Apply for NTNUI Admin

Join us to make the best moments during times of study and get relevant professional experience in a including and social organization!

NTNUI Admin assists the Main Board and activity groups of NTNUI with different tasks. Here you can get relevant experience with photo- and videography, social media, economy, design, communication technology, parasports and a lot more! You can assist in organizing and arranging large events, free rent of sports and outdoor life equipment for the students of Trondheim. In other words – something for all! We are a social group with low threshold activities as adminGym, teambuilding and other festivities that are common to the student life.
Whether you are new as a student or not, join us to make the best moments during times of study!

Deadline: February 1st 2024

You can find more information about the comittees here:

The Main Board

Join in on keeping NTNUI in development and motion! The main board will lead the association forward and is responsible for the day-to-day operations. The main board consists of 10 individuals, each with their own areas of responsibility. We are looking for dedicated individuals who are eager to contribute to Norway’s largest sports club.


aktivCampus works towards low-threshold activity in everyday life! This includes not only during week 36, where there are approximately 100 activities taking place, but also throughout the semester with aktivHverdag!


Blits is the communication committee of NTNUI. We work with photos, videos, and design, as well as social media and articles. Do you want to be involved in managing NTNUI’s social media, writing about what’s happening in Norway’s largest sports club, or taking cool photos and videos, designing logos, posters, and flyers? You’ll have access to professional photography equipment, Adobe programs, and Canva Pro. Join us and showcase the wide range and sports enthusiasm that NTNUI has to offer!


Liker du å organisere, planlegge og gjennomføre arrangementer? Vi i arrangementutvalget bistår Hovedstyret i deres arbeid for å skape de beste øyeblikkene i studietiden. Vi planlegger arrangementer for både hele NTNUI og Admin, store og små. Bli med!


The Material Committee is the committee for those who like to keep their things in order! We work on finding new, as well as making better use of existing storage space. We develop NTNUI’s online store and NTNUI Shop. Therefore, we need people who are solution-oriented and enjoy thinking outside the box.

This year, we are also launching new and cool merch, and we need someone like you who is creative, likes to design, and wants to make NTNUI even more visible!


Moment is the committee that works for continuity in several of NTNUI’s projects and serves as a sparring partner for the groups and the Main Board within facilities and strategy. Join us in shaping the direction of NTNUI’s political work!


Do you have a passion for grassroots sports, low-threshold offerings, and the joy of movement? Check out NTNUI Paraidrett! We are a support program that facilitates para sports for students and others who wish to engage in para sports in Trondheim. Join the team!


Join Sprint and lead the digitalization of NTNUI. Here, developers and designers work with Vue.js, React, and Django to create software for over 19,000 members!


NTNUI Economy works to enhance, streamline, and develop the financial processes of NTNUI. We focus on internal auditing, budgeting, and other exciting projects. We assist all groups with financial processes and are available for any questions!