Volunteer of the month: Runhild Aakre

Text: Emilie Faarup Storvik
Photo: Emilie Faarup Storvik, Ingunn Egeberg Vári, Liv Aakre
& Huimi Chen

Runhild on a New Year’s trip with Koiene
Photo: Ingunn Egeberg Vári

In NTNUI’s new column “Volunteer of the month” you will meet a bunch of selected volunteers at NTNUI who put in an invaluable effort. First up is the leader of Koiene, Runhild Aakre.

Others on Runhild

“Å sammenfatte hvor flink Runhild er i korte trekk er vanskelig, men om det er en ting man absolutt må trekke frem så er det at hun har stålkontroll på absolutt alt.  Hun holder seg alltid oppdatert når det kommer til Koiene, så om du lurer på noe, uansett om det er vedtilstand, økonomi eller hvor lenge det er til neste kontrakt går ut, har Runhild alltid et svar (om ikke så tar det ikke lang tid før hun har funnet svar på det). Arbeidsviljen skal man heller ikke kimse av, å være kasserer i Koiene er ingen liten jobb, men fortsatt har hun har greid å kombinere det med både skole, verv i ØKU og utallige koieturer. Etter to år med dette er motet fortsatt stort og hun har nå tatt over som koiesjef, hvor hun gjør en fantastisk jobb og ildsjelen brenner minst like hardt om ikke mer enn tidligere!”
John Marius, Kakesjef i Koiene
Facts about Runhild

Name: Runhild Aakre
Age: 23 years
Group: Koiene
Years in NTNUI: Member since fall 2019
Positions (including former positions): Koie boss (October 2022-) member of the economy committee (February 2021-November 2022), Treasurer Koiene (November 2020-Oktober 2022)

Hello Runhild! How fun you want to talk to us in Blits! Who are you exactly?
I am a student who likes to go on walks!

How did you end up at NTNUI?
Hereditary burden, as dad was very keen in the Koi when he was studying. I went on a get-to-know-you trip with the Koi, and then suddenly I was on the board as treasurer.

Koiene have a “Koiemøte” (Koie meeting) every other Monday, which Runhild leads.
Photo: Emilie Faarup Storvik/NTNUI

What position do you have? And how did you get such a position?
I am the Koie boss. It was fun being treasurer in Koiene, so I wanted to continue on the board with new challenges.

The next step in NTNUI?
Definitely the Cake Boss in Koiene.

Wow, what’s that?
Cake Boss is a board member with long experience, who makes sure that traditions, such as cake at the Koie meeting, is maintained and helps the others on the board.

If you were to change one thing in NTNUI, what would it be?
I think all the groups in NTNUI should go on a koie trip at least once a year, because it’s a lot of fun!

Why are you getting involved then?
Because it’s a lot of fun and lots of nice people, and cake at koie meetings.

Runhild outside Øvensenget.
Photo: Liv Aakre

What do you think about the stamp you have now received as a zealot?It’s very nice to be appreciated, but there are also many others who put in a lot of effort in NTNUI and who deserve attention!

Want to highlight someone?
No, I don’t want that. No one mentioned no one forgotten.

Who would you rather have been stuck in the lift at Sit training center with?
Who takes the lift at Sit training centre?

If you were to have created a new position in NTNUI (without having to apply yourself), what would it have been?
A welfare officer at the clubhouse who provides coffee, tea, cocoa and snacks would have been very nice.

What makes you happy in life?
Being out on a trip, preferably on a koi trip!

Runhild from the construction of new ones Mevasskoia
Photo: Huimi Chen

Which Koie is your favorite then?
Everyone has their own charm, but Kamtjønnkoia probably has the finest location.

Rowing’s tights or NTNUI’s devil’s hat?
Devil’s hat, because it is much more suitable for koie-trips travel.

You in 5 years, where will you be?
Hopefully finished studying and in work.

If you had to choose, NTNUI or love?
What about a love in NTNUI?

Where would you rather have got involved, if it had not been NTNUI? 
Maybe DNT young!

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