For volunteers

NTNUI account

All volunteers in NTNUI can order a personal e-mail account of the type The account will work in the same way as a regular Gmail account. With your NTNUI account, you get full access to Google’s office suite. It includes Gmail, Google Drive, Spreadsheets, Docs and Presentations, as well as an email list and alias system.

Each user account will also have 30 GB of free storage on Google Drive, and free access to Spreadsheets, Documents and Presentations. In the long run, users will be added to role-specific mailing lists such as, and correspondingly to relieve the

A very nice feature is that you use aliases such as as the sender address. Read here how to use an alias.

In addition, there is a requirement to have an NTNUI account to be able to manage email lists for groups and teams, due to technical limitations from Google.

Order your NTNUI account

It can take up to a week from the time you order users until they are created. You will receive an email when your user is created with your password.

Slack and Slab: your new best friends as an NTNUI volunteer

NTNUI’s internal communication takes place via e-mail, Slack and Slab. If you are a group leader, deputy leader or treasurer, you will be invited to Slack after you have created your NTNUI user. All volunteers have access to NTNUI’s knowledge base on Slab by logging in using your NTNUI user. Here you will find all the information you need as a NTNUI volunteer!