20th anniversary for “SL”!

Hu & Hey!

Have you heard it? At this very moment, we in SL Trondheim are on a roadshow to promote the event of the year – namely the fifteenth Student Games! In October, we picked up the baton from SL Bergen Challenge and are now bringing The Student Games back home for its 20th anniversary.

The national student sports festival kicks off the 20th of February and will last throughout the week. Here you can compete in no less than 19 different sports, either as an individual participant or in a team sport. The participants will compete for the right to call themselves Norwegian student champions, where some will be given the bonus of direct qualification to the EUSA Games 2020. If you don’t have the highest ambitions, don’t feel intimidated – The Student Games are also for those who only longs for an entertaining week in good company. For those with lower ambitions regarding sports related performances, we recommend the Cabin pentathlon (or Koie-fem-kamp in Norwegian). Furthermore, we will continue the success from the last Games arranged in Trondheim, with the parasport goalball.

The Student Games have more to offer than just sports, we offer cultural and social events as well. Among the smaller day-time events we offer quiz, swing-course(dance) and movies at the cinema. There will be a grand opening ceremony Thursday evening. Friday night we’ll have a big party in “Trønder”-style (style of the local natives). The Student Games concludes with an all-time banquet on Saturday night.

So pack your bags with sports equipment and your finest formal wear. Prepare yourself for a week to remember, filled to the brim with sporting and cultural events!

Join the game!

Best regards
Hallvard Skrede
Leader of the Student Games Trondheim 2019

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