One NTNUI is the vision with which the Main Board went to work this spring. The board has so far initiated the process of unifying the association. The aim is to create a better framework for cooperation and a greater sense of belonging to NTNUI, not just to one of its many groups. We are the country’s largest student organization, but the groups work too individually and are unable to reap the synergy benefits accompanying NTNUI’s size.

NTNUI is centralizing. We are establishing multiple new committees with the purpose of being able to support our groups to a greater degree. Earlier, the members of the Main Board have done almost all work centrally in NTNUI – 10 students with way too much work on their shoulders. All the positions in the board will now become positions of leadership. In Boomerang, the Para Committee and Sprint are examples of well-established committees. The next ones up are the PR- and sponsor committee, the HR Committee, the Arrangement Committee and the Economy Committee. These will pull a lot of work out from the Main Board, and NTNUI will have more capacity to follow up projects centrally. The committees will have a supporting role for the groups, which can ask them for advice or services.

One of the first projects initiated to contribute to a more unified association is the design of new web pages for NTNUI. Sprint have with the new website created a model which we hope all our groups will choose to implement themselves for their pages with support from Sprint. The website demonstrates the size and diversity of NTNUI and will become a clear channel for communication to the members of the association. The Main Board will on this site be able to promote their projects and groups can advertise their enterprise. Better flow of information is a central target for the Main Board. The boards of the groups need to see the bigger picture and know what they are part of – what we are working for together. We hope to see results in this area this fall.

With a larger workforce centrally, NTNUI will become a more notable organization here in Trondheim. We will more often see results from the association’s many projects. The Death Valley will be remodeled, Treningsløftet aim to become tradition, our office will be renovated, the Student Games will become even larger and we are now launching our new web pages. We hope to create a better environment for our voluntaries and make it more entertaining to take part in NTNUI’s work towards a better and sportier student city.