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About aktivCampus

At NTNU we know that to deliver their best academically, students need a good environment to study in. aktivCampus is a new collaboration between NTNU, NTNUI, Sit and Velferdstinget with the aim to lower the threshold to be healthy and active at NTNU. There is an increasing basis to say that regular physical activity leads to better bodily and mental health, in addition to better academic performance.

There are plenty of reasons to stay active. These are advantages that all students should enjoy, and physical activity is something that should be a natural part of every day at NTNU. The campaign aims to show the opportunities for physical activity that already exist at NTNU and to make it easier to eat healthy. The collaboration partners are also working together to create a better framework for activity at the university and to make sure that the future campus will be a sporty and aktivCampus.

Week 35, straight after fadderukene, is the aktivCampus-week! This week there will be a lot of activities at the different campuses – check out the event on Facebook to get updates on what is happening.