Open activities

Offer for all students over the age of 18.
For activities in premises owned by Sit, membership of Sit and NTNUI is required.


“Touch-Rugby” (Group: NTNUI Rugby)
18:30 – 20:00 in Dødens Dal
Introduction of Rugby and its rules, followed by basic exercises and warm up (about 10-15 min). Games, without tackling the rest of the session.

Jogging (Group: NTNUI Athletics)
Time and place: 19: 00-20: 00 Meeting REMA 1000 Elgseter.
Hour description: We divide into groups that run different length and speed, three groups that jog rounds at 6km / 8km / 11km.
Contact person: Magnus Winther Warvik

Circuit training (Group: Telemark – Alpine)
Time and place: 19:50-21: 15 Nardo.
Time description: station-based circular training. Contact info: Bastian Haug, mail:

Jogging + circuit training (group: NTNUI orientering)
Time and place: 19:00 we run from Grounden, Moholt , 19:45 starts the circuit training in Gymsalen Dragvoll. You can join in at either point. Description: Welcome to an hour circuit training run by NTNUI orientering. Here we will train basic strength with focus on core muscles. Varied exercises that will for sure give you a good workout. Contact person: Håvard Mo Vaadal, tlf: 40482323, mail:


Nothing yet…


Football (group: NTNUI football)
Time and place: 16:00-17:30 The Valley of Death.
Hour description: Low threshold football game for everyone. We start with some cautious football exercises before we move into games. No requirements for equipment or skills! Contact person: Siren Wivesvoll

Goalball (group: NTNUI Basket)
Time and place: 21:40-23:00 Nardo.
Hour description: Parasport – everyone gets blindfolded and should stop a ball that makes sound. New to most and incredibly fun! Contact info: Sverre Uijting,

Basketball (group: NTNUI Basketball)
Time and place: 21:30-23:00 Idrettshallen Gløshaugen.
Hourly description: Exercise hours in basketball are for anyone who wants to play some basketball without being firmly bound to a team. The hours start with easy warming with the ball, where there are opportunities to learn some technique for those who want it. After warming it is divided into layers and we play the rest of the training. In the exercise hours, we mostly play with a golden rule, to pay attention to each other. You do not need any prior knowledge to attend these hours. Contact info: Sverre Uijting,

Volleyball (group: NTNUI Volleyball)
Time and place: 21:30-23:00 The sports hall Gløshaugen
Hourly Description: The exercise hours in volleyball are for those who like to play volleyball, whether you are a beginner and have never tried it before, or if you have many years behind you in serial games. Here, there is a focus on having fun, and no prior knowledge is required. We have a lot of gaming, but they will also be able to learn some technique. Come by and try! You’re welcome. Contact person: Ole Kristian Pedersen telephone: 48230385


Futsal (Group: NTNUI Orientation)
Time and place: 17:30-19:00 Gymnasium Dragvoll.
Hour description: Indoor football with a focus on good training and having fun. Different types of games with goals or benches, cup or scroll. Everyone is welcome! Contact person: Hildegunn Heggøy, tel: 97428148, mail:

Circle training (Group: NTNUI Rowing)
Time and place: 20:10-20:40 Nardo.
Hours description: Circular training with NTNUI’s well-criticized rowers. Here you get yourself a really tough one that ensures you muscles the day after. There are four rounds, each with 12 varied exercises. Acid Warranty! (Don’t be scared).
Contact person: Sondre Utkilen 46952364


Handball (Group: NTNUI Handball)
Time and place: 14:00-15:30 Idrettshallen Gløshaugen.
Time description: Everyone who wants to play handball, from beginner to more advanced, can come here. Basic exercises with ball and lots of play on a whole course.
Contact person:

MiniGymnastics (Group: NTNUI Dance)
Time and place: 18: 30-19: 30 Båtsmannsgata 4, Nyhavna.
During these hours, the focus will be on mastering simple tour exercises, such as standing on your hands and turning wheels. No prior knowledge is needed and participants at all levels are welcome. The hours are best suited for beginners, but for advanced students it is quite possible to work with core strength. The focus on the lessons is core strength and body control. Some elements of the partner tower can also take place if desired. The goal is to have fun and to learn to control the body in different ways. The hours end with simple stretching.  
Contact: Raymond Toft 97683840


Badminton (Group: NTNUI badminton)
Time and place: 10: 00-11: 30, Idrettshallen Gløshaugen.
Time description: At NTNUI badminton exercise sessions, focus is on combat training and variation in games. Players are rolled with each other so you can face different resistance. Here we have one with the responsibility for the scrolling. At the exercise hours you just need to bring your training clothes and good mood, so we are talking there! Contact person: Håkon Skogland Halvorsen,


Stretching (Group: NTNUI Dance)
Time and place: 11:45-12:45 Nardo.
Time description: bend and cloth are fun. The class is designed to suit everyone regardless of softness. The main focus of the hour is to stretch your legs. We spend the first 15 minutes of warming, but prefer people to do this in advance.
Contact person: Alejandra Rueda 95443869

Table Tennis (Group: NTNUI Table Tennis)
Time and place: 18: 00-19: 00 Hall A Dragvoll.
Hour description: The hour starts with heating with a ball change. Then we play and roll after each game. The system is set up to play against those who are at their level. Contact person: Danh Tran 98682509