The history of Tindegruppa

Tindegruppa was started in 1959, and was Norways first climbing club open to the general public. Until then “Norsk Tindeklub” was the only proper climbing club in the country, but it had requirements for new members. Multiple well-known people and pioneers in climbing have been members of Tindegruppe throughout the times.

Tindegruppa, which started as a small group at Gløshaugen Campus, now has between 250-300 active members and is therefore one of the larger climbing clubs in Norway. The main cause of this is probably the increased interest for sport- and indoor climbing. The group has active members in all aspects of the sport, from ice and large-wall-climbing to bouldering and competition climbing.

The goals of Tindegruppa

Climbing as a sport and the environment surrounding it is not like any other sport. The lack of organisation and rules is a core part of the sport. Still there is some need of organization. This is, among other things, for indoor climbing opportunities, cabins for rent, bolting routes and rebolting, casual competitions and a and a social circle of like minded climbers.

§1. The goal of tindegruppa

Tindegruppa has as a goal to represent climbing- and mountainsportinterested students in Trondheim and to facilitate for many climbing- and mountainsports related activities for them.

Tindegruppa is participating in maintaining a high level of competence in the climbing and contribute to the safe execution and development of climbing as a sport.

Tindegruppa also seeks to take care of climbing culture and history in the region. The groups activity should be anchored in norwegian mountainsports values and traditions.