NTNU places great importance on its students’ well being. Healthy and sporty students not only create an entertaining student environment, but they also perform better academically. Because of this, NTNU makes sure Trondheim has Norway’s best student sports society.

In Sit we have a competent team supporting our main board and our own functions. Sit’s role as a facilitator is central in making NTNUI work on a voluntary basis.


The Student Welfare Association strongly supports our open practises. A low threshold for exercise and physical activity is essential for the students’ welfare.

Nordic Choice Hotels


G-Sport Lefstad

  • 25 % off on NTNUI-related products
  • 20 % off on running shoes, indoor shoes and football shoes
  • 25 % off on ice, tape and other medical equipment
  • 10 % off on other products

Eureka Kiropraktikk

As a NTNUI Member you get strongly cut årices at the clinic.

First time consultation 60 min: 500 kr
Follow up consultation 30 min: 450 kr
First time consultation 60 min: 400 kr
Follow up consultation : 30 min: 400 kr

AllWays Car rentals

We get discount at AllWays Car rentals.