First norwegian student cup in roundnet at the Student games in Trondheim 2023

Text: Kasper Malkenes Sørtun & Marius Jack Roset
Photo: Nils Dittrich/NTNUI

Photo: Nils Dittrich/NTNUI

In a few weeks, the student cup for roundnet will be held at Student Games(SG) Trondheim 2023.

Roundnet or spikeball has its origins in the United states.

It is a simple game consisting of two teams with two players each, a net and a ball.

The game starts with a player serving the ball down to the net, and then the opposing have the ball.

While the game is taking place, the ball must be bounced off the net towards the other team with a maximum of 3 touches. 

The aim is to give the other team a ball that they cannot control or cannot bounce back,

This causes the ball to fall to the ground.

If the ball falls to the ground after it has bounced off the net. Then points are awarded to the team that bounced the ball off the net last.


The sport was originally called roundet, but after a company called Spikeball started promoting the sport and selling equipment for the sport. Then the name spikeball have become equivalent with the word roundnet, 

You’re welcome to participate in the roundnet. Sign up here.

The registration deadline is January 20.

Some words from the technical responsible(TA) .

As Both TA and a great admirer of roundet. I would like to welcome everyone to Trondheim for the roundnet tournament!  

After playing for over 4 and a half years, I am very sure that this will be a fantastic event for all those who register and not least for the growing roundnet community in Norway! 

Some practical information from us.

  • For an overview of group names,points,play offs etc. We will use the website:
  • Here you will be able to register your team, plot results so that the group is updated automatically.(Note:requires both players to have/create a user.)

Marius Jack Roset- Technical responsible Roundnet 2023

Some words from Sl.

Mohamed Sadou Barry(Viceleader for Student Games Trondheim 2023)

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