Stefan Williams awarded the Student Sports Award!

Text: Emilie Faarup Storvik
Photo: Viggo Jakobsen, Globetrotter event & artist AS

Stefan Williams with the student sports award during the sports evening of honor on Friday.
Photo: Viggo Jakobsen, Globetrotter event & artist AS

On Friday 4 November, the Trønder sports night was organized by Trøndelag sports circle in Trondheim. Here, achievements in top sports, company and student sports, good events, scholarship winners and driving forces are honoured.

Stefan Williams is head of the Law Committee in NTNUI and has a background as a leader and board member in NTNUI Baseball. He is in his second term as a member of the Law Committee, and the club has already noticed his willingness to create change. Among other things, he holds courses on incapacity together with the rest of the Law Committee, and was instrumental in the act of installing lights above the “stamp” (jacuzzi) at Hytta to prevent sexual harassment or abuse. His efforts were also rewarded by NTNUI in March, where he was appointed Knight of NTNUI’s order and honorary member.

The Law Committee in NTNUI (click to expand)
  • Consists of 6 trustees in NTNUI who have a duty of confidentiality and participate in relevant training on incapacity, sexual harassment and legal interpretation.
  • The Law Committee must look after NTNUI’s laws and statutes, in addition to being a case manager in personal cases.
  • In advance of the general meeting, the committee should give a written recommendation when considering legislative and statutory proposals, and must interpret the laws and statutes if questions of interpretation arise.
  • The committee holds courses for members of NTNUI.
  • If you report to NTNUI, it is the Legislative Committee that reports
  • You can altert here

The main board of NTNUI chose to nominate Williams for the award. The following criteria are used as a basis by Trøndelag sports district in the awarding of all prizes:

  • A good representative for Trøndersk sports
  • A role model for others
  • A person/persons who do the little extra – make a difference
  • A promoter of a healthy and safe growing up environment
  • An effort for physical activity and good health
  • A representative of an open and inclusive sports culture
  • A work with joy, health, community and honesty as guidelines
  • Our values must be reflected by the winner(s) – the most in the width, the best at the top; joy, health, community and honesty

Williams won the student sports prize with the following reasoning: “Throughout the year, Stefan has been absolutely central in building up a notification system in NTNUI. Stefan has been the most important driver for our members to have a safe place to go when they experience unpleasant incidents. With the system he has built up, one can be sure that incidents are handled in a safe and fair way. His efforts and dedication to helping others have strengthened NTNUI to become a safer and more inclusive sports team.”

Stefan Williams together with the head of NTNUI, Sebastian Cheng.
Photo: Viggo Jakobsen, Globetrotter event & artist AS