Refund of travel expenses

Tindegruppa may cover parts of your travel expenses to and from events organized by Tindegruppa. We support the most efficient travel route. You need to be both member of NTNUI and TG to get travel refund from us.

What you have to do:

1. Make sure that you and the passengers are registered as NTNUI members on

2. All passengeres should ask for a membership in Tindegruppa on after they have payed the one-time membership fee.

3. The driver have to fill out this form using their NTNUI-user, and upload screenshot of the travel route from Google Maps showing the shortest way from NTNUIs klubbhus (Christian Frederiks gate 20) to the event you have attened. 
Under “Beløp” you write the result of the following calculation:

Driving in your own car:

  • 3.5 * number of km in total * 0.7

Driving in a rental car:

  • 0.9 * number of km in total * number of NTNUI members * 0.7

Under “Kommentar” you write your calculation.

If you have any questions, contact