Annual NTNUI events!

The Student Games 2023 is one of Norway’s largest student sports festivals and will be held in Trondheim 22-26. February 2023. The Games are a collection of student national championships and student cups in a number of sports at all levels. Read more here.
Nightlife of the Gods (Gudenes natteliv) is a party for all members of NTNUI and takes place at Studentersamfundet. Wearing NTNUI-colors, memebers of different gruops meet up to a party filled with competitions and fun. We will announce NTNUI’s strongest girl and boy after a push-up competition. There will also be competitions in limbo- and hand-wrestling. This year the date of Nightlife of the Gods is set to 27. march.

aktivCampus is what we call the third sponsor week, but it is a little different to what you might think of when you think of a standard sponsor week. The week comes right after the usual sponsor weeks, and when these are finished, we strike with a week jam-packed with activity and a focus on good habits. aktivCampus is thus a week filled with events that contribute to activity in a fun way. Read more here.

Idrettskavalkaden is arranged every year at Høgskoleplenen and is an opportuity for the groups in NTNUI to show themselves in front of both old and new students at NTNU. The goal is to recruit more members to NTNUI and to show what NTNUI has to offer. The groups are keeping stands and answering questions, as well as keeping shows and competitions. The event takes place in August every year. You can find more information here. Other events for recruitment is “Immatrikuleringen” at Gløshaugen and “Vrimledagen” på Dragvoll.
Celebrate May 17th with NTNU! May 17th is the Norwegian national day, and is celebrated with parades and fun events. Green, black and yellow are seen in “folketoget” when the members of NTNUI gather behind the traditional NTNUI-banners to walk the parade. There will also be free ice cream! Look forward to May 17th 2020!

Other Events


TV-aksjonen 2019 is the 46th TV-aksjonen and will took place 20. October 2019. This is a charity event where NTNUI and together with many others collects money for a good cause. More information about TV-aksjonen 2020 will be announces.

Events for groupboards

Gathering of group leaders

The gathering of Group leaders is held by Hovedstyret in colzlaborations with Event. It is a gathering for all NTNUI group leaders +1. The event is held once per semester at Studenterhytta. It is a weekend filled with social activities such as a rebus, dance tutorial and a nice dinner. The goal is to obtain good relations between different groups. In addition to the social activities there will be focus on exchange of experience and ideas between NTNUI members. The goal is to make NTNUI even better.


Forum gatherings are meet-ups for group boards where experience is exchanged and discussions and workshops are in focus. The gatherings also functions as a way to exchange information between Hovedstyret and the different groups.

Gathering for strategy

This is a forum for leaders with the intention to make action plans for the upcoming year. In 2019 the gathering was held in November.

Christmas dinner and party

16. november 2019 NTNUI held a Christmas party and Christmas dinner for all members. It was a great evening with great people from NTNUI, nice dishes and good entertainment! More information about the event in 2020 will be announced.

About the group Event

Event is an administrative group who helps Hovedstyret to plan and perform Events for NTNUI. The goal is to create the best moments of the student period by making amazing events. The group has the following tasks:

Meet-ups – Event wishes to establish meet-ups across the different groups of NTNUI. Arenas for exchange of experience, building networks and discussions will help us build one NTNUI.

Base of knowledge – Event wishes to be a base of knowledge for groups who want to arrange both smaller and bigger events. A lot of the groups are in possession of knowledge about locations, halls, food and lodgings. We want to collect this knowledge and place it in a common base available to all groups.

Calendar – Event wishes to collect information about events kept by the groups of NTNUI in a common calendar on the web page. The calendar is made in collaboration with Sprint and gives the groups a better opportunity for making their events more visible.