Open activities

Offer for all students over the age of 18.
For activities in premises owned by Sit, membership of Sit and NTNUI is required.

The plan is valid between weeks 36-50 in the fall semester, and between weeks 3-22 in the spring semester (no activities during the easter break).
If there are any cancellations of any of the activities from week to week we post this on our facebookpage, so be sure to give us a like there.


“Touch-Rugby” (Group: NTNUI Rugby)

Time and place:
*Week 39-45: Monday 15:30 – 17:00, Tempe
Week 46-50: Monday 18:30 – 20:00, Dødens Dal
Description: We start the session with a few drills on passing and technique. After that we play touch rugby – that is rugby without tackling. Generally we split the practice by gender, however we play mixed if the numbers are low. The rules will be explained to any newcomers. It is a lot of fun and good exercise, do come and try it.
Contact info: Ingrid Sæther Houge, tlf: 97689586, mail:

*Changes in time and place because of UKA’s take-over in Dødens Dal

Running and Circuit training (Group: NTNUI Friidrett)

Time and place:
Week 40-50: Monday 18:30 – 20:00 Meet up at Idrettsbygget Gløshaugen
Description: One hour slow running where we split into three groups based on pace. One groupe runs 6 km, one runs 8 km and one runs 11 km. Afterwards we come together and do ca. 30 minutes of circuit training.
Contact info: Elise Wallinder, tlf: 95283966, mail:

Jogging + circuit training (group: NTNUI orientering) 

Time and place:
Week 40-50: Monday 18:00 – 19:30. 18:00 we run from the training center at Moholt and 18:30 the circuit training starts at Gymsal Dragvoll. You can join in at either point.
Description: Welcome to an hour of circuit training by NTNUI orienteering. Here we will train basic strength focusing on core muscles. Varied exercised that will fore sure give you a good workout.
Contact info: Ane Dyrkorn, tlf: 48268725, mail:

Circuit training (Group: Telemark – Alpint) 

Time and place:
Week 40-50 Monday 20:00 – 21:30, Armfeldtsalen Idrettsbygget Gløshaugen 
Description: Warmup consists of light jogging or dodgeball. Then 12 different strength exercises, with the main focus on core muscles and legs. 45 seconds per exercise with 15 seconds break. It all runs three times. We end it all by sitting in hockey.
Contact person: Kristian Bru, tlf: 46916695, mail:


Running interval with poles (group: NTNUI Cross Country) 

Time and place:
Week 40-50: Tuesday 18:30-20:00 Rema 1000 Moholt.
Description: Elghufsinterval (running with poles uphill). The intervals is 6 laps a 3-4min. We warm up together, run the intervals, and run back to Moholt.
Contact info: Gunnar Wang-Haugseth, tlf: 40482323 , mail:


Soccer (group: NTNUI Fotball)

Time and place:
*Week 38-45: Wednesday 15:30 – 17:00, Lade
Uke 46-50: Wednesday 16:00 – 17:30, Dødens Dal
Description: Soccer for everyone, with no requirements for previous soccer experience. A typical training session includes lots of regular soccer playing, where we focus on having fun! Everyone is welcome.
Contact: Nora Backer, tlf: 41585744, mail:

*Changes in time and place because of UKA’s takeover in Dødens Dal.

Handball (Group: NTNUI Håndball)

Time and place:
Week 40-50: Friday 14:30-16:00, Idrettshallen Gløshaugen Idrettsbygg
Description: This handball session is open for everyone, you don’t need previous handball experience to join this session.  The main focus is to have fun and play handball. 
Contact info: Live Oveland, mail:

Goalball (group: NTNUI Basket)

Time and place:
Week 40-50: Wednesday 17:00-18:30, Kjellersalen Idrettsbygget Gløshaugen 
Description: Goalball is a ballsport where you’re blindfolded and must rely on your other senses to work with your team to score a goal, using a ball that makes sounds as it moves across the floor. We go through the rules and split up into teams at the start of each session. For anyone who would like to try a new and different sport!
Contact info: Lovísa Hansen Dadadóttir, tel: +47 93481134, email:

Basketball (Group: NTNUI Basket)

Time and place:
Week 40-50: Wednesdays 20:30-22:00, Armfeldtsalen Idrettsbygget Gløshaugen
Description: Open for anyone that would like to play basketball, regardless of experience. You show up, we split us up into teams and we play ball after a good warmup.
Contact info: Lovísa Hansen Dadadóttir, tel: +47 93481134, email:

Volleyball (gruppe: NTNUI Volleyball)

Tidspunkt og sted: 
Week 40-50: Wednesday 21.30-23.00, Idrettshallen Idrettsbygget Gløshaugen
Description: We play volleyball. First warm-up, then we divide into mix teams and play. Open for everyone, independent of level and experience. Come as you are, alone or as a group.   Everybody gets to play. Experienced activity leaders and a lot of playing.
Contact info: Olav Jevne –


Indoor soccer (Group: NTNUI Orientering)

Time and place:
Week 40-50: Thursday 17:30-19:00, Gymsal Dragvoll
Description: Indoor soccer where the main focus is on exercise and to have fun. We arrange different types of game sessions with goals and benches, play cup or rotate in. Everyone is welcome!
Contact info: Ane Dyrkorn, tlf: 48268725, mail:

Circuit training (Group: NTNUI Roing)

Time and place:
Week 40-50: Thursday 18:30-20.00, Armfeldtsalen Idrettsbygget Gløshaugen
Description: Circuit training. 45 seconds on and 15 seconds off for four rounds. Focus on both conditioning and strength training for the entire body. Every level welcome. We guarantee a good workout!
Contact info: Sara Hegge, tlf: 47874003, mail:


Body weight workout (Group: NTNUI Cheerleading) 

Time and place:
Uke 40-50: Friday 19:30 – 20:30, Armfeldtsalen Idrettsbygget Gløshaugen 
Description: Intervall based bodyweight workout, with focus on core and legs muscles. Fits for everybody that wants a quick and efficient workout without weights. At the end we will finish with some easy stretching. Everyone is welcome!
Contact info: Amalie A. Berg, tlf: 92095193, mail:


Badminton (Group: NTNUI badminton) 

Time and place:
Week 40-50: Saturdays 10:00 – 11:00, Idrettshallen Idrettsbygget Gløshaugen
Description: Badminton play with matches and free play. One player from NTNUI Badminton will be available to answer questions and help out. Everybody is welcome, with or without racket!
Contact: Sebastian Bøe, tlf: 94893711, mail:


Sunday Swim (Group: NTNUI Triatlon)

Time and place:
Week 40-50: Sunday 08.45 -10.00, Pirbadet
Description: One lane for swimming of your own choice, and three others follow a given swim program. There will be an instructor responsible for conducting the sessions and he/she will also provide feedback to the best of his/her ability. The program will be customized for triathlon and crawl swimming, but it will be divided into different levels to fit everyone. The program is suitable for EVERYONE who wants to join! Once a month we offer triple session as an optional extension of the swim session. Then we swim first, before moving on to spinning and finally running, an adapted triathlon. Triple sessions will be announced on the triathlon group’s website and on Facebook.
Contact info: Kjetil Steinstø, tlf: 917 84 410, mail:

Stretching (Group: NTNUI Dance)

Time and place:
Week 40-50: Sunday 12:00-13:00, Kjellersalen Idrettsbygget Gløshaugen 
Description: A stretching class for absolutely everyone, regardless of how flexible they are! The class consists of approximately 15 minutes warm up, and 45-50 minutes stretching.
Contact: Linn-Maren Kristiansen, tlf: 47272760, mail:

Table Tennis (Group: NTNUI Table Tennis)

Time and place:
Week 40-50: Sunday 18:00-19:00 Hall A Dragvoll.
Description: The session starts with a warmup with ball-passes. Afterwards we play and rotate after each game. The system is made so that everyone plays against someone at their level.
Contact info: Danh Tran, tel: 98682509, e-mail:

Dodgeball (Group: NTNUI Dans)

Time and place:
Week 40-50: Sundays 20:30-21:30, Armfeldtsalen Idrettsbygget Gløshaugen
Description: An activity most people know from high school. We will frequently divide into new teams and and have simple roules. This have for a long time been a popular activity with a lot of fun. Contact person: Raymond Toft 97683840 
Contact info: Raymond Toft, tlf: 976838240 mail:

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