Free lending of paraidrette equipment!

Finally!  NTNUI Paraidrett has, in cooperation with  NTNUI-Bumerang – Gratis utlån av idrettsutstyr, opened for FREE lending of paraidrette equipment! Take the tour if you want to take a look at the offer, test equipment or a sport. The offer is for everyone and there are no requirements for either being a student or having NTNUI membership. The joy of movement is for everyone!

NTNUI Paraidrett can offer:

– Flash handbike 27 provides disc brake

– Huka Copilot 2-wheel tandem 24 “wheels with motor and freewheel (tandem bike)

– Racing chairs (Athletics)

– Bardum sit-ski without back w / skis, spikes,

– Praschberger sit-ski sb 38 cm w / ski spikes

A big thanks to Bardum AS for helping us find and set up the best equipment!

Booking of equipment is via the website:

The pickup and delivery of equipment takes place in building 6 at Moholt Studentby from 07:00 to 18:00 on weekdays.

Feel free to contact for questions, tips or comments!

Especially; spread the word!