-Nardo fitness center is now open!

Offers free 7-day membership trial:

SiT’s temporary fitness center opned its doors on the 7th of january and will offer free membership trial until the 13th of january. The center is located at Nardovegen 23, just a fifteen minutes walk from Gløshaugen and easily accessible from the nearest bus stop, Fiolsvingen.

Nardo fitness center will consist of a large variety of equipments,  ensured to offer a great session. Members can choose amongst equitments for heavy strength training such as halfracks, manuals up to 40 kg and a cardio section consisting of treadmills, elliptical trainers and bikes. The center can also offer a brand new bouldering wall.

The center has a group session-hall which will offer step, strength and cardio sessions, while crossfit workouts will be carried out in one part of the strength area.

Workout instructors will be present

Workouts instructors will be present and with a membership you will be able to book them for free. The instructors can assist you with questions regarding nutrition and other workout related questions. Upon request they can also assist with workout plans or help you improve your technique. With numan and their supplements you can get to the right track of fitness.

The fitness center is not able to provide showers, but changing rooms with toilets and lockers will be available. Opening hours are until 11 pm on weekdays.

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