Meet the group: Telemark-Alpine

Foto: NTNUI Telemark-Alpine

Who are we?
NTNUI Telemark-Alpint, usually known as NTNUI TA, is a group of ski enthusiastic student. We are the group for you who like to ski tour and ski deep powder. If you are a telemark skier, randoné skier, snowboarder or snowblader you are welcome in our group, regardless of skill level.

What do we do?
We do loads. We mainly arrange trips, workouts and social gatherings. Naturally we are most active in the spring semester, bur there still loads happening in the fall. Some of the highlights of the TA year are the Pray-for-Snow party, our Sunnmøre trip and the Romsdalen gathering. If you’re wondering what it´s like to go on a trip with TA, check out the out films at or the pictures at our facebook and instagram pages. The facebook page is also the easiest way to keep yourself updated on the activity in the group.

How do I become a member?
We are a group open to everyone. There is no need to register here. Just sign up for our trips as long as you are an NTNUI member. Our social events are just to meet up.

Foto: NTNUI Telemark-Alpine

If you want to contribute to the group’s work, our committees are the place to go. The committees, together with the board, run the group and you become very familiar with everyone in the group as a committee member. To become part of one of our committees, just send us a message.

If you are wondering more about the group, you can check out our website, send us a message or meet up at our general meeting.

A huge welcome to NTNUI!

President of NTNUI Edvard Andersen, carrying the banner, thanks to everyone who have helped to create a fantastic year for sports this last two semesters. He is looking forward to meeting new students in NTNUI.
Photo: Nils Dittrich

NTNUI is not just a sports team. We are a place that brings people together, a place that invites to friendship, and a place that helps you learn. We are the largest sports team in Norway, and we are your seccond home. So, Welcome home.

My way of showing you what you are joining is a thank you to all our older members, for all the effort that is put into NTNUI every single day. Next year we will be thanking you! So thank you to a three-digit number of coaches, who motivates, gathers, and creates greate sports moments in our teams. Thank you to every representative who helps create a safe, cosy, and fun environment to join. Thank you to all our members, who smiles, creates an atmosphere and the community that is here in NTNUI.

You will find our groups and possibilities when you click around on our websites. You will also find contact information for the specific group. So welcome, and we hope to see you on our team the next couple of years!

Edvard Andersen

President NTNUI

Some shortcuts:

Edvard Andersen is the new president of NTNUI

Edvard Andersen during the Norwegian kite championship 2019, a competition arranged by NTNUI Kite in March. Photo: Ole Eftang


Trondheim, 15th of March 2019

Edvard Andersen (27) started his first period as President of the larges sports team i Norway, NTNUI. Edvard Andersen takes over from former President Eirik Søreide Hansen (22) after one period. Edvard wants to continue the project of bringing all NTNUI together, “Ett NTNUI” and work to strengthen the values in the sports team.

– NTNUI is an amazing club, with great values that creates a glue in the organisation, explains Andersen and continues.

– Everybody in the new Main Board have a great initiative now and we are a good team who are ready to meet new challenges together. We will work together to create the best experiences during your time at the university, and focus on unity, diversity and sports joy.

Andersen is not the only new person in the Main board. Together with him is Vilde Teksum (22) as Vice President. Teksum are just finished in her job as Vice President in the Norwegian Student Games Trondheim 2019

– I’m looking forward to work and develop NTNUI, and to create joy and great memmories from all the students time at NTNU, Tekstum explains and continues.

– I’m looking forward to learn more about NTNUI and be a part of an amazing board with a common goal

Last years President Eirik Søreide Hansen steps down to become head of the political work in the organisation. He will work to enable “One NTNUI” and the project Aktiv Campus

Other positions

Pauline Sjøvold (23) are head of economy, and Manith Randula Attanapola (21) are the treasurer in the sports team. Together with Eirik Søreide Hansen, Inger Viken (27) has continued for another period, this time she is responsible for the information work in the organisation.

Ida Tomine Glomsaker (22) takes the role as event manager and Ingrid Hasselgård Bøe (23) is the new Student Games contact. Stine Røkeness (27) is head of stock and Oskar Gårdsrud Paulsrud are Chief of Communications.


NTNUI is the largest sports team in Norway. The team was founded in 1910 and have continued with student sports in over 100 years. The sports team has over 51 different sports groups. NTNUI wishes to spread diversity, unity and sports joy throughout all the students in Trondheim. Together NTNUI creates the best moments during your time as a student.

We have about 12 000 members and offices at Nardo in Trondheim. Read more about NTNUI at

Do you have any questions or wish to talk to Edvard Andersen. Contact chief of communications Oskar Gårdsrud Paulsrud via e-mail or phone +47 902 66 958.