Main board

Eirik Søreide Hansen


As president Eirik represents NTNUI externally. Currently, his most important task is to secure a healthy focus and good conditions for NTNUI in the new campus now being planned. 

Principal aim

– To create a framework for better cooperation between the groups and a stronger sense of belonging for our volunteers.

Eirik Palm Hunnestad


Eirik is responsible for representing NTNUI on major projects and being a go-to guy for the president. Eirik’s most important tasks in the future are projects such as GI2020 and Gråkallen Winter Park.

Principal aim
– Having a sports offer for everyone, regardless of level, sport, gender or background, is important to me.

Elisabeth Brevik

Manager of Finance

Elisabeth is responsive for NTNUIs budgets and economic plans. She works to ensure that NTNUI groups can continue working on their future projects by controlling that budgets and costs are in line with a sustainable economic situation. Elisabeth wants the groups to work together to achieve synergy effects. One united NTNUI can achieve more together than the groups can individually!

Eirik Torjussen

Main treasurer

Eirik’s Malin task is too keep track of NTNUI’s accounts. This is done through the year’s three internal audits and by guiding the groups accountants along the way.

Principle aim
– Improve and streamline accounting practises for NTNUI in order to finalize the accounts as early as possible.

Bugge Eriksen

Manager of information and contact for the Student Games

Marthe is the link between the main board and the Student Games, but also responsible for the information communicated by the main board and the sports team. The focus areas of Marthe have been forming a new website, as well as making the best possible arrangements for arranging Student Games in February 2019.

Principal aim
– To create a community, make a belonging and a sense of achievement at all levels, as well as developing people of all levels – both physically, mentally and socially.

Martine Furnes Pettersen

Material responsible

Martine is responsible for NTNUI’s material and clothing, and is SmartProfil’s (NTNUI’s main supplier) contact in NTNUI. Martine is also Project leader for the renovation of Dødens Dal where we will work to improve the sport facility and to facilitate for UKA.

Principal aim
– Create club affiliation through visible brands, and make Trondheim green, yellow and black.

Sara Stokken Rott

Event Manager

As event manager, Sara has the main responsibility for the events organized by NTNUI, big and small. It is her responsibility and to make sure everything is tidy, efficient and of course makes sure that people have a lot of fun. There are several events and events during the academic year, so make sure you stay updated!

Principal aim

– Through sport you create a meeting place where lasting friendship is established regardless of where you come from, what background you have, religion, gender and age.

Inger Viken

Secretary and leader of Baneutvaget
As secretary and the leader of “Baneutvalget”, Inger is responsible for Dødens dal, the time slots NTNUI has at Lade, and writing minutes from the Main board’s meetings, so that information about what the Main board does is available to everyone.

Principal aim
– To facilitate increased communication not only between the groups but also between the groups and the Main board.

Thine Hestnes

Head of HR and open practises

Thine is in charge for HR and activities in NTNUI. She has the main responsability for ”NTNUI mosjon” which is a low level activity offer targeting students in the city. The main are for the HR- selection is to preserve the different groups and voulenteers in the organitation to reach the goals of NTNUI. 

Principal aim

– Tribute to create a inclusive student environment and good sport excperiences through NTNUI during your time as a student.

Steffen Myhre Rysgård

PR- and Sponsor responsible, Chief editor for Klubbavisa

As PR- Sponsor- and Chief editor for Klubbavisa Steffen ensures that the club paper is regularly released, he maintains an overview of NTNUI’s sponsors and he promotes NTNUI in social media and elsewhere. His main objective forward will be the creation and managing of NTNUI’s PR Group, exploring new sponsor opportunities and to gather the necessary workforce to create the club paper.

Principal aim

– To create an inclusive environment for all the new students at NTNUI.