Welcome to the new Main Board of NTNUI 2024/25

Text: Nora Hveding-Kullerud & Pernille S. Osmundsen
Photo: Andreas Flo/NTNUI Blits

Photo: Andreas Flo/NTNUI Blits (CC BY 4.0)

Our new board came into place on March 16 after an efficient general assembly. In this exclusive interview, we get to know the team that will steer the ship of NTNUI and guide us through another year of Hu and Hei!”

Photo: Andreas Flo/NTNUI Blits (CC BY 4.0)

Leader: Eirik Skagestad Størdal

Age: 25 years
Study: Product Development and Production
Group: A not very active member in the Tinde group, previously involved in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Other positions: This is actually my first proper position in NTNUI! Besides the main board, I also serve as the “Meeting and Representation Manager” in Moment, which is the political committee of NTNUI.

As the leader, Eirik is responsible for organizing the work within the Main Board and ensuring that they work towards their goals. He also represents NTNUI externally and participates in meetings with volunteer groups and other stakeholders NTNUI collaborates with.

Eirik enjoys having a lot of responsibility and working together with others towards common goals. He describes NTNUI as one of the best things about being a student in Trondheim and therefore felt compelled to seize the opportunity to become a leader. Eirik believes the position will be both educational and demanding, and he is particularly looking forward to working on major projects such as the upgrade of Dødens Dal and the new sports building.

A good memory from the time in NTNUI:
I think this year’s group gathering was a lot of fun, so that has to be it.

Photo: Andreas Flo/NTNUI Blits (CC BY 4.0)

Deputy Leader: Ronja Pavall

Age: 21 years
Study: Psychology (Bachelor)
Group: Roundnet
Other positions: Deaputy Leader Material, Board Member Moment, aktivCampus (promotion and activity team), and Board Member Blits, Board Member Roundnet.
Former: Leader Blits, Event Manager for Veldedighetshelg (Charity Weekend), Para-sport Board Member.

The role of the Deputy Leader involves assisting both the leader and the rest of the board wherever needed. Ronja is responsible for managing the documents in NTNUI and primarily handles exemption applications, often in consultation with the rest of the Main Board.

Ronja enjoyed her work in the administration, but she wanted to be more involved in the association and contribute even more on an organizational level. Additionally, she believes this experience will be beneficial in her future career. Ronja thinks the position will be fun and educational, but also challenging, which she believes will work out fine in collaboration with “the great team” – the rest of the board. She is most excited about getting to know the rest of the Main Board better and meeting more people from the various groups.

A good memory from the time in NTNUI:
Having vors with the current and previous Main Board members from Trondheim, Gjøvik, and Ålesund before Gudenes Natteliv this spring was a lot of fun! Or the spontaneous trip to Ålesund with others from the administration to play a football match at the Color Line Stadium against NTNUI Ålesund.

Photo: Andreas Flo/NTNUI Blits (CC BY 4.0)

Main Treasurer: Mads Fuglesang Øhra

Age: 20 years
Study: Industrial Economics and Technology Management
Group: Volleyball
Other positions: Finance Committee, Board Memeber Moment, Volleyball team manager
Former: Intro committee

The role of the Main Treasurer involves having control over and responsibility for the association’s funds. Mads follows up with and supports the treasurers of the various groups within the association, as well as managing the central accounting for NTNUI. Additionally, he serves as a sounding board for the Finance Manager.

Mads took on the position because he wants to contribute to the operation of “Norway’s best sports club”, work towards the best possible NTNUI, and get to know all of those who do important work for the association. He believes the time will be educational and hectic, with rewarding and meaningful tasks. He looks forward to long days at the Clubhouse with different people and Group Gatherings.

A good memory from the time in NTNUI:
Training camp in Røros, and “blåtur” to Athens with the Finance Committee.

Photo: Andreas Flo/NTNUI Blits (CC BY 4.0)

Head of Economics: Julie Hansen Gleinsvåg

Age: 21 years
Study: Economics and Administration
Group: Swimming Group
Other positions: Finance Committee, Treasurer Track Committee, and Board Member Blits
Former: activeCampus promotion group, Intro Committee, Finance Manager Veldedighetshelg (Charity Weekend)

As the Head of Economics, Julie is responsible for ensuring a healthy financial operation within the club. She oversees budget allocations, follows up on support schemes, and manages financial collaborations and sponsorship agreements. She supports the treasurers of the groups and ensures, in general, that the groups have the conditions to conduct as much activity as possible with NTNUI’s financial resources.

Julie wanted new challenges and was eager to learn more about how the association operates both externally and internally. She believes the position will be very rewarding both socially and professionally. At times, it may be comprehensive and time-consuming, but she looks forward to challenging herself professionally and getting to know more wonderful and talented people in NTNUI.

A good memory from the time in NTNUI:
It has to be either the spontaneous trip to Ålesund where we played a football match against NTNUI Ålesund at the Color Line Stadium, or the “blåtur” with the Finance Committee <3

Photo: Andreas Flo/NTNUI Blits (CC BY 4.0)

External Relations Manager: Mia Olden Larsen

Age: 26 years
Study: Master’s in Exercise Physiology
Other positions: Leader of Moment.
Former: Deputy Leader of NTNUI, Deputy Leader Swimming, and Board Member Swimming.

As the External Relations Manager, Mia is responsible for ensuring NTNUI’s relationships with external stakeholders. She attends external meetings and advocates for NTNUI’s needs and desires.

Mia enjoyed her time as Deputy Leader of the Main Board last year and wanted to delve even deeper into external affairs. During the previous term, she discovered an interest in politics, especially sports politics, and therefore felt that this role “fit extremely well”.

Photo: Andreas Flo/NTNUI Blits (CC BY 4.0)

Material Manager: Taran Five

Age: 26 years
Study: Ocean Resources (Master’s in Marine Biology)
Group: Dance (Poledance and Hoop) and Calisthenics
Other positions: Leader Material Committee and Leader of Active Campus.
Former: Material Manager Main Board, Deputy Leader and activity Leader in activeCampus, Deputy Leader Event, and Board Member Veldedighetshelgen (Charity Weekend)

As the Material Manager in the Main Board, Taran is responsible for approving group/committee logos, clothing designs, and merchandise orders. She also oversees Shoppen, NTNUI’s online store, and all inventory and storage space.

Taran enjoyed her role as Material Manager so much last year that she wanted to continue this year as well. She finds it to be an exciting and challenging position where she can indulge her joy for organization and order. With experience in the role, Taran believes that this year she can “enjoy the chaos” in a whole different way and expects the position to be both cozy and hectic. She looks forward to all the little moments they will share at the Clubhouse and to celebrating May 17th together. Perhaps there will even be a Main Board vacation this summer!

A good memory from the time in NTNUI:
It must be the Main Board vacation we had last year. We traveled around and visited each other from Molde to Tjøme. It was the best vacation ever. And of course, activeCampus is my little baby, so all the activeWeeks I’ve helped organize are very fond memories too.

Photo: Andreas Flo/NTNUI Blits (CC BY 4.0)

IT Manager: Andreas Flo

Age: 21 years
Study: Computer Science
Group: Fencing
Other positions: Photographer and Deputy Leader Blits.
Former: Intro Committee

Andreas’s task as IT Manager is to maintain order in all IT systems. He collaborates closely with NTNUI Sprint, Sit, and the rest of the Main Board to keep the systems organized and efficient.

Andreas was recommended to join the Intro Committee, and after shadowing the former IT Manager, Ole Marius, it felt natural to take over this role in the new Main Board. He is looking forward to meeting even more fantastic NTNUI members and collaborating with Sprint.

A good memory from the time in NTNUI:
I’ve experienced a lot of fun with NTNUI, but I especially want to highlight all the exciting assignments I’ve had as a photographer in NTNUI Blits. I’ve had the opportunity to join Topptur and Frikjøring to Vassfjellet, taken pictures of Sailing from a RIB outside Skansen, captured many cool moments of various sports during SL23, and much much more. Additionally, I can’t forget to mention Group Gatherings and Gudenes Natteliv. These events are always incredibly fun!

Photo: Andreas Flo/NTNUI Blits (CC BY 4.0)

HR and Administration Manager: Emilie Sofie Eilertsen

Age: 21 years
Study: Psychology (Bachelor)
Group: Roundnet
Other positions: Board Member Blits and Board Memeber Roundnet.
Former: activeCampus promotion group and Promotion Leader Veldedighetshelgen (Charity Weekend).

The HR and Administration Manager is responsible for the follow-up of Admin and serves as their liaison between Admin and the Main Board. Her tasks include follow-up and work with the HSK groups and coach responsibilities.

Emilie wanted to join the Main Board because she is interested in working on the operation of NTNUI and wants to facilitate as much activity and good moments as possible. She looks forward to collaborating with all the wonderful people in NTNUI and working together with the rest of the Main Board.

A good memory from the time in NTNUI:
One of my best memories must be the somewhat spontaneous football match trip to Ålesund and the many fun Admin gatherings and Group Gatherings we’ve had.

A good memory from the time in NTNUI:
I have many fond memories from my time in NTNUI, but the very best ones are from Gudenes natteliv and Group Gatherings! It’s always nice to meet so many happy NTNUI members at once.

Photo: Andreas Flo/NTNUI Blits (CC BY 4.0)

Facilities Manager: Håkon Håve Smørvik

Age: 26 years
Study: Teacher Education in English
Group: Basketball
Other positions: Board Member Basketball, team leader for NTNUI Geezez, and referee in Basketball.

Håkon has primary responsibility for NTNUI’s facilities, primarily focusing on Dødens Dal and its operations, as well as working on potential future facilities.

Håkon says he has gained a lot from NTNUI, and this position is a way to give a little back. He says it’s pretty cool to be part of leading Norway’s largest sports club and is especially looking forward to the opening of Helgasetr and NTNUI making its mark in this building.

A good memory from the time in NTNUI:
First and foremost, all the people I’ve gotten to know through participating in sports at NTNUI. The best memory I have is from the SL (Sports Week) in autumn 2022 in Bergen after a long break without SL.