Stian Rakke appointed Commander of NTNUIs order

Text: Emilie Faarup Storvik & Øystein Fruseth Christiansen
Photo: NTNUI Blits / Iris Merete Natten Frydenlund

Former leader of NTNUI, Øystein Fruseth Christiansen, presents the Commander medal to Stian Rakke
Photo: NTNUI / Iris M. Natten Frydenlund

Founder of NTNUI Bumerang

Stian Rakke has been a part of NTNUI since 2010 and was appointed knight of NTNUIs order in 2013. He has worked for making student sports accessible for all, no matter what kind of socio-economic background one should have, and has been the driving force behind NTNUI Bumerang since 2015.

On the NTNUI Christmas party the 19th of November, he was finally appointed Commandor of NTNUI’s order after serving the club loyally for the last 10 years.

NTNUI Bumerang
  •  Free lending scheme for sports equipment
  • The purpose is to offer students, and eventually children and young people, the opportunity to try sports you are otherwise prevented from trying
  • The equipment is lent out through a library system, and returned to the same place by appointment
  • Won the student buddy award in 2020

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Stian with the commandor medal around his neck
Photo: NTNUI / Iris M. Natten Frydenlund

Øystein’s speech to Stian

Dear NTNUI family! My name is Øystein Christiansen and I have the great pleasure of being here to honor one of our dear members today. The laureate became a member of NTNUI in 2010 and has been an important part of the association throughout all these years. The laureate began the journey in the soccer group where he was one of the driving forces behind Dødens Hinderløp. Because of his contributions to the soccer group he became a knight of NTNUIs order in 2013. 

After his time in the soccer group he became a member of the selection committee and one of those guys who was just always around on general assemblies and in NTNUIs clubhouse. The laureate had an idea that every student in Trondheim should be able to try sports and activities; regardless of how much equipment they had, or how much money they could spend on buying or borrowing equipment. In his pursuit to reduce the threshold for being active as a student, and fighting the injustice of socioeconomic background in sports the laureate started NTNUI Bumerang in 2015. 

Bumerang lends out sports equipment for free to all students and residents in Trondheim. Through a period of 6 years the laureate developed Bumerang from being a small part of the office at Idrettsbygget Gløshaugen to having its own facility at Moholt Student Village. The laureate has applied for money and financed almost all of the equipment they have from external donors. Without the use of NTNUIs money he created one of the most important services to enable activity for all students in Trondheim before he gave up the leadership of the group in 2021.

The laureate is a living and breathing manifestation of NTNUIs values and has through 12 years devoted time to create opportunities for others to have the best memories of their student time. It is a great honor for me to promote Stian Rakke to a commander of NTNUIs order.