Volunteer of the Month: Ingunn Egeberg Vári

Text: Ronja Pavall
Photo: Asle Heide Vaskinn
& Lukas Feldman

The joy when you finally find the cabin.
Photo: Asle Heide Vaskinn

In NTNUI’s column “Volunteer of the Month,” you get to meet some of the dedicated volunteers in NTNUI who contribute invaluable efforts. In February, you will meet the project manager in NTNUI Koiene, Ingunn Egeberg Vári.

Ingunn is Koienes’ great optimist. In no way is Ingunn lazy, neither in administrative matters nor physically. Ingunn is not afraid to take charge and sort things out. She also has great enthusiasm and curiosity for Koienes’ history, and is currently responsible for the jubilee book for Koiene’s 75th anniversary. Ingunn also chose to continue being part of the cabin committee last autumn, even though she knew she would be going on exchange to France this semester. Even though she has been in France, she participated digitally in most meetings.

– Runhild Aakre, board member Koiene
Facts about Ingunn

Age: 27 years old
Study: Medicine
Years in NTNUI: Since 2017
Group: Koiene and orienteering
Voluntary position: Project Manager

How did you end up in NTNUI?
I’ve been involved in orienteering since I was little, and as a student, you know that if you want to run, NTNUI has the largest community. When I first came to Trondheim, I found so many other things I wanted to do that orienteering wasn’t my top priority anymore, but after a little over a year, I wanted to come back and joined then!

How did you find your way to Koiene?
I lived in the O-kitchens at Moholt, and I had been on some cabin trips that were fun. Additionally, I lived with some people in the cabin committee. I became curious about how things worked behind the scenes and eventually joined the committee.

Have you been studying since 2017?
Actually, I started studying in 2015, initially focusing on physics and mathematics. I switched my studies around a bit, and now I’m in my fifth year of medical school. It’s been quite a journey!

Mandatory selfie at the top of Blåhøa, one of the many beautiful hikes from Kamtjønnkoia.

Wow, impressive! What position do you hold now?
I’m the Project Manager. I started as the Information Officer, but I wanted to work more on the history I discovered about the Cabins, so I began with the jubilee narrative. It became so much work that I couldn’t juggle both roles as Information Officer and Project Manager. It was perfectly fine to make the change since roles in the cabin committee shift a bit according to needs.

How is it to combine responsibilities with studies, both in medical school and with the cabin committee?
I actually find it manageable. Fortunately, a lot of the cabin committee work falls outside of the semester, which makes it easier to participate!
That’s good to hear, it makes sense!
It really comes down to priorities. If I’m not enthusiastic about something, I won’t perform well regardless. So, I think it’s better to invest time in responsibilities and focus on studies when I’m feeling motivated. There are periods when I’m really enthusiastic and just think about the project for weeks, but then I need to switch to something else, which could be studying.

Which cabin is your favorite then?
Hmm, I think that’s a bit of a personal question. Is it appropriate to ask someone on the cabin committee that?
Maybe not, but I had to try. Are there any cabins you’ve been to more than others?
I’ve visited them all, and there’s one I haven’t stayed overnight at, just a day trip to set up mouse traps. They really just have to be experienced firsthand.

As on all cabin trips, entries are made in the cabin logbook, here at Kråklikåten.
Photo: Asle Heide Vaskinn

What do you think about the label “Volunteer of the Month” or “Ildsjel” that has now been attached to you?
Well, you know, in the context of cabins, we’ve had a couple of fire incidents, so I don’t want it to catch any more fire than it already has. Just kidding, but there are incredibly passionate individuals in various ways, so I feel that in cabin meetings, everyone is enthusiastic together, which fuels an even bigger fire! It also gives us the opportunity to showcase what we do in the cabins and try to spread the good message.

Do you have any recommendations for people who want to go on a cabin trip but are unsure which one to choose?
The cabins are divided into different difficulty levels; some are easily accessible, while others may require more experience in hiking and camping. It’s also nice to visit a cabin that is suitable for the number of people you are traveling with. One that might be a good start, easy to find with good bus connections, but still gives you the feeling of being in the woods, is Rindalsløa. It could be a great start to an adventure!

You mentioned that you’re working on a 75th anniversary book, could you tell us a bit about it?
It all started when I was new to the committee and went on a cabin trip, where I found some older booklets with stories and pictures. Reading through them, I was fascinated by the events that had taken place over the years, the different cabins that had existed, and the new ones that had been built. The more I read, the more I felt it would be a shame not to share this with people who are interested.
Yes, there must have been a lot that has happened and changed over the years.
I can choose how big the book should be and what limitations there might be; there are so many stories that you can’t tell them all anyway. All those books that are at the cabins, where people write every time they go on a trip, shouldn’t be replaced, so you almost have to go on a cabin trip and read the book there. Read it where it belongs.

It must be so fun to read about what people have experienced at the different cabins!
What’s cool is that even when you read about events from many years ago, a lot of the same things come up; people getting lost, having parties, or bringing lady-visitors to the cabin!

Good ergonomic conditions as Holvassgamma is jacked up in connection with the replacement of a rotten bottom log.
Photo: Lukas Feldman

What is your own best memory from your time in the cabins?
A couple of things stand out. The days when there was a big volunteer effort at Holvassgamma this summer. In both June, there were ten days of volunteering, with 18 people stopping by. The atmosphere was incredible. I was there continuously for ten days, and it felt like I lived there. Another memory was when the most inaccessible cabin needed firewood; there were 15 of us filling sacks with firewood and hiking up to the cabin. Then we went back down to get food and overnight gear before hiking back up. It was over 25km, and it was pouring rain, but everyone remained positive!
That’s quite an achievement!
But it’s not just about volunteering. Two years ago, during Easter, my partner and I hiked between many different cabins. It’s important that even though you’re in the cabin committee, you still get to go on other trips than just volunteering, so I have many great hiking memories too!

What is your relationship with NTNUI’s colors?
Over the years, I’ve become convinced that those are the right colors, and my mother was also in NTNUI. When I was little and we went on trips, she wore her old NTHI jacket. So I’m so used to the colors and that’s what NTNUI is, so it’s hard to imagine anything else.
What did your mother participate in at NTNUI?
Orienteering! But she also has pictures in photo albums showing that she went on cabin trips.
Wow, that’s cool! Following in her footsteps then.
Yes, I suppose I am!

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Underwater Rugby Cup with NTNUI

Text: Norun Kjerstad
Photos: Mare Nyvoll & Norges Dykkerforbund

Photo: Mare Nyvoll
Facts about underwater rubgy
  • Conducted in a pool: 3.5-5m deep
  • 6 players on each team
  • Up to 6 substitute players allowed.
  • Players wear swim caps with ear protection, diving masks with snorkels, and swim fins.
  • The ball sinks.
  • The goals are attached to the bottom of the pool

From the 16th to the 18th of February 2024, NTNUI-DG UVR (Underwater Rugby) organized the B-Series Cup in Stjørdal. We had a referee course on Friday, where everything went as planned except that part of it had to be conducted partially over Teams because the course leader was home sick.

The cup day started, in tradition, with the leader of DG jumping into the pool from the highest diving tower wearing a full tuxedo and chains. Several volunteers from DG helped with setup, the kiosk, and cleanup. They were a great help. We also had underwater rugby players with swimming bans in the secretariat to maintain order.

Photo: Mare Nyvoll

There were players from Kristiansund, Sandefjord, Ørlandet, Trondheim, and Tromsø participating, with several never having played in a cup before. This caused a shortage of some swimwear and equipment at the beginning, but the puzzle was eventually solved. As the number of players from each place varied, mixed teams were formed, except for Tromsø, which competed alone as SURK. Kristiansund and Ørlandet were grouped together as K-Ø, and Trondheim joined Sandefjord to form DG-Fjord-ÆN and DG-Fjord-2. There was great effort from all teams, and K-Ø took a commanding victory, while DG-Fjord-ÆN ended up in last place and won the wandering trophy. The trophy was engraved and sent home with the Sandefjord team, as an encouragement for revenge next year.

Photo: Norges Dykkeforbund

The newly trained referees were supposed to officiate entire matches with the help of two experienced referees. This went mostly smoothly, and when individual players were about to complain to the referee and realized the referee was one of their teammates, they kept quiet. Some of the novice referees still didn’t know how to use the signal system and whistle properly, so some confusion and unnecessary pauses occurred.

The award ceremony took place at Dypet (DG’s basement at Moholt) with pizza and leftover cakes from the kiosk. We had managed to make three times as much food for the kiosk as necessary, so it was good that it was all eaten. After a fantastic and slightly exhausting day, it ended perfectly with almost everyone continuing to the party.

Overall, the weekend was a great success, and we hope to repeat it next year. Join and try it!

Photo: Norges Dykkerforbund

Volunteer of the Month: Andrea Hetlevik Vanebo

Text: Ronja Pavall
Peik Wieland, NTNUI Blits

Photo: Peik Wieland

In NTNUI’s column “Volunteer of the Month,” you get to meet a selected group of volunteers in NTNUI who contribute invaluable efforts. In December, you will get to meet the deputy leader of Triathlon and Cycling, Andrea Hetlevik Vanebo.

Andrea has been a member of NTNUI and the Triathlon group since 2019. She got involved in the group from the first day, and at the earliest opportunity, she joined the board in February 2020 as the treasurer. At that time, serious interviews were conducted to find the right person for the position, and it has become clear in hindsight that Andrea was the right choice. For two years, she maintained firm control over the finances but couldn’t resist participating in all the other fun aspects of the group. She now serves as the deputy leader. She has an exceptional care for other people, is fair, and takes on much more responsibility than expected. She is always reliable and, in many ways, is the glue needed for the group to thrive. Without Andrea, the group wouldn’t have experienced the level of commitment and quality we see today!

– Andreas Wathne, leader Triathlon and Bike
Facts about Andrea

Name: Andrea Hetlevik Vanebo
Age: 23 years old
Group: Triathlon and Bike
Years in NTNUI: 4 years
Position: Deputy leader in Triathlon and Bike
Field of study: Data-technology

So fun that you were excited to meet us, so who are you really?
Very nice to meet you too! I’m Andrea, from Kongsberg, and I’m the deputy leader in Triathlon and Cycling. I moved to Trondheim in 2019 and joined the triathlon group right after the orientation weeks. I’ve been involved since then, except when I was on exchange. I am now in the last of five years of studying computer technology.

You joined NTNUI quite early; how did you end up doing that?

I had started with triathlon before moving to Trondheim and found out about the triathlon group before coming here. I knew I wanted to join when I arrived. Trondheim, in general, because I have been involved in orienteering for several years, and I know there is a big orienteering community here. I actually heard about NTNUI through that.
How did you end up in triathlon and not orienteering?
I did both when I lived at home, but in Kongsberg, there wasn’t such a large triathlon group. Here, there was a much larger group, so I gradually shifted away from orienteering with the larger triathlon community here. I might pick up orienteering again eventually!

Photo: NTNUI Blits

How did you end up with the position you have?
I found it fun to be involved and enjoyed the group. It’s a very nice bunch, and it felt natural to join. I started as treasurer for two years; it wasn’t planned, but I enjoyed it. I felt I got the hang of it eventually, and then it was a lot of fun. It’s not very relevant to my studies, but it gives me some insight into finance.

Yes, so how is it actually combining responsibilities with school?
Especially during the exam period. It varies a bit, but I find everything related to the responsibilities more enjoyable. It becomes the main form of procrastination. I check if there’s anything I can do in the triathlon/NTNUI context first, hoping to avoid working on school stuff. It’s mostly my own fault if it gets stressful with school.

So, what do you think about the label “Volunteer of the Month” that you’ve now been given?
Very nice. I love compliments, and it’s very pleasant. I’ve never worked well under criticism, but rather under praise, so it’s very nice. But I usually associate the term “enthusiast” with the sports gala, and a man who has run a skiing facility and groomed trails for 20 years or something, but there are many different aspects. Many parts are crucial, so it’s very nice that you make articles like these.

Photo: Peik Wieland

What is your favorite memory from your years in NTNUI?
We had a training camp in Orkanger in the fall of 2021. It was a lot of fun, a great group went, stayed at a clubhouse, slept on air mattresses, and it was a very nice trip. One of many good memories.

You have one million kroner that you can use freely in NTNUI – what would you spend the money on?
Oh, I need to think about that. It must be something that benefits many, I think. Maybe buy equipment for sports where the gear is a bit expensive so people can borrow or rent it at a lower cost.
Would this also apply to Triathlon and Bike?
Bikes can be quite expensive, yes. Those kinds of things, both for our group and many other groups that can benefit from it!

If you didn’t have a position in NTNUI, where would you prefer to get involved? If you’re not already part of something else?
I haven’t really engaged with another student organization. Don’t know what it would have been if so, but probably would have done that. Maybe in the student association for my program or something like that. There are a lot of nice things to get involved in!

Rowing’s tights or the “djevellue”?
I think it would have to be Rowing’s tights. It’s fun, lively.

Which sport would you wish to participate in NTNUI if you couldn’t do triathlon or orienteering?
I think I would choose rowing, it seems fun! I’ve had a small ambition to try it, but it has never materialized.

Photo: Peik Wieland

If you were to create a new position or group in NTNUI, what would it be?
There are many groups with different and cool merchandise, and there is a materials-manager on The Main Board. But someone who creates/designs new merchandise for the groups would be fun. In other words, someone who focuses on creating new merchandise for the groups.

Since we’re approaching December, what do you wish for Christmas?
Hmm, I have to think a bit. Yes, a speaker or hairdryer. Kind of boring things. The idea is to use the speaker as an alarm clock radio.

Do you have any special traditions for Christmas?
Nothing major. For my part, going home to the family. Occasionally, my grandmother comes to visit. It’s very nice.

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Christmas special with The Main Board

Text: Ronja Pavall
Photo: Ronja Pavall/NTNUI Blits

Christmas card from The Main Board
Photo: Ronja Pavall/NTNUI Blits

The Main Board of NTNUI wishes all our members a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! There are several “debates” during Christmas, and disagreements about what is the icing on the cake for the perfect Christmas mood. We have therefore asked our dear Main Board some questions to hear what they think, and to get to know them a little better!
Regardless of what you prefer to eat, drink, and watch during Christmas, we hope you have a great time and look forward to the next year with us.

Jenny Hunvik (Leader):
Pork or lamb ribs on Christmas Eve?
– Lamb ribs
Red or brown Christmas soda?
– Brown
Favorite Christmas movie?
– It stands between Love Actually and The Holiday. Mostly The Holiday, because Love Actually is saved for the day before Christmas Eve.
What do you want for Christmas?
– A new sports facility for NTNUI
Who on the Main Board still believes in Santa Claus?
– Sara

Mia Olden Larsen (Deputy leader):
Pork or lamb ribs on Christmas Eve?
– Neither, I´m pesceterian. Before that, I used to eat pork, but now I eat “vegisterkaker” and fake meatloaf.
Red or brown Christmas soda?

– Brown
Favorite Christmas movie?

– Miracle on 34th street
What do you want for Christmas?

– More game, just kidding hahah. A knitted wool-sweater, in green NTNUI color.
Who on the Main Board buys Christmas presents the day before Christmas Eve?
– Shall I just start to list them up? Me and Taran, I think Andreas also does it, and Ole Marius.

Christian Køhl (Main treasurer):
Pork or lamb ribs on Christmas Eve?
– Pork
Red or brown Christmas soda?

– Brown of course
Favorite Christmas movie?

– Hmm, that’s a tough question. There are so many to choose from. It’s difficult; I’ll have to go with one of the classics, either ‘Tre nøtter til Askepott’ or ‘Reisen til Julestjernen’, those are feel-good movies.
What do you want for Christmas?

– I don’t want anything specific. Something simple, like a shirt and those kinds of things.
Who on the Main Board brings the most Christmas spirit?
– It´s split in three, Mia, Jenny, and Sara. They all have such Christmas spirit and are hyped for the holidays. They make an unbeatable trio at it.

Sara Malnes Grobstok (Head of economics):
Pork or lamb ribs on Christmas Eve?
– Lamb ribs
Red or brown Christmas soda?
– Brown
Favorite Christmas movie?
– Love actually
What do you want for Christmas?
– New cosy-slippers
If you had a Secret Santa within the Main Board, with an unlimited budget, who would you want to receive a gift from? Why?
– Hmm, that’s a tough one. Frøydis. I think she could come up with something I didn’t know I needed. It would be fun and surprising; I really trust her instincts.

Marius Nielsen (Head of the track committee, “Mosjon”manager og SL-contact):
Pork or lamb ribs on Christmas Eve?
– Pork, no doubt.
Red or brown Christmas soda?

– Brown… AND red. If you had to choose? Then I´ll stick to brown.
Favorite Christmas movie?

– Home alone, the first ones.
What do you want for Christmas?

– Work out gloves, both I own have holes in the palm. And shoes for hiking. Its a practical Christmas this year.
Who on the Main Board still gets an Advent calendar from their parents?

– Mia. I have no idea, I just can picture her getting one.

Ole Marius Inderhaug (IT-manager):
Pork or lamb ribs on Christmas Eve?
– Lamb ribs, preferably both.
Red or brown Christmas soda?

– Red, Rudolf og Nissens. There is no other Christmas soda.
Favorite Christmas movie?

– It has to be Home Alone.
What do you want for Christmas?

– Mom usually says nice kids, so maybe I´ll say nice NTNUI members. And hiking gear.
Who on the Main Board gets coal in their stocking?

– Hmm, hahaha, if theres going to be anyone who gets coal in their stocking it´s probably me.

Taran Five (equipment manager and aktivCampus-contact):
Pork or lamb ribs on Christmas Eve?
– Lamb ribs
Red or brown Christmas soda?
– Neither. I don´t like Christmas Soda. What do you drink instead? Apple juice.
Favorite Christmas movie?
– It has to be Home Alone
What do you want for Christmas?
– Socks! Wool socks! Kari Traa, preferably pink or gray.
Who on the Main Board wouldn’t have made it inside before “Blåfjellet” closed?
– Andreas. Without doubt.

Ingrid Opsahl Klokkervold (Aministrative coordinator, Sports director and manager of halls-and indoor training times):
Pork or lamb ribs on Christmas Eve?
– Pork.
Red or brown Christmas soda?
– I have to choose one? Yes. Red.
Favorite Christmas movie?
– “Tre nøtter til Askepott”, or Love Actually. No, it has to be “Tre nøtter til Askepott”.
What do you want for Christmas?
– An extra screen for my computer, so I can take my job with me.
Who on the Main Board has been blasting Christmas music since October?
– I think Mia and Jenny has put up their Christmas tree, so I´ll have to say one of them. Who has been secretly listening? Me hahaha

Andreas Bothner (Event-manager, deputy leader of the track committee):
Pork or lamb ribs on Christmas Eve?
– Pork.
Red or brown Christmas soda?

– Brown.
Favorite Christmas movie?

– A Christmas Carol
What do you want for Christmas?

– Socks, and hat. Shoes also, and clothes. New battery for my car.
Who on the Main Board is the biggest Grinch?
– It has to be Taran.

Frøydis Indergård (promotion- og external affairs manager):
Pork or lamb ribs on Christmas Eve?
– Lamb ribs
Red or brown Christmas soda?

– Red!
Favorite Christmas movie?

– I´m probably a “Home alone”-person, all of them except the last two!
What do you want for Christmas?

– Wishing all my sisters and nieces to come for a visit because I won’t be celebrating Christmas with them this year.
Who on the Main Board religiously follows Advent calendars on TV?
– I think that has to be Sara.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Travel letter: Town battle in football! Trondheim vs. Ålesund

Text: Ronja Pavall
Photo: Ronja Pavall/NTNUI Blits

Photo: Ronja Pavall/NTNUI Blits

This fall, NTNUI Trondheim’s A football team was invited by our little brother, NTNUI Ålesund, for a match of pride, bragging rights, and, of course, a significant trophy! Unfortunately, our team couldn’t make it as they already had other commitments. Ålesund had already booked Colorline Stadium, and it would have been a shame to let it go to waste. So, the format of this football match was changed, and it was decided to have NTNUI Trondheim Admin vs. NTNUI Ålesund Admin. After our wonderful team leader, Mia Olden Larsen, managed to gather a willing group from Trondheim, the plan was set. We were going to Ålesund to play a football match. The group consisted of swimmers, handball players, volleyball players, dancers, shooters, gymnasts, and a football player. Mia planned the whole trip, including accommodation, transportation, schedule, role allocation, and more. On Thursday morning, September 7th, we were on our way to Ålesund. We were ready and excited, split across three cars. Perhaps a bit too excited because no one took the same route…

Photo: Ronja Pavall/NTNUI Blits

Some took a detour via Dombås and were fascinated by all the mountains they got to see, while others took a slightly faster route. This involved taking a ferry, where mistakes could also be made, as one of the cars ended up on the wrong island. So, it might not have been that much faster after all. Getting anywhere at all wasn’t guaranteed for the car that was left with the door wide open in the middle of Molde (thanks to the Norwegians for being kind and not stealing it). After a long journey, the whole group finally reached Ålesund and checked into the Airbnb meant for 9 people. Even though we were 16 people, we managed to fit (and got to know each other better in the process). We also didn’t learn from the mistake made in Molde and left the 9-seater with the sliding door wide open (again, thanks to all the Norwegians who didn’t feel like stealing it or its contents). After all the detours we took, we had a somewhat tight schedule to make it to the game, but we arrived with plenty of time to warm up.

Photo: Ronja Pavall/NTNUI Blits

Now we were ready for the game at Colorline Stadium. With a proper entrance, player substitutions announcement, and VAR, the game became very fast and very serious. Another thing our team quickly noticed was a slight miscommunication that had arisen between Trondheim and Ålesund. As mentioned earlier, we in Trondheim thought that Ålesund wouldn’t field football players since we didn’t, while Ålesund thought that even though we weren’t the A-team, we could play football. Oh, how wrong one can be…

With the goalkeeper injuring their hand just 10 minutes into the first half, and starting the game with our one football player on the bench, there was only one way it could go. Even though Ålesund dominated after 45 minutes, it wasn’t possible to beat the atmosphere we had in the locker room during halftime. Singing/chanting NTNUI songs, jumping and dancing, even the Ålesund mascot couldn’t resist joining in, lifted us up for a somewhat more even second half. We all thoroughly enjoyed those grueling, sweaty, and slightly humiliating 90 minutes and have no regrets.

Foto: Ronja Pavall/NTNUI Blits

The rest of the evening was initially spent in the apartment before we went out to meet our opponents on something other than a football field. It was a lot of fun, and we would be happy to repeat something similar another time. Then, on our turf and under our terms

Photo: Ronja Pavall/NTNUI Blits

Volunteer of the month: Kaia Kolstad

Text: Ronja Pavall
Photo: Ronja Pavall, Frøydis Indergård/NTNUI Blits, privat

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Skjermbilde-2023-07-27-kl.-02.18.42.png
Photo: NTNUI/Ronja Pavall

In NTNUI’s column “Volunteer of the Month” you get to meet a bunch of selected volunteers at NTNUI who put in invaluable effort. The volunteer of the month in August is the leader of our project-group aktivCampus, Kaia Kolstad.

Kaia is the ray of sunshine of the ages who works hard to create the aktivCampus of the ages! She is the calm one of us, so when others stress that we won’t make it in time, she is good at keeping calm.

– Taran Five, deputy leader aktivCampus

Age: 22 years old
Years in NTNUI: before christmas 2021
Position: projectleader in aktivCampus

Hi Kaia! Cool that you could meet me during the summer break. But tell us a little about who you really are?
Hello! Yes, my name is Kaia Kolstad, I am soon 23 years old and starting my third year at computer techology. I was born and raised in Trondheim, so i haven´t moved very far. I enjoy exercise, especially running. I also like dancing, so I´m considering starting at NTNUI Dance in the fall.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is kolstad1.jpeg
Photo: private

What connection to NTNUI do you have now?
I am the project manager for aktivCampus!

How did you end up with this?
During my “fadderuke”, I heard about aktivCampus, but unfortunately I was ill that whole week so I couldn´t participate in anything. Later in the fall, I saw that they were looking for new people for the board to plan next year´s aktivCampus. I thought it looked really cool, so i applied.

What do you think is the most important thing about the offer aktivCampus has?
To show students what opportunities they have to be active in Trondheim, since you can see that physical activity is important for mental health too! Give them an opportunuty to test what you want to do early in the year. After all, there is a jungle of things to do.

Yes, with almost 70 groups there is a lot that can be tested, how do you get this done under aktivCampus?
Almost all the groups have som form of “come and try” day though week 35. So all you have to do is sign up for what you want to test through our website! Quite a few continue to join NTNUI through aktivCampus, since there is such a low threshold to show up!

If you were to change one thing in NTNUI – what would it be?
I would have made it an even lower threshold to test out sports throughout the year as well, not just during aktivCampus. That you do not have to have a membership the first time you attend a training session. The exercise offer NTNUI has is also very good, but make it even bigger and more accessible!

But why do you get involved?
I know what it´s like to have physical activity help me feel good! It others can experience the same thing through being part of NTNUI, that´s great!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is kolstad.jpeg
Photo: NTNUI Blits

What do you think about the “volunteer of the month” stamp that you now have been given?
It´s really great and fun, but there are a lot of good people in aktivCampus who do a really great job! There is a large team that works together to get it done.

What is your relationship to the colors of aktivCampus?
Purple is my favorite color so it’s right up my street! All the tents and the logo are purple so I really like that. You also easily notice the pink sweaters, which are gorgeous!

You have one million that you can use freely for aktivCampus – what would you use the money on?
More money for promotion so more people knew about us! And more money for equipment and space for all the events, and the opportunity to have even more events!

Coolest thing you´ve worked with in aktivCampus?
The aktivCampus week itself, when everything happens! The two coolest events last year were color-run, which was great fun, and the cannonball tournament. Those two were big hits!

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is kolstad2.jpeg
Photo: NTNUI/Frøydis Indergård

Who would you rather be stuck in the lift with from the people you work with at aktivCampus? Why?
Taran! She´s in control! In addition, she has been stuck in an elevator before, so she has experience. She is my good deputy leader, and she knows the answer to everything.

Which sport do you wish you were involved in at NTNUI?
I really like dancing and have done it before, but calisthenics also seems very cool!

If you were to join a committee in NTNUI Admin, which would you choose?
Sprint, since I study computer technology. Then i could get even more practical experience with coding.

Do you have a recommendation for new students under aktivCampus?
Participate in as much as possible! But definitely the color-run during the opening ceremony is memorable.

Participate in week 35!

aktivCampus is an activity week for all students in Trondheim! There are over a hundred activities organized in one week, which are all about lowering the threshold for being active as a student.
It is a low-threshold offer to sow that activitiy and play are just as fun now as when you were a kid.
Around 100 events are planned during week 35. You will therefore find everything from come and try rumpeldunk to color-run to capture the flag. We have many “come and try” in many different activities and in that way find something cool that you want to spend the rest of your time in Trondheim doing.
Join us in week 35 (26.08-03.09) for one of the funniest weeks NTNUI has to offer.

Read more about aktivCampus here

The volunteer of the month is a regular column created by the promo team in collaboration with the photographers in NTNUI Blits. Would you like to nominate someone for the firebrand of the month? Send to blits-promo@ntnui.no

Apply to NTNUI Admin before september 5th!

Text: Emilie Faarup Storvik & Ronja Pavall
Photo: Andreas Flo, Leonie Richarz, Oskar Hope-Paulsrud, Eivind Jølsgard, Eirik Halvard Norseth /NTNUI

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Photo: NTNUI/Andreas Flo

Finally, the application period for NTNUI Admin is underway! Get an overview here of which selections have admissions this semester.

NTNUI Admin is the collective term for the administrative committees in NTNUI: NTNUI is proud to be Norway´s largest sports club and that we are only run by volenteers. In order to make the club go around, we are therefore very dependent on having good students on the administrative committees. Through NTNUI Admin, you learn how to run a large organisation, gain new skills in your field of interest and get to participate in a lot of social activities during your studies.

NTNUI Admin has something for everyone, and you are guaranteed to find a selection that matches your interest or existing skills. NTNUI Admin has room for everyone, and extensive prior knowledge is not required to apply. The most important thing is that you have a desire to contribute and that you want to learn. Read more about the individual selections that have admission now.


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Photo: NTNUI/Leonie Richarz

NTNUI Blits is looking for committed volunteers who want to work with communication and promotion of NTNUI. Blits works with everything from social media to videography, and is often booked by the sports in NTNUI to help with photography and promotional material. We manage NTNUI´s social media, design logos for groups and work with sports and event photography, among other things.

Blits always welcomes new ideas for the promotion and marketing of NTNUI, and is happy to start new projects. Here you get the opportunity to learn project management, strategic marketing, in addition to making close contact with the groups and participating free of charge in events as a photographer or journalist.
Through Blits, you will get access to professional photo and video equipment as well as tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Premiere and Illustrator. If you either want to learn about photography/videography, develop you qualities as a photographer/videographer, work with graphic design, or perhaps you want to do communication and marketing, Blits is the committee for you!


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Photo: NTNUI Blits

NTNUI Event is NTNUI´s event committee. The goals is to create the best moments during the study period by arranging good events for the entire association. The events vary in size and scope, and there are, among other things, a joint Christmas party for the whole of NTNUI, “Gudenes Natteliv” where NTNUI takes over Studentersamfundet, waffle evenings, quizzes and much more! Event is looking for you who are creative, fond of organisation, logistivs and execution of events.

With Event, you gain management experience, responsibility for project management and ownership of events. You get the opportunity to work together with a highly competent team and have the opportunity to build a good network with both nightlife and event agencies in Trondheim. In addition, you are guaranteed a place at all events that Event is responsible for and therefore have a good opportunity to get a very social and exciting position. Within Event, you can also specialize in the marketing of events or financial management if you want more responsibility in these areas.

NTNUI Material

Photo: NTNUI/Oskar Hope-Paulsrud

The Material committee is a newly started committee and has several areas of responsibility such as merch adn storage space for the groups´ equipment. We design the various clothes that show off the great colors of NTNUI! In addition, we develop NTNUI´s online store and are responsible for the NTNUI Shop. We work o find new and creative solutions to utilize the storage space we have, as well as look for new storage opportunities.
If you are solution-oriented, can think outside the box and are creative, this committee is for you! We want to build a good structure and environment in the committee, by both participate in all the social events organized for NTNUI Admin, but also within the committee!

NTNUI Parasports

Photo: NTNUI/Eivind Jølsgard

NTNUI Parasports focus is to facilitate so that everyone, regardless of functional ability, can participate in the sports og activities they want at NTNUI. Parasports helps the sports at NTNUI organize activities in the best possible way for both athletes and coaches. There are no seperate para-teams at NTNUI, but the Parasports committee works instead to ensure that the sports at NTNUI have a tailored offer so that as many as possible can be included. In addition, all the different sports groups have their own para-contact who you also can contact if you need help with facilitating.

NTNUI Paraidrett helps with finding companions for sports, testing and acquiring equipment that can be borrowed or bought, as well as providing advice and information where needed. As a member of Parasports, you learn more about the organizations of sports, consult the sports in NTNUI and contribute strongly to a diverse offer for Norway´s largest sports club. NTNUI Parasport works closely with the Parasports Center in Trøndelag and you will have the opportunity to partivipate in courses and increase your competence in sports, organization and facilitation.

NTNUI Sprint

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Photo: NTNUI/Leonie Richarz

Sprint is the IT committee for NTNUI, and mainly works to create good IT solutions for Norway´s largest sports team. It can be anything from developing our membership system to helping the groups with their websites. In NTNUI Sprint you will get hands-on experience in developing large computer systems that are used by NTNUI´s members. Sprint offers a good professional and social environment that allows you to test relevant technology outside of your studies.

NTNUI Sprint is suitable for those who want practical experience within IT projects, test out solutions from their own studies and share knowledge with other committed students. You will have the opportunity to put project manager or developer on your CV after being part of Sprint, in addition to getting to know a social groups that comes does a lot of fun things together as well as creating good solutions for NTNUI.

NTNUI Economy

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Photo: NTNUI/Eirik Halvard Norseth

NTNUI Economy is a project-based committee that works with audits of accounts and budgeting. In addition, Economy has its own projects that focus on investment, charity and much more! Even if the main tasks are on economics, there is no requirement that you must have dealt with economics previously, as Economy is the committee for everyone and where you will receive sufficient training. It is also a social position where Economy is involved in everything that happens with Admin, such as joint trips to Studenterhytta, the clubhouse or in Trondheim. In addition, we arrange a lot of social activities within the committee.

Economy is the job for you who want to improve your skills in finance, accounting, auditing and investment. NTNUI is Norway´s largest sports club, and you will therefor gain a good insight into how to run such a large club where almost 70 subgroups must submit both accounts and budgets for approval. NTNUI also owns several properties in Trøndelag through Studenterhytta and Koiene, and assets that require insurance. There are also larger projects that require investment plans and analyses, which you have the opportunity to carry out.