Can I join NTNUI?

You are eligible to join if

  • you are a student or exchange student at NTNU,
  • you are working at NTNU,
  • you were a member of NTNUI last semester.

There are however certain cases where it is possible to get an exemption from these requirements and be allowed to become an NTNUI member even if you are not an NTNU student. To obtain an exemption, a person must apply for a dispensation through a group in NTNUI by contacting the leader of the relevant group.

How do I sign up?

NTNUI + Sit membership:
NTNUI memberships are bought through Sit. Sign up on Sit’s website, then get your certificate at one of Sit’s staffed sport centers in their opening hours.

Just NTNUI membership:
Visit the reception in one of Sit’s staffed sport centers in their opening hours.

NB: If you want to be a part of a group that uses Sit’s sport centers, then you need to have Sit with NTNUI membership.

What does it cost?

Updated membership prices can be found at our page about joining NTNUI.

NTNUI membership is cheapest together with Sit membership, and some of our groups require their own membership fee in addition to the regular NTNUI membership to participate. This varies between groups, so check out their own website!

How do I join a group?

Most NTNUI groups have their own website and there is an overview under Groups in the menu above. They are also often found if you search on social media!

At the start of the fall semester, most groups arrange activities open to everyone, even without NTNUI and Sit membership. Some groups also requires you to attend tryouts in order to join.

Can I borrow equipment from NTNUI?

Yes! NTNUI Bumerang lends equipment for free. Bumerang is located at Moholt student village.

In addition, there are many groups that lend equipment you need for their activity, but then you usually have to be a member of the group!


NTNUI Koiene are cabins with no inlet water and electricity, spread throughout Trøndelag that NTNUI rents out to its members!

There is great variety in the number of beds, walking distance and facilities. Check out their website for more info and booking!


The student cabin is a cabin located in Bymarka, just off Skistua, run by volunteers from NTNUI.

The cabin is open to all and they offer accommodation and dining! There is also bus routes almost to the doorstep!

Do you have any other questions?

Send us an e-mail or check out group websites!