Open activities

Offer for all students over the age of 18.
For activities in premises owned by Sit, membership of Sit and NTNUI is required.


“Touch-Rugby” (Group: NTNUI Rugby)
Time and place: 18:30 – 20:00 in Dødens Dal
Description: Introduction of Rugby and its rules, followed by basic exercises and warm up (about 10-15 min). Games, without tackling the rest of the session.
Contact info:

Jogging (Group: NTNUI Friidrett)
Time and place: 19: 00-20: 00 Meet at REMA 1000 Elgseter.
Description: We divide into groups that run different length and keep different speed, three groups that run rounds of 6km / 8km / 11km.
Contact info: Magnus Winther Warvik 950 70 552

Circuit training (Group: Telemark – Alpint)
Time and place: 19:50-21: 15 Nardo.
Description: station-based circuit training.
Contact info: Henrik Astrup, mail:

Jogging + circuit training (group: NTNUI orientering)
Time and place: 19:00 we run from Grounden, Moholt and 19:40 the circuit training in Gymsalen Dragvoll starts. You can join in at either point.
Description: Welcome to an hour circuit training run by NTNUI orientering. Here we will train basic strength with focus on core muscles. Varied exercises that will for sure give you a good workout.
Contact info: Håvard Mo Vaadal, tlf: 40482323, mail:


Nothing yet…


Soccer (group: NTNUI Fotball)
Time and place: 16:00-17:30 at Dødens Dal.
Description: casual soccer for everyone. We will start with some soccer drills and then go on to play. No requirement to equipment nor skills! Contact information: Siren Wivesvoll

Ultimate Frisbee (group: Frisbee)
Time and place: 20:30-21:30 Dødens Dal.
Contact information:

Goalball (group: NTNUI Basket)
Time and place: 21:40-23:00 Nardo.
Description: Parasport – everyone will get a blind folk and will try to stop a ball that makes sense. There will be people there to teach you the game. New for most, extremely fun!
Contact information: Sverre Uijting,


Indoor soccer (Group: NTNUI Orientering)
Time and place: 17:30-19:00 Gymsal Dragvoll.
Description: Indoor soccer with focus on good exercise and to have fun. Different types of game sessions with goals and benches, cup or rotation. Everyone is welcome!
Contact info: Håvard Mo Vaadal, tlf: 40482323, mail:

Circle training (Group: NTNUI Roing)
Time and place 20.10- 20.40 Nardo.
Description: Circuit training with NTNUI’s excellent accomplished rowers. Here you can get a hard workout that gives you sore muscles the next day. It will be 12 varied exercises in a loop, and will run the loop 4 times.
Contact info: Sondre Utkilen 46952364


MiniGymnastics (Group: NTNUI Dans)
Time and place: 18:30-19:30 Dance Studio, Båtsmannsgata 4, Nyhavna.
Description: The focus in these sessions will be to master simple gymnastic exercises, such as standing on your hands and do turning wheels. No prior knowledge is needed and participants at all levels are welcome. The class is best suited for beginners, but for advanced students it is quite possible to work with core strength. The focus in the lesson is core strength and body control and the main goal is to have fun and to learn to control the body in different ways. We will end the class with some basic stretching.
Contact info: Raymond Toft 97683840


Nothing yet…


Stretching (Group: NTNUI Dance)
Time and place:11:45-12:45 Nardo.
Description: The stretching class is made so that anyone can join regardless of how flexible they are. The main focus is stretching legs. The first 15 minutes are used to warm up but it is best to come already warmed up.
Contact info: Alejandra Rueda 95443869

Table Tennis (Group: NTNUI Table Tennis)
Time and place: 18:00-19:00 Hall A Dragvoll.
Description: The session starts with a warmup with ball-passes. Afterwards we play and rotate after each game. The system is made so that everyone plays against someone at their level.
Contact info: Danh Tran 98682509

Badminton (Group: NTNUI badminton)
Time and place: 19:30-21:00, Dragvoll.
Description: In this class we focus on matches and variation. Players will be rotated around the courts, so that you can play against different levels. One person will be responsible for the rotations. At these sessions you only need to bring your training outfit and a good mood, and we will see you there!
Contact info: