Notice of extraordinary general assembly

Hu og hei!

The Main Board hereby wishes to convene an extraordinary general meeting 2021. The general meeting will be held on Tuesday 28 September 2021 at 17.00 in the auditorium Akrinn A001 at Kalvskinnet. Remember that all groups must be represented at the general meeting, and that you must bring a valid NTNUI wafer to have the right to vote. All NTNUI members have the right to vote and it is the general meeting that constitutes the highest authority in the club. I therefore encourage you all to exercise your right to vote by attending an extraordinary general meeting.

As usual, the administrative committees, the Main Board and the Student Cabin Board will present their half-yearly reports. In addition, a new interim board will also be elected. If you wish to add a case to the agenda, it can be sent to by 22 September. Agenda and further information are listed below.

Well met!

Best regards
Monja Lien Jakobsen