Discounted prices for NTNUI members at Toppsjiktet Physiotherapy

The body requires maintenance. Especially after a long Christmas holiday one can face  several challenges with a lot of heavy load. Fortunately, there are nice people who can help you with the vast majority of issues that should emerge! NTNUI is pleased to be able to offer our members student friendly prizes at Toppsjiktet Physiotherapy

• First-time consultation (60 minutes) to only NOK. 450 (ordinary kr. 750).

• Treatment hours (40 min.) Kr. 250 (ordinary kr. 400).

If you have some minor issues with your body, or just want to be on the safe side, then we recommend that you take a closer look at what Tiril and Toppsjiktet can offers you! Contact:

Phone +47 416 42 706


You can also find all the information on her website:

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