Welcome to NTNUI!

Hello to you, new student!

You are now looking at our brand-new website! Here you can easily find information about us and our many groups. If you find yourself wondering about something – check out the FAQ section. Since we in the NTNUI team are such good planners, the most frequent questions are answered there. You can also send us an emailmessage or drop by the office and we’ll answer to the best of our ability.

As Norway’s largest sports association, we have an impressive number of sports to choose from. Today we consist of more than 60 groups, organizing everything from quidditch and underwater-rugby to cross-country skiing and volleyball. We hope you can find a sport to enjoy while studying at NTNU, it makes the weeks much more fun. Be sure to check out the groups section for more information about all the possibilities.

However, in NTNUI we are not only great at sports – we are Norway’s largest voluntary student organization and hundreds of students commit themselves to helping NTNUI become even better. If you want to read about our Main Board, our many committees or our project groups – see the info section. If you are interested in joining any of the committees, you can send the leader an email.

The website will be filled with news, events and much more in the weeks to come, so hang on and drop by now and then!