NTNUI returned with medals from the Student Games in Bergen

Text: Stine Bertelsen & Emilie Faarup Storvik
Photo: SL Bergen Challenge

NTNUI Baseball was a big team during SL BC. Photo: SL Bergen Challenge.

From the 12th until the 16th of October, this years Student Games was held in Bergen. NTNUI participated in many of the different sports, and came back to Trondheim with a lot of medals in their baggage.

The Student Games in Bergen is known as one of the largest events among the student sports in Norway. During this years event, there was 23 different sports, and 2550 participants – and all this in just 4 days! This goes down in history as the biggest Games ever to be arranged. In some of the sports the Norwegian Championship for students was held. Therefore, the winners of these are able to call themselves Norwegian champions!

We have gathered all the medalists from NTNUI here. We would like to congratulate all of you with fantastic achievements.

Gold in Badminton
9 members from NTNUI Badminton traveled to Bergen and returned with lots of medals in all the different classes.

Results for NTNUI Badminton: 

Men’s Single: Bronse til Iver Rolfsjord

Ladies’ Single: Bronse til Emma Sofie Søvik

Men’s Double: Sølv til Toby Clifford og Rohit Deraj, bronse til Ørjan Strand og Iver Rolfsjord

Ladies’ Double: Gull til Emma Sofie Søvik og Yngvild Elise Buraas

Mixed Double: Gull til Toby Clifford og Yngvild Elise Buraas, sølv til Ørjan Strand og Emma Sofie Søvik. 

NTNUI Earls (Baseball) got a silver:
NTNUI Earls is NTNUIs baseball team who also participated in Bergen. They finished off with a strong silver medal.

Bronze for NTNUI Geezes 
For the basketball teams it was arranged 3 vs 3, and NTNUI had to teams, NTNUI Geezes and NTNUI Swans. NTNUI Geezes managed to get the bronze medal!

Lots of gold for NTNUI Table tennis
NTNUI had a strong team in table tennis and got the gold medal in both singel and double!

Good results for NTNUI Athletics (Friidrett)
NTNUI made a clean sweep in the men’s 800m and took both gold, silver and bronze. NTNUI also won gold and silver in the men’s 200m, and gold in the women’s 200m. In the men’s 100m, gold and bronze went to NTNUI, and a clean slate was also made in the women’s 100m, where NTNUI collected gold, silver and bronze. In the mixed relay, NTNUI narrowly won a silver medal, with a loss to the law students’ association. The ladies also collected gold, silver and bronze in the half-marathon, while there was a bronze medal for NTNUI in the men’s half-marathon.

NTNUI Athletics had several great results during the Student Games. Photo: SL Bergen Challenge

Medals for NTNUI Futsal 
NTNUI Futsal managed to return with no less than four medals, two gold and two silver. NTNUI Gul took the ladies-gold and NTNUI svart took the mens-gold.

The joy was great after the good performance on the football field. Photo: SL Bergen Challenge

Victory to NTNUI Golf
Emil Garberg took the victory in the men’s class ahead of BI Bergen and UISI. 

Gold and Bronze for NTNUI Floorball
The ladies of NTNUI got the gold ahead of 2x NHHI, we like that! On the men’s side, NTNUI 1 had to see themselves beaten by NHHI and Bergen medicernes IL, but managed to win the bronze medal.

Silver and bronze for NTNUI Tindegruppa (Climbing) 
NTNUI took home a silver medal in Led climbing in the women’s class, as well as a bronze medal in bouldering.

Gold to Fart med bart!
NTNUI gathered a team ready to fight for the dodge ball tournament. Where “Fart med bart” ran away with the gold in the mix class.

Main board member Jenny Hunvik was part of the strong team and talks about the run-up to SL.

– The plan was to get a couple of sessions in place before we went to Bergen, but we didn’t have time for that… So we had to read over the rules on the way from the airport to the first match! It was an exciting final, where after two halves it was 1-1. But in the third half we pulled off the victory to great cheers.

Very happy gold winners! Photo: Private

The team “Beach og sånt” also took home a bronze medal from the women’s class! Here they ran away with the straight gold medal in the mix class. Beach and the like ran away with the bronze medal in the women’s class.

Bronze to NTNUI Lacrosse 
Both the ladies and the men of NTNUI Lacrosse got a well-deserved bronze medal.

Bronze to NTNUI Squash 
Olav Slapø Nes captured a bronze medal during the Squash tournament. He had to see himself beaten by NHHI and the Vestfold student community’s sports team.

Medal haul for NTNUI Tennis
NTNUI Tennis made a clean sweep in doubles in both the women’s and men’s classes. In addition, Emma Aurora Skaar and Andrin Kappeler each won a bronze medal in singles!

Gold and bronze for NTNUI Volleyball
The ladies of NTNUI Volleyball took home the prestigious yellow ahead of BSI and Studentspretten. The men got the bronze medal, but had to see themselves beaten by Studentspretten and BTSI.

NTNUI Swimming announced as the best club
During the SLBC swimming meet, NTNUI was voted best club. This was after strong results in many of the classes during the swimming competition. Leader of NTNUI Swimming, Oda von Krogh is proud of her club:

-I am very satisfied with the results of the swimming group! We had both some completely new and some old, experienced swimmers who all performed very well and managed to bring home, among other things, best club, which is a little extra nice. It is also of course worth mentioning that the team, in true NTNUI spirit, performed equally well both in the water and on land!

Results to NTNUI Swimming: 

100m rygg: Gold to Mia Olden Larsen, bronze to Agathe Cadot-Burillet

50m fri: Gold to Jon Olav Båtbukt

100m bryst: bronse til Filip Louka

100m bryst: silver tto Synne Lauritzen

50m fly: goldt to Jon Olav Båtbukt, bronze to Manith Attanapola

100m im: gold to Bjørn Solberg, silver to Manith Attanapola

100m im: silver to Synne Laurtizen

200m fri: gold to Nora Haaland

6x50m fri mix: gold to NTNUI Svømming Mix 1

4x50m LM: silver to NTNUI Svømming J1

4x50m LM: gold to NTNUI Svømming G1

200m im: bronze to Agathe Cadot-Burillet

200m im: Gold to Bjørn Solberg, bronse til Andreas Stenberg

50m rygg: gold to Synne Laurtizen

50m rygg: gold to Manith Attanapola

100m fri: silver to Nora Haaland

100m fri: gold to Jon Olav Båtbukt, silver to Titus Phillipson

100m bryst: gold to Bjørn Solberg, bronze to Manith Attanapola

4x50m fri damer: bronze to NTNUI Svømming J1

4x50m fri herrer: gold to NTNUI Svømming G1, silver to NTNUI Svømming G2

Soon the stage will be set for SL Trondheim

The Student Games will come to Trondheim in February 2023. Here, the flag will be presented to SL Trondheim from SL Bergen Challenge during the banquet. Photo: SL Bergen Challenge

In February, the student games come to Trondheim, and NTNUI has been planning this event for over a year. Leader of the Student Games Trondheim, Oda-Alette Kjellsbøl Hole, was present during SL Bergen and tells about a good event:

– My board and I were inspired by a solid and good implementation in Bergen! We now take all the success factors with us and build on them.

Hole is looking forward to being allowed to invite to the student sports festival in Trondheim in February and has great expectations:

– We aim to deliver at least as well in Trønderhovedstaden, and look forward to good experience transfers with SLBC in the future.

NTNUIers in the finest they own, namely the Grønn Galla during the Banquet for SL. Photo: Studentlekene Bergen Challenge