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If you have experienced harassment in NTNUI, we would like you to contact us so this will not happen again. We are a large and complex sports club, which shall be welcoming for all of our members.

Contact varsling@ntnui.no to notify. This email goes to all the contact persons. You can also contact the individuals below if you prefer so.

We treat all sensitive matters with a high degree of discretion. If you wish to remain anonymous, we will arrange for everything to be handled properly. Our contacts take you seriously and they will treat every matter in a proper manner. You also get the last word if your contact wants to involve someone else in the investigation that follows such a notification.

There will soon be an anonymous solution, but we encourage everyone who takes contact to use their correct contact information. All cases will be handled confidentially and will secure your information. This will make it possible for the committee to handle the case in the best possible manner.


Photo: NTNUI Blits

Hanne Kvalø Pedersen

Leader Law Committee / Dance

Tlf.: +47 942 58 480


Photo: NTNUI Blits

Stian Syvertsen

Law Committee / Finance Committee

Tlf.: +47 992 97 600


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Anna Dorte Furu

Law Committee / Dance

Tlf.: +47 977 93 725


Photo: NTNUI Blits

Stian Koch

Law Committee / Finance Committee / Moment

Tlf.: +47 47 66 80 72

e-mail: stian.koch@ntnui.no

Photo: NTNUI Blits

Martin Berggren Nilsen

Law Committee/Sport Fishing

tlf.: +47 918 29 392

e-mail: martin.nilsen@ntnui.no

Photo: NTNUI Blits

Oda Haraldsvik Amundsen

Law Committee/Rowing

tlf.: +47 463 32 376

e-mail: oda.amundsen@ntnui.no