Quidditch back in business!

In line with the gradual opening up of society, several groups in NTNUI have also started to engage in activity. The quidditch group is one of the groups that has been creative for the past few weeks, and devised social training in line with the FHI’s guidelines.

Translated by: Emilie Faarup Storvik 
Text: Vegard Buset | NTNUI Blits | Photo: Oskar G. Paulsrud

Groups of Five

Coach for NTNUI Quidditch Amund Kulsrud Storruste.

— We have been training in groups of up to five in the recent weeks, so it has obviously been very different from what we usually do, coach Amund Kulsrud Storruste says.

He states that the training program has especially focused on footwork and running technique, since these are good exercises one can do with a good distance to others. He has found inspiration for the exercises online, where there are many other trainers who are in the same new situation.

— This has been a good opportunity to practice on things that we don’t usually prioritize, Veslemøy Selvik concludes.

She is the leader of NTNUI Quidditch, and is happy that the group once again can offer activity to its members. Coach Storruste said that although not all the members were equally motivated for this form of training, it seemed that everyone was very happy to meet again. He further explains that rapid changes in direction and accelerations was what the group did much in the weeks that they only could train five people together. Some strength exercises were also included in the training, and these exercises were arranged by a physiotherapist playing on the team.

Leader of NTNUI Quidditch Veslemøy Selvik. Photo: NTNUI Blits/Oskar G. Paulsrud
Facts: NTNUI during corona (click to expand)
  • NTNUI and SiT canceled all organized training activities on Thursday 12 March
  • Since then, the groups have been able to train a maximum of five groups.
  • From Thursday, May 7, the FHI guidelines will open for training in groups of 20, as long as a minimum of one meter distance.
  • NTNUI’s quidditch team is a mixed team with about 25 players.

European Championship Postponed

Like so many others, One can safely say that spring was different than planned for the quidditch group. Normally, the team would have participated in both the Nationals and European Championships during the spring. Especially the European Championship in Belgium was to be considered a highlight for the season. The coach told us that tickets and accommodation were booked and that the team was looking forward to participating. NTNUI usually ends up at top ten in the European Championships, with a natural highlight with the semi-final place in 2017. This year, they do not get the chance to repeat this achievement.

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However, Selvik and Storruste agree on the fact that it is now all about making the most of the situation. They are happy to have started activity, and both say that the quidditch group will follow FHI advice and guidelines in the future. Since Thursday, May 7, we have been allowed to train in groups of 20, as long as we keep one meter distance. But the group still does not see the possibility to be able to exercise “normally”  as likely in the coming time.

— We do ball sports, and we are glad that it is now open to throw the ball to one another again, says Storruste, for the first few weeks we had to use other solutions with the ball.

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Storruste instructing NTNUI Quidditch players during practice. Photo: NTNUI Blits/ Oskar G. Paulsrud

Nice to meet again

In spite of less varied training than usual, members of the quidditch group were able to meet again. Both Norwegian and international students have met in Dødens Dal and participated in organized training. NTNUI’s role as a social arena and meeting point is not less important than usual in this special time. And henceforth, even more people can meet, in line with the new guidelines. Life is becoming more and more normalized, but the sporting joy and community  is just as always.

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Practice with social distancing at NTNUI Quidditch. Photo: NTNUI Blits/Oskar G. Paulsrud