Group leaders gathering at Studenterhytta

Last weekend, one of the highlights of the semester was held. The group leaders gathering at Studenterhytta. This is an event held every semester by the board, in order for the leaders of the various groups of NTNUI to get to know each other better. Every group had the opportunity to send two people and this year there were 70 participants.

The day started with a seminar about networking with Henrik Karstensen from the Norwegian Confederation of Sports which was followed by a talk from Vilde Aas, who is leader of NTNUI’s para sport group.

The traditional beam relay was, as always, an integral part. The day concluded with a lively dinner, with songs, entertainment and a ceremony for the new board, who officially took over the reins.

As is traditional during the dinner, the new members NTNUI’s Order were announced. The Order is composed of three classes; Grand Cross, Commander and Knight, and is bestowed upon those who exhibit meritable behaviour. As a member of NTNUI’s order, you are a lifelong and honorary member of NTNUI. This year there were seven people bestowed the honour of Knight.

  • Raymond Toft (dancing)
  • Ingrid Houge (rugby)
  • Svenn-Helge Vatne (athletics)
  • Magnus Warvik (athletics)
  • Magnus Sogn (American football)
  • Vilde Aas (para sport)
  • Eirik Palm Hunnestad (volleyball)

The common denominator for all of these were that they have put down a great deal of effort in the administration of, their respective groups, or as a member of the board of NTNUI. Magnus Warvik and Raymond Toft were in addition bestowed the honour on the basis of their efforts in their sports. Long distance running and Akrorock respectively.

After dinner, many finished the evening by going to the sauna and the hot tub. Even though many left a bit tired, all agreed that this had been a fantastic group leaders gathering.

Hope to see you for the next one in September!