NTNUI is part of StudyTrondheim! It is a cooperation between the students, the educational institutions, the commune, Sit and the business sector with the goal of establishing Trondheim as the best student city of northern Europe. We are for example making sure the students have affordable housing and good training facilities, we create a reliable framework for the city’s many student organizations and connect students with relevant corporations.

NTNUI is primarily focusing on student welfare. We aim to establish sports and exercise as an obvious part of any student’s weekday. We fight a constant battle to expand our capacity and reduce the number of students having to be rejected by the groups. During the campus development project, NTNUI will make sure sports and exercise are integrated into the new area concepts, that the campus has jogging trails and a good framework for activity, that the sports park gets a necessary upgrade and that the facilities at Dragvoll Sports Center is at minimum replaced in the new campus.

How can Trondheim become a better student city? If you have suggestions, don’t hesitate to send an email to Read more about the StudyTrondheim cooperation at