In August 2011, NTNUI Tindegruppa released a new climbing guide for the Trondheim area. The climbing guide is a practical guide with a good design that covers all the most used climbing areas in the Trondheim area.

Buying the Book

The book can be purchased in the following stores: VPG, Grip climbing centers, and Ute. The price is 300 NOK. All profits from the sale of the guide book go in full to bolting material and crag maintenance through Tindegruppa’s guidebook fund. This makes it possible to establish new routes and re-bolt old routes in the Trondheim area. Everyone who buys the book thus contributes to the safe development and management of climbing crags in the region.

New guide

Tindegruppa are working on a new version of the guide. A lot has happened since the first edition, projects have been completed and new crags have been developed. The purpose of the project is to get updated information about climbing in Trøndelag. The work is voluntary and the sales revenue from the guide will, as before, go into the bolting fund. To make this happen, we are dependent on all the help we can get. If you or someone you know is interested in helping, just get in touch through this form or send an email to There is absolutely no obligation here, we welcome all kinds of help!