Sara Stokken Rott nominated as the youngest member of the NIF board.

On Friday 29 March, it was a unanimous election committee that elected a new board for the coming period. Among the elect were our own Sara Stokken Rott (22).

Sara is studying  Sports Science at NTNU. Last week she was elected to the board of NIF as the youngest member. The tasks that await her she takes with the utmost seriousness.

– Of course it is very big. I’m proud and I go into it with humility. Now it is important to make words into action, says Stokken Rott.

The NIF board is the highest authority of the sport in Norway. The tasks are based on implementing the decisions that have been decided and other common tasks both in Norway and abroad. Her experience from Hovedstyret in NTNUI is something that helped her along the way.

“Of course, it’s a completely different dimension. At the same time, I take with me all the experience from Hovedstyret. After all, it is Norway’s largest sports organization”

– Sara Rott

The leader of the nomination committee, Anne Irene Myhr, explains the importance of a board that will be able to work as a team by helping to put sports on the agenda. They have nominated several young candidates on the basis of which they can ensure a renewal and development of the organization.

Sara has a great commitment to sports and volunteering. She has also had time to reflect on what she wants to achieve.

– I have worked actively in the Hordaland idrettskrets. I have always been concerned with the dropout of young people in the sport, which is becoming increasingly relevant. It is positive that they bring in more young people on the board. After all,  the majority of the people we represent are young. Hopefully I can contribute even more insight into that group, ”says Stokken Rott.

We from NTNUI are proud and would like to congratulate Sara!