The Student Sports Prize was awarded to Even Kallevik!

On Friday the 19th at Idrettens Hederskveld, Trøndelag’s sports stars and volunteers were honored for their work. Along with famous names like Marit Bjørgen, Johannes Høsflot Klæbo, and Birgit Skarstein, our own Even Kallevik received the Student Sports Award!

Even is on his fourth year at Industrial Economics and Technology Management at NTNU, specializing towards computer science. He has been part of NTNUI since he arrived in Trondheim and has been most active for NTNUI Triathlon. He played a central part in establishing Triathlon as a group in NTNUI and has sat in the board for a long time – now as treasurer.

Even’s most important contribution is the establishment and development of NTNUI Sprint, our IT-department. NTNUI is Norway’s first sports club with such a department, and with the goal of creating a digital flagship in sports-Norway, Sprint has taken long steps in digitalizing the club. The group has connected NTNUI to the technology studies at NTNU and are currently developing own software, tailored for NTNUI.

With this, Even and his team in Sprint have led the way and begun the enormous centralizing process of “One NTNUI”. More departments like Sprint are established, new communication channels are developed, and information flow is improved. Through this process, Even has taken an important role in defining NTNUI as something more than a sports club.

We thank Even for his fantastic effort so far and look forward to seeing the results of his continued work for NTNUI!