The Campus Route

Through the StudyTrondheim cooperation, NTNUI, Sit, Trondheim kommune, NTNU and the Student Welfare Association have all proposed different ways of stimulating more physical activity outside on campus Gløshaugen. The purpose is to contribute to a healthier and more active campus where the outside areas on campus are formed to accommodate physical activity and social interaction.

One of the projects is a campus run – CAMPUSRUNDEN. The run is about 3 km long and follows gravel and asphalt paths in a nice lap around campus. Everyone is encouraged to use the track, either for a walk home from work or in between lectures, perhaps even to set your personal record.

​Because of the construction work being done on Gløshaugen, the track will most probably be adjusted to some degree. In that case, the marking will of course be updated, and it will be easy to find your way. Have fun running!