Volunteer of the Month: Andrea Hetlevik Vanebo

Text: Ronja Pavall
Peik Wieland, NTNUI Blits

Photo: Peik Wieland

In NTNUI’s column “Volunteer of the Month,” you get to meet a selected group of volunteers in NTNUI who contribute invaluable efforts. In December, you will get to meet the deputy leader of Triathlon and Cycling, Andrea Hetlevik Vanebo.

Andrea has been a member of NTNUI and the Triathlon group since 2019. She got involved in the group from the first day, and at the earliest opportunity, she joined the board in February 2020 as the treasurer. At that time, serious interviews were conducted to find the right person for the position, and it has become clear in hindsight that Andrea was the right choice. For two years, she maintained firm control over the finances but couldn’t resist participating in all the other fun aspects of the group. She now serves as the deputy leader. She has an exceptional care for other people, is fair, and takes on much more responsibility than expected. She is always reliable and, in many ways, is the glue needed for the group to thrive. Without Andrea, the group wouldn’t have experienced the level of commitment and quality we see today!

– Andreas Wathne, leader Triathlon and Bike
Facts about Andrea

Name: Andrea Hetlevik Vanebo
Age: 23 years old
Group: Triathlon and Bike
Years in NTNUI: 4 years
Position: Deputy leader in Triathlon and Bike
Field of study: Data-technology

So fun that you were excited to meet us, so who are you really?
Very nice to meet you too! I’m Andrea, from Kongsberg, and I’m the deputy leader in Triathlon and Cycling. I moved to Trondheim in 2019 and joined the triathlon group right after the orientation weeks. I’ve been involved since then, except when I was on exchange. I am now in the last of five years of studying computer technology.

You joined NTNUI quite early; how did you end up doing that?

I had started with triathlon before moving to Trondheim and found out about the triathlon group before coming here. I knew I wanted to join when I arrived. Trondheim, in general, because I have been involved in orienteering for several years, and I know there is a big orienteering community here. I actually heard about NTNUI through that.
How did you end up in triathlon and not orienteering?
I did both when I lived at home, but in Kongsberg, there wasn’t such a large triathlon group. Here, there was a much larger group, so I gradually shifted away from orienteering with the larger triathlon community here. I might pick up orienteering again eventually!

Photo: NTNUI Blits

How did you end up with the position you have?
I found it fun to be involved and enjoyed the group. It’s a very nice bunch, and it felt natural to join. I started as treasurer for two years; it wasn’t planned, but I enjoyed it. I felt I got the hang of it eventually, and then it was a lot of fun. It’s not very relevant to my studies, but it gives me some insight into finance.

Yes, so how is it actually combining responsibilities with school?
Especially during the exam period. It varies a bit, but I find everything related to the responsibilities more enjoyable. It becomes the main form of procrastination. I check if there’s anything I can do in the triathlon/NTNUI context first, hoping to avoid working on school stuff. It’s mostly my own fault if it gets stressful with school.

So, what do you think about the label “Volunteer of the Month” that you’ve now been given?
Very nice. I love compliments, and it’s very pleasant. I’ve never worked well under criticism, but rather under praise, so it’s very nice. But I usually associate the term “enthusiast” with the sports gala, and a man who has run a skiing facility and groomed trails for 20 years or something, but there are many different aspects. Many parts are crucial, so it’s very nice that you make articles like these.

Photo: Peik Wieland

What is your favorite memory from your years in NTNUI?
We had a training camp in Orkanger in the fall of 2021. It was a lot of fun, a great group went, stayed at a clubhouse, slept on air mattresses, and it was a very nice trip. One of many good memories.

You have one million kroner that you can use freely in NTNUI – what would you spend the money on?
Oh, I need to think about that. It must be something that benefits many, I think. Maybe buy equipment for sports where the gear is a bit expensive so people can borrow or rent it at a lower cost.
Would this also apply to Triathlon and Bike?
Bikes can be quite expensive, yes. Those kinds of things, both for our group and many other groups that can benefit from it!

If you didn’t have a position in NTNUI, where would you prefer to get involved? If you’re not already part of something else?
I haven’t really engaged with another student organization. Don’t know what it would have been if so, but probably would have done that. Maybe in the student association for my program or something like that. There are a lot of nice things to get involved in!

Rowing’s tights or the “djevellue”?
I think it would have to be Rowing’s tights. It’s fun, lively.

Which sport would you wish to participate in NTNUI if you couldn’t do triathlon or orienteering?
I think I would choose rowing, it seems fun! I’ve had a small ambition to try it, but it has never materialized.

Photo: Peik Wieland

If you were to create a new position or group in NTNUI, what would it be?
There are many groups with different and cool merchandise, and there is a materials-manager on The Main Board. But someone who creates/designs new merchandise for the groups would be fun. In other words, someone who focuses on creating new merchandise for the groups.

Since we’re approaching December, what do you wish for Christmas?
Hmm, I have to think a bit. Yes, a speaker or hairdryer. Kind of boring things. The idea is to use the speaker as an alarm clock radio.

Do you have any special traditions for Christmas?
Nothing major. For my part, going home to the family. Occasionally, my grandmother comes to visit. It’s very nice.

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