Can I join NTNUI?

You can if one of the following is true:

You are a student at NTNU

You are working at NTNU

You were a member of NTNUI last year

How do I sign up?

NTNUI and Sit membership:

Sign up on Sit’s website, then get your certificate at one of Sit’s staffed sport centers

Just NTNUI membership:

Go to the reception in one of Sit’s staffed sport centers

NB: If you want to be a part of a group that uses Sit’s sport centers, then you need to have Sit membership

What does it cost?

NTNUI and Sit membership:

Student half year: 1100kr

Student one year: 1750kr

Employee half year: 1350kr

Employee one year: 2150kr

Just NTNUI membership:

One year: 550kr

NB: If you want to join a group, you will most likely have to pay an additional fee for joining, but this is relatively cheap. Ask the group for additional information.

How do I join a group?

Join one of the group’s activities and ask


Send a mail to the contact person in the group

NB: In the beginning of the semester, most groups organize events for newcomers, so try one. Some groups have tryouts, if you want to join you have to come to these. Contact the group if you want more information.

Can I borrow equipment from NTNUI?


NTNUI Bumerang lends out equpiment for free. It is located at Moholt, in building 6.

In addition, some groups lend special equipment for doing their activities, but then you have to be apart of the group to borrow.


Koiene are cabins that NTNUI lends out to its members.

23 different cabins

They are located around Trondheim

2-25+ beds per cabin

Great variations in facilities, check out their website!


The cabin is located close to Trondheim and is open every Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.

To get there:

Do it the norwegian way, go for a hike!

Tue and Wed: Hyttebussen from the main building of NTNU (Gløshaugen)

Any day: Bus nr.10 with Atb.

Do you have any other questions?