Open activities

Offer for all students over the age of 18.
For activities in premises owned by Sit, membership of Sit and NTNUI is required.

The plan is in motion between weeks 36-50 in the fall semester, and between weeks 3-22 in the spring semester (no activities during the easter break).
If there are any cancellations of any of the activities from week to week we post this on our facebookpage, so be sure to give us a like there.

The descriptions of the sessions are available on the Facebook events of NTNUI Mosjon.

Open activities spring 2024

WhatGroupWhenWhereSign up
Rowing-intervalsNTNUI Rowing06:30-08:00Sit Gløs, Sal 4Here
Circuit trainingNTNUI Ski touring and freeride18.30-20.00Sit Gløs, Sal 4Here
Touch RugbyNTNUI Rugby19:00-20:30Dødens DalJust show up
FencingNTNUI Fencing19:00-21.00Sit Dragvoll, AerobicHere
WhatGroupWhenWhereSign up
WOD – CrosstrainNTNUI Crosstrain15:30-16:30Sit Gløs, Sal 4Here
SpeedcubingNTNUI Speedcubing18.00-19.00Realfagsbygget R73Just show up
WhatGroupWhenWhereSign up
Strength trainingNTNUI Cross-country skiing08:05-09.00Sit Gløs, Sal 4Here
FootballNTNUI Football16:00-17:30Dødens DalJust show up
Basketball pickupNTNUI Basketball17:30-18:45Sit Gløs, IdrettshallenHere
E-sportNTNUI E-sport19:00-20:30Sit Dragvoll, ArkadenHere
QuidditchNTNUI Quidditch19:00-20:30Dødens DalJust show up
Strength w/S&MNTNUI Ski and Mountain Sports20:30-21:30Sit Gløs, Sal 4Here
WhatGroupWhenWhereSign up
FutsalNTNUI Soccer14:30-16:00Sit Dragvoll, Hall BHere
HandballNTNUI Handball15:00-16:00Sit Gløs, IdrettshallenHere
Circut trainingNTNUI Rowing17:00-18:30Sit Gløs, Sal 4Here
KarateNTNUI Karate18:30-20:00Sit Dragvoll, Sal 1Here
WhatGroupWhenWhereSign up
VolleyballNTNUI Volleyball15:00-17:00Sit Gløs, IdrettshallenHere
Table TennisNTNUI Table Tennis16:30-17:30Sit Dragvoll, GymsalHere
KarateNTNUI Karate16:30-18:00Sit Dragvoll, Sal 1Here
StretchNTNUI Cheerleading18:30-19:30Sit Gløs, Sal 4Here
WhatGroupWhenWhereSign up
BadmintonNTNUI Badminton10.00-12.00Sit Gløs,  IdrettshallHere
GymnasticsNTNUI Gymnastics15:00-17:00Trondhjems TurnforeningHere
WhatGroupWhenWhereSign up
Sunday-swimNTNUI Triathlon08:45-10.00PirbadetJust show up
DancingNTNUI Dancing14.00-15.00Sit Gløs, Sal 1Here
BaseballNTNUI Baseball16:00-18:00Sit Dragvoll, GymsalHere
TaekwondoNTNUI Taekwondo17:30-19:00Sit Gløs, Sal 2Here
DodgeballNTNUI Dancing20:00-21:30Sit Gløs, Sal 4Here