Open activities

Offer for all students over the age of 18.
For activities in premises owned by Sit, membership of Sit and NTNUI is required.

The plan is in motion between weeks 36-50 in the fall semester, and between weeks 3-22 in the spring semester (no activities during the easter break).
If there are any cancellations of any of the activities from week to week we post this on our facebookpage, so be sure to give us a like there.

Open activities fall 2023

WhatGroupWhenWhereSign up
Ergometer-intervalsNTNUI Rowing06:30-08:00Sit Gløs, Sal 4Here
Running and strength training NTNUI Orienteering18:00-19:30Sit Dragvoll GymsalHere
MondaytrainingNTNUI Ski touring and freeride18.30-20.00Sit Gløs, Sal 4Here
FencingNTNUI Fencing19:00-21.00Dragvoll, AerobicHere
RugbyNTNUI Rugby17:00-18:30Lade gressbane 2+3 Just show up
WhatGroupWhenWhereSign up
WOD – CrosstrainNTNUI Crosstrain15:30-16:30Sit Gløs, Sal 4Here
FootballNTNUI Football15:30-17:00Tempe kunstgress Just show up
SpeedcubingNTNUI Speedcubing18.00-19.00Realfagsbygget R73Just show up
WhatGroupWhenWhereSign up
Strength trainingNTNUI Cross-country skiing08:00-09.00Sit Gløs, Sal 4Here
BasketballNTNUI Basketball17:30-18:45Sit Gløs, IdrettshallenHere
GamingNTNUI E-sport19:00-20:30Sit Dragvoll, ArkadenHere
SanvolleyballNTNUI Sandvolleyball21:30-23:00E.C. Dahls BryggeriHere
WhatGroupWhenWhereSign up
FutsalNTNUI Soccer14:30-16:00Sit Dragvoll, Hall BHere
HandballNTNUI Handball15:00-16:00Sit Gløs, IdrettshallenHere
Circut training with rowingNTNUI Rowing17:00-18:30Sit Gløs, Sal 4Here
Indoor soccerNTNUI Orientation19:00-20:30Sit Dragvoll, GymsalHere
WhatGroupWhenWhereSign up
VolleyballNTNUI Volleyball15:00-17:00Sit Gløs, IdrettshallenHere
Table tennisNTNUI Table tennis16:30-17:30Sit Dragvoll, GymsalHere
StretchNTNUI Cheerleading18:30-19:30Sit Gløs, Sal 4Here
WhatGroupWhenWhereSign up
BadmintonNTNUI Badminton10.00-12.00Sit Gløs,  IdrettshallHere
GymnasticsNTNUI Gymnastics15:00-17:00Trondhjems TurnforeningHere
WhatGroupWhenWhereSign up
Sunday-swimNTNUI Triathlon09:00-10.00PirbadetJust show up
DancingNTNUI Dancing14.00-15.00Sit Gløs, Sal 1Here
TaekwondoNTNUI Taekwondo17:30-19:00Sit Gløs, Sal 2Here
GymnasticsNTNUI Ski touring and freeride20:00-22:00Trondhjems TurnforeningJust show up
DodgeballNTNUI Dancing20:30-21:30Sit Gløs, Sal 4Here


Ergometer intervals

Time and place: Monday 06.30-08.00, Sit Gløshaugen in Sal 4 
Description This is a high intensity session where the intervals will vary from 1-5 min where it will run between 5 and 8 intervals. The class will begin with warm-up and technique demonstration. The class ends with a cooldown and stretching. This is a super effective session and a refreshing way to start the day!

Running and strength training

Time and place: Monday 18:00-19:30, Sit Dragvoll Gymsal

Description: We start with easy running from outside the Sit Moholt trainingsenter to Dragvoll at 18:00. We arrive at Dragvoll and will begin the core-strength session at 18:45. It is possible to arrive directly at this part of the training. The strength-session will be done toghether as a group, led by one of the trainers of NTNUI Orienteering.


Time and place: Monday 18:30-20:00. Sit Gløshaugen, Sal 4

Description: Circuit session consisting of a round of 12 exercises that are performed 3 times. In the circuit training, we have a number of ski-relevant exercises with a focus on thighs, core and stabilizing muscles. The workouts provide a good basis for the ski season and are very handy if you want to avoid the acid both up and down.


Time and place: Monday 19:00-20:00, Dragvoll Aerobic

Description: The session starts with a warm up with ball games, followed by some stretching exercises. Then we go through the basic techniques, before we gear up and try fencing. You can fence with people at your skill level, or challenge one of the more experienced fencers. We provide all the equipment, so you only have to bring regular training clothes and indoor shoes.


Time and place: Monday 19:00-20:30, Dødens Dal
Description: This is a rugby practise where the focus is on the fundamental elements of the game, like passes. We use a large part of the practise to play touch rugby – rugby without contact. All expirience levels are welcome.

WOD – Crosstrain

Time and place: Tuesday, 15:30-16:30, Sit Gløshaugen in Sal 4
Description: The classes will be CrossFit-inspired workouts. The training sessions will therefore be high-intensive and will challenge both endurance, strength, and body control. Typical exercises that will be included in the sessions are burpees, pushups, box jumps, various kettlebell exercises, handstand-walk, rowing on rowing machines – and much more! You don’t need to have mastered all the exercises to participate, as all workouts can be scaled to your own level.


Time and place: Wednesday 16:00 – 17:30, Dødens Dal
Football to the people! Come join us in Dødens Dal for a fun and exciting football session! The weekly session is held by members of the NTNUI-Football group and consists mostly of playing the beautiful game. Everyone is welcome! From newcomers to Erling Haaland or Caroline Graham Hansen. No prior footballing experience needed.


Time and place: Tuesday 18:00-19:00, Realfagsbygget R73
Description: For people that doesn’t know how to solve we will teach to solve the cube. For the others we will have different plans each week with focus at different important concepts.

Strength training

Time and place: Wednesday 08:00-09:00, Sit Gløshaugen in Sal 4
Description: Core strength session targeting arms, legs, back and stomach. 45 minutes with different exercises and some stretching afterwards.


Time and place: Wednesday 17:30-19:00, Sit Gløshaugen Idrettshallen
Description: Quick warm up with layups and some shooting will be demonstrated and led by some of our players. Then everyone is split into different teams and matches of roughly 10 mins will be played.


Time and place: Wednesday 19:00-20:00, SIT Dragvoll Arkaden
Description: Throughout these sessions, we will try to give an insight into some of the most popular games from the e-sports community. The sessions will mainly consist of an introduction to today’s game, and in so giving you the chance to try it out on your own. We will alternate between games that are more cooperative, like Valorant and CS:GO, and games on other consoles, like on the Nintendo Switch.


Time and place: Thursday 16:30-18:00, Dødens dal
Description: Beachvolleyball for everyone, bring your water bottle and join in!


Time and place: Thursday 14:30-16:00, Sit Dragvoll Hall B
Description: Futsal is one of the fastest growing sports in Norway, and in the world. Come join us for a weekly futsal session at Dragvoll! The session will be held by members of the NTNUI-Futsal teams, and will consist mostly of playing the game. Everyone is welcome – from newcomers to experienced players. No prior experience is needed! Only equipment needed is indoor shoes.


Time and place: Thursday 15:00-16:00, Sit Gløs Idrettshallen
Description: Played handball before or want to try it? 1 hour session with focus on playing hosted by one of the coaches. No earlier experience is required, everyone is welcome.

Circut training with rowing

Time and place: Thursday 17:00-18:30, Sit Gløs Sal 4
Description: Circuit training. 45 seconds work and 15 seconds break, we do 4 laps. Cardio training and strength for the whole body. Warm up from 17:30, session start at 17:55.

Indoor soccer

Time and place: Thursday 19:30-20:00, Sit Dragvoll Gymsal
Description: Indoor fotball. We create teams of 4 to play eachother in short and intensive matches. We use small gaols and no goalkeeper. We alternate between which teams play so that everyone play against everyone.


Time and place: Friday 15:00-17:00, Sit Gløs Idrettshallen
Description: Free warm up while the nets are rigged, then we divide into teams and play. No requirements other than indoor shoes. Come alone or bring friends.

Table tennis

Time and place: Friday 16:30-17:30, Sit Dragvoll Gymsal
Description: The session starts with warm up. Then we play matches. The system is set ut so you are gonna play against other players at you skill level.


Time and place: Friday 18:30-19:30, SIT Gløs Sal 4
Description: The session starts with a fun warm up. After that we move to mobility training and end the session with a good stretch. This is a versatile session that everyone can join.


Time and place: Saturdays 10:00 – 12:00, Sit Gløshaugen Idrettshallen
Description: The training is mainly based around playing matches or to just free play. It will be a representative from NTNUI badminton there to give instructions and help if requested.


Time and place: Saturdays 15:00-17:00, Trondhjems Turnforening
Description: The session starts with a warm-up which is a mixture of dance, play and simple gymnastic exercises with a demonstatrion. Afterwards, exercises will be performed on the soft floor, in addition to opportunities to use equipment such as the uneven bars, parallel bars, high bar, rings, tumbling, and trampolines. Each session ends with 15 minutes of strength exercises. NTNUI Turn will need the participants name, date of birth, address, email, and phone number in order to provide them with their accident injury insurance coverage.


Time and place: Sunday 09.00 -10.00, Pirbadet
Description: One lane for swimming of your own choice, and three others follow a given swim program. There will be an instructor responsible for conducting the sessions and he/she will also provide feedback to the best of his/her ability. The program will be customized for triathlon and crawl swimming, but it will be divided into different levels to fit everyone. The program is suitable for EVERYONE who wants to join! Once a month we offer triple session as an optional extension of the swim session. Then we swim first, before moving on to spinning and finally running, an adapted triathlon. Triple sessions will be announced on the triathlon group’s website and on Facebook.


Time and place: Sunday 14:00-15:00, Sit Gløshaugen Sal 1
Description: Various instructors from NTNUI Dance will hold a beginners class in the Dance styles hip hop or jazz/modern. The classes include warm up, various exercises and a choreography.


Time and place: Sunday 17:30-19:00, Sit Gløshaugen Sal 2
Description: This is a martial art practice which focuses on kicking. The practice starts with a warm up and demonstration of basic kicking technique from an instructor. The participants will try different basic kicks on pads, before we combine them in a basic series. Towards the end of the workout, we will test our kicking endurance in exercises such as kicking intervals. This is a super introduction to martial arts and can be adapted to every level!


Time and place: Sunday 20:00-22:00, Trondhjems Turnforening
Description: Low-threshold gymnastics training that takes inspiration from all young and old children’s favorite activity, free play. In the gym there are trampolines, swing bars, tumbling floors and much more. It is possible to find something fun for everyone.


Time and place: Sundays 20:30-21:30, Sit Gløshaugen Sal 4
Description: An activity most people know from high school. We will frequently divide into new teams and and have simple roules. This have for a long time been a popular activity with a lot of fun.