Volunteer of the month: Kaia Kolstad

Text: Ronja Pavall
Photo: Ronja Pavall, Frøydis Indergård/NTNUI Blits, privat

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Photo: NTNUI/Ronja Pavall

In NTNUI’s column “Volunteer of the Month” you get to meet a bunch of selected volunteers at NTNUI who put in invaluable effort. The volunteer of the month in August is the leader of our project-group aktivCampus, Kaia Kolstad.

Kaia is the ray of sunshine of the ages who works hard to create the aktivCampus of the ages! She is the calm one of us, so when others stress that we won’t make it in time, she is good at keeping calm.

– Taran Five, deputy leader aktivCampus

Age: 22 years old
Years in NTNUI: before christmas 2021
Position: projectleader in aktivCampus

Hi Kaia! Cool that you could meet me during the summer break. But tell us a little about who you really are?
Hello! Yes, my name is Kaia Kolstad, I am soon 23 years old and starting my third year at computer techology. I was born and raised in Trondheim, so i haven´t moved very far. I enjoy exercise, especially running. I also like dancing, so I´m considering starting at NTNUI Dance in the fall.

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Photo: private

What connection to NTNUI do you have now?
I am the project manager for aktivCampus!

How did you end up with this?
During my “fadderuke”, I heard about aktivCampus, but unfortunately I was ill that whole week so I couldn´t participate in anything. Later in the fall, I saw that they were looking for new people for the board to plan next year´s aktivCampus. I thought it looked really cool, so i applied.

What do you think is the most important thing about the offer aktivCampus has?
To show students what opportunities they have to be active in Trondheim, since you can see that physical activity is important for mental health too! Give them an opportunuty to test what you want to do early in the year. After all, there is a jungle of things to do.

Yes, with almost 70 groups there is a lot that can be tested, how do you get this done under aktivCampus?
Almost all the groups have som form of “come and try” day though week 35. So all you have to do is sign up for what you want to test through our website! Quite a few continue to join NTNUI through aktivCampus, since there is such a low threshold to show up!

If you were to change one thing in NTNUI – what would it be?
I would have made it an even lower threshold to test out sports throughout the year as well, not just during aktivCampus. That you do not have to have a membership the first time you attend a training session. The exercise offer NTNUI has is also very good, but make it even bigger and more accessible!

But why do you get involved?
I know what it´s like to have physical activity help me feel good! It others can experience the same thing through being part of NTNUI, that´s great!

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Photo: NTNUI Blits

What do you think about the “volunteer of the month” stamp that you now have been given?
It´s really great and fun, but there are a lot of good people in aktivCampus who do a really great job! There is a large team that works together to get it done.

What is your relationship to the colors of aktivCampus?
Purple is my favorite color so it’s right up my street! All the tents and the logo are purple so I really like that. You also easily notice the pink sweaters, which are gorgeous!

You have one million that you can use freely for aktivCampus – what would you use the money on?
More money for promotion so more people knew about us! And more money for equipment and space for all the events, and the opportunity to have even more events!

Coolest thing you´ve worked with in aktivCampus?
The aktivCampus week itself, when everything happens! The two coolest events last year were color-run, which was great fun, and the cannonball tournament. Those two were big hits!

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Photo: NTNUI/Frøydis Indergård

Who would you rather be stuck in the lift with from the people you work with at aktivCampus? Why?
Taran! She´s in control! In addition, she has been stuck in an elevator before, so she has experience. She is my good deputy leader, and she knows the answer to everything.

Which sport do you wish you were involved in at NTNUI?
I really like dancing and have done it before, but calisthenics also seems very cool!

If you were to join a committee in NTNUI Admin, which would you choose?
Sprint, since I study computer technology. Then i could get even more practical experience with coding.

Do you have a recommendation for new students under aktivCampus?
Participate in as much as possible! But definitely the color-run during the opening ceremony is memorable.

Participate in week 35!

aktivCampus is an activity week for all students in Trondheim! There are over a hundred activities organized in one week, which are all about lowering the threshold for being active as a student.
It is a low-threshold offer to sow that activitiy and play are just as fun now as when you were a kid.
Around 100 events are planned during week 35. You will therefore find everything from come and try rumpeldunk to color-run to capture the flag. We have many “come and try” in many different activities and in that way find something cool that you want to spend the rest of your time in Trondheim doing.
Join us in week 35 (26.08-03.09) for one of the funniest weeks NTNUI has to offer.

Read more about aktivCampus here

The volunteer of the month is a regular column created by the promo team in collaboration with the photographers in NTNUI Blits. Would you like to nominate someone for the firebrand of the month? Send to blits-promo@ntnui.no