things are planned for them all. Among other things, several awards will be given out, and perhaps the best, “Best Club”, which the student sports clubs fight for.

From the Balloon Drop during the banquet for the Student Games Trondheim 2019.
Photo: Thomas Karlsen/Karlsen Foto

Proud of the Board’s work so far

To get such a large sports festival to be carried out, skilled resource persons are required. Leader, Kjellsbøl Hole, is very proud of her board, and thanks them for their efforts so far:
– The board of the Student Games is a group of very talented and hard-working students. I feel privileged to be the leader of such a great group. The work on the board up until now has gone well because the board consists of some incredibly structured board members. Who again sit as leaders of solid subgroups!

Now you can apply to NTNUI Admin!

Text: Emilie Faarup Storvik
Photo: Roland Richter, Jonas Schwarzwaelder & Leonie Richarz/NTNUI

Photo: Leonie Richarz/NTNUI Blits

Finally, the application period for NTNUI Admin is underway! Here you can get an overview of which comitees have admissions this semester.

NTNUI Admin is the collective term for the administrative committees in NTNUI. NTNUI is proud to be Norway’s largest sports club, as well as the fact that we are only run by volunteers. In order to make the club go around, we are therefore very dependent on having good students on the administrative committees. Through NTNUI Admin, you learn how to run a large organisation, gain new skills in your field of interest and get to participate in a lot of social activities during your studies.

NTNUI Admin has something for everyone, and you are guaranteed to find a selection that matches either your interest or existing skills. NTNUI Admin has room for everyone, and extensive prior knowledge is not required to apply. The most important thing is that you have a desire to contribute and that you want to learn. Read more about the individual selections that have admissions now.


Photo: Roland Richter/NTNUI

NTNUI Blits is looking for committed volunteers who want to work with communication and promotion of NTNUI. Blits works with everything from social media to videography, and is often booked by the sports in NTNUI to help with photography and promotional material. We manage the social media channels for NTNUI, design logos for groups and create photo walls for events, among other things.

Blits always welcomes new ideas for the promotion and marketing of NTNUI, and is happy to start new projects. Here you get the opportunity to learn project management, strategic marketing, in addition to making close contact with the groups and participating free of charge in events as a photographer or journalist.


Photo: NTNUI Blits

NTNUI Event is NTNUI’s event committee. The goal is to create the best moments during the study period by hosting great events for the entire club. The events vary in size and scope, and there are, among other things, a Christmas party for over 300 people, “Gudenes Natteliv” (the nightlife of the Gods) where NTNUI takes over Studentersamfundet, waffle evenings, quizzes and much more! Event is looking for you who are creative, fond of organisation, logistics and execution of events.

At Event, you gain leadership experience, responsibility for project management and ownership of events. You get the opportunity to work together with a highly competent team and have the opportunity to build a good network with both nightlife and event agencies in Trondheim. In addition, you are guaranteed a place at all events that Event is responsible for and therefore have a good opportunity to get a very social and exciting position. Within Event, you can also specialize in the marketing of events or financial management if you want more responsibility in these areas.

NTNUI Paraidrett

Foto: Roland Richter/NTNUI Blits

NTNUI Paraidrett’s focus is to facilitate so that everyone, regardless of functional ability, can participate in the sports or activities they want at NTNUI. Parasports helps the sports at NTNUI to organize activities in the best possible way for both athletes and coaches. There are no separate para teams at NTNUI, but the committee instead works to ensure that the sports at NTNUI have a tailored offer so that as many as possible can be included.

NTNUI Paraidrett helps with finding companions for sports, testing and acquiring equipment that can be borrowed or bought, as well as providing advice and information where needed. As a member of Paraidrett, you learn more about the organization of sports, consult the sports in NTNUI and contribute strongly to a diverse offer for Norway’s largest sports club. NTNUI Paraidrett works closely with the Parasports Center in Trøndelag and you will have the opportunity to participate in courses and increase your competence in sports, organization and facilitation.

NTNUI Sprint

Foto: Leonie Richarz/NTNUI

Sprint is the IT committee of NTNUI, and mainly works to create good IT solutions for Norway’s largest sports team. It can be anything from developing our membership system to helping the groups with websites. In NTNUI Sprint, you will get hands-on experience in developing large computer systems that are used by NTNUI’s members. Sprint offers a good professional and social environment where you can test relevant technology outside of your studies.

NTNUI Sprint is suitable for you who want to gain management experience within IT projects, test out solutions from your own studies or learn about the IT solutions for Norway’s largest sports team. You will have the opportunity to put project manager or developer on your CV after being part of the Sprint, in addition to getting to know a group who are eager to learn from each other and build good solutions.

NTNUI Økonomi

Foto: Jonas Schwarzwaelder/NTNUI

NTNUI Economy is a project-based committee that works with audits of accounts and budgeting. In addition, Økonomi has its own projects that focus on investment, charity and much more! Even if the main tasks are on economics, there is no requirement that you must have dealt with economics previously, as Economics is a selection for everyone and where you will receive sufficient training. It is also a social position where Finance is involved in everything that happens with admin, such as joint trips to the Studenterhytta, the club house or in Trondheim.

Economics is the job for you who want to improve your skills in finance, accounting, auditing and investment. NTNUI is Norway’s largest sports club, and you will therefore gain a good insight into how to run such a large club where over 60 subgroups must submit both accounts and budgets for approval. NTNUI also owns several properties in Trøndelag through Studenterhytta and Koiene, and assets that require insurance. There are also larger projects that require investment plans and analyses, which you have the opportunity to do.

Stian Rakke appointed Commander of NTNUIs order

Text: Emilie Faarup Storvik & Øystein Fruseth Christiansen
Photo: NTNUI Blits / Iris Merete Natten Frydenlund

Former leader of NTNUI, Øystein Fruseth Christiansen, presents the Commander medal to Stian Rakke
Photo: NTNUI / Iris M. Natten Frydenlund

Founder of NTNUI Bumerang

Stian Rakke has been a part of NTNUI since 2010 and was appointed knight of NTNUIs order in 2013. He has worked for making student sports accessible for all, no matter what kind of socio-economic background one should have, and has been the driving force behind NTNUI Bumerang since 2015.

On the NTNUI Christmas party the 19th of November, he was finally appointed Commandor of NTNUI’s order after serving the club loyally for the last 10 years.

NTNUI Bumerang
  •  Free lending scheme for sports equipment
  • The purpose is to offer students, and eventually children and young people, the opportunity to try sports you are otherwise prevented from trying
  • The equipment is lent out through a library system, and returned to the same place by appointment
  • Won the student buddy award in 2020

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Stian with the commandor medal around his neck
Photo: NTNUI / Iris M. Natten Frydenlund

Øystein’s speech to Stian

Dear NTNUI family! My name is Øystein Christiansen and I have the great pleasure of being here to honor one of our dear members today. The laureate became a member of NTNUI in 2010 and has been an important part of the association throughout all these years. The laureate began the journey in the soccer group where he was one of the driving forces behind Dødens Hinderløp. Because of his contributions to the soccer group he became a knight of NTNUIs order in 2013. 

After his time in the soccer group he became a member of the selection committee and one of those guys who was just always around on general assemblies and in NTNUIs clubhouse. The laureate had an idea that every student in Trondheim should be able to try sports and activities; regardless of how much equipment they had, or how much money they could spend on buying or borrowing equipment. In his pursuit to reduce the threshold for being active as a student, and fighting the injustice of socioeconomic background in sports the laureate started NTNUI Bumerang in 2015. 

Bumerang lends out sports equipment for free to all students and residents in Trondheim. Through a period of 6 years the laureate developed Bumerang from being a small part of the office at Idrettsbygget Gløshaugen to having its own facility at Moholt Student Village. The laureate has applied for money and financed almost all of the equipment they have from external donors. Without the use of NTNUIs money he created one of the most important services to enable activity for all students in Trondheim before he gave up the leadership of the group in 2021.

The laureate is a living and breathing manifestation of NTNUIs values and has through 12 years devoted time to create opportunities for others to have the best memories of their student time. It is a great honor for me to promote Stian Rakke to a commander of NTNUIs order.

Stefan Williams awarded the Student Sports Award!

Text: Emilie Faarup Storvik
Photo: Viggo Jakobsen, Globetrotter event & artist AS

Stefan Williams with the student sports award during the sports evening of honor on Friday.
Photo: Viggo Jakobsen, Globetrotter event & artist AS

On Friday 4 November, the Trønder sports night was organized by Trøndelag sports circle in Trondheim. Here, achievements in top sports, company and student sports, good events, scholarship winners and driving forces are honoured.

Stefan Williams is head of the Law Committee in NTNUI and has a background as a leader and board member in NTNUI Baseball. He is in his second term as a member of the Law Committee, and the club has already noticed his willingness to create change. Among other things, he holds courses on incapacity together with the rest of the Law Committee, and was instrumental in the act of installing lights above the “stamp” (jacuzzi) at Hytta to prevent sexual harassment or abuse. His efforts were also rewarded by NTNUI in March, where he was appointed Knight of NTNUI’s order and honorary member.

The Law Committee in NTNUI (click to expand)
  • Consists of 6 trustees in NTNUI who have a duty of confidentiality and participate in relevant training on incapacity, sexual harassment and legal interpretation.
  • The Law Committee must look after NTNUI’s laws and statutes, in addition to being a case manager in personal cases.
  • In advance of the general meeting, the committee should give a written recommendation when considering legislative and statutory proposals, and must interpret the laws and statutes if questions of interpretation arise.
  • The committee holds courses for members of NTNUI.
  • If you report to NTNUI, it is the Legislative Committee that reports
  • You can altert here

The main board of NTNUI chose to nominate Williams for the award. The following criteria are used as a basis by Trøndelag sports district in the awarding of all prizes:

  • A good representative for Trøndersk sports
  • A role model for others
  • A person/persons who do the little extra – make a difference
  • A promoter of a healthy and safe growing up environment
  • An effort for physical activity and good health
  • A representative of an open and inclusive sports culture
  • A work with joy, health, community and honesty as guidelines
  • Our values must be reflected by the winner(s) – the most in the width, the best at the top; joy, health, community and honesty

Williams won the student sports prize with the following reasoning: “Throughout the year, Stefan has been absolutely central in building up a notification system in NTNUI. Stefan has been the most important driver for our members to have a safe place to go when they experience unpleasant incidents. With the system he has built up, one can be sure that incidents are handled in a safe and fair way. His efforts and dedication to helping others have strengthened NTNUI to become a safer and more inclusive sports team.”

Stefan Williams together with the head of NTNUI, Sebastian Cheng.
Photo: Viggo Jakobsen, Globetrotter event & artist AS