Belay Sertificate – Brattkort

If you want to lead climb or top rope in commercial and public climbing gyms in Norway, you are required to have a belaying sertificate called Brattkort. By passing the Brattkort test you show that you have the necessary skills, experience and knowledge required for belaying and climbing in a safe way.

The Brattkort test

Climbing experience: You should have at least one year of experience with indoor or outdoor climbing. If anything from this video is unfamiliar, you should take a basic climbing course. The video is not an instructional video and does not replace a basic climbing course.

Requirements: You need to be a member of NTNUI and Tindegruppa.

Price: Most gyms do it for free, but some might charge a smal fee. Taking the test with Tindegruppa is free.

Can i take the test somewhere else? You can take the test in most climbing gyms that has a lead climbing wall.

If you have enough experience to pass the test you can apply by sending an e-mail to kursansvarlig.

More info about the Brattkort

More practical info about the brattkort can be found here.