We have moved out!

Our offices at Idrettsbygget are finally empty. This has turned out to be a much greater task than it might seem. Two containers have been filled with garbage and all of our storage spaces are now empty. We are now handing over the keys to the building to Skanska, who will take care of the renovation. We are moving in with Sit Idrett at Nardoveien 23, where also the new training facilities will be located. Thanks to all of the groups having helped moving out! We couldn’t have done this without you. And a big thanks to vice president Eirik Palm Hunnestad! He has planned this process and done the tough job as coordinator for the project this fall.

Next fall, we are moving back into new offices at Idrettsbygget. We will then have a total of four meeting rooms at our disposal. The office can to a much greater degree be used by all the groups for meetings. We must now hope the process follows the plan and that we have a splendid new heart for our association up and running around October.