Student NM in Triathlon

NTNUI Triathlon have organized Student-NM (SNM) in triathlon since the spring of 2016. Students from all over the country are invited to compete to decide who will be crowned Student Norwegian Champion in triathlon.

The competition is open to all students who are semester registered in Norway and associated with a norwegian student sports team. The route is identical to the one used during the TriSprint in the Autumn. Regulations can be found here, and if you have any questions about the competition, do not hesitate to get in touch!

Student-NM in triathlon 2023 kicks off on April 29th! Registration deadline is April 7th 23:59!


Saturday April 29th NTNUI Triatlon invites to SNM2023!


What: Triatlon including para-class
Distance: 400m swimming – 19 km biking – 4,5 km running
Distance para class: The participants can design their own distance, more information below.
Competition classes: “Road bike” and “Other bikes” for men and women, together with a para-class.
Where: Trondheim- Pirbadet/Ilsvika
When: Mandatory Race brief Friday April 28th and competition Saturday April 29th.
Registration fee: All fees will cover both the start and the banquett.

Without a place to sleep: 400 NOK

With one night: 500 NOK

With two nights: 600 NOK

NB: Registration deadline Friday April 7th at 23:59!

This competition is open to everyone, regardless of experience, level and ambitions!


400 m swimming indoors – 19 km biking – 4,5 km running


The swimming takes place indoors in Pirbadet in 50m lanes. There will be 4-5 people per lane, and two lanes will compete at the same time. There will also be a separate lane (25m) that can be used for warming up before start.

The heats will be divided according to registered swimming times, where the fastest starts first. Registration of times must be done at the same time as the registration.

Para class:
Swimming takes place indoors in Pirbadet, and you swim in 25- or 50m lanes, depending on what the athlete wants. It is allowed for the practitioner to use helping personnel or equipment such as a pullbuoy, swimming belt, or other.


The participants will start biking in an order based on the results from swimming. The route goes back and forth lsvika-Flakk, and is about 19 km. Remember that you are biking on a car road, and it will be open to normal traffic. Also note that we have one class for “road bikes” and one for “other bikes”. So it is possible to use any kind of bike for the competition.

Para class:
The route  is back and forth Ilsvika, and is ca. 10km. Note that you are driving on a country road, and it will be open to normal traffic. All bicycles are welcome, both with and without an auxiliary engine. Read competition rules for marking the bicycle.


After cycling, you enter the T2, and here you put down the bike, and go directly on to the race. The running stage goes over two laps from Ilsvika to Ila, and is a total of ca. 4.5 km.

Para class:
After cycling, you enter the T2 (change zone), and here you put down the bike, and go directly on to the race. The athlete may have an assistant who assists the athlete from cycling to any wheelchair or the like. The running stage is anything from 1100 meters (1 lap) to a maximum of 4 laps (4.5 km).


Banquet is included in the registration fee. More info to come.

Any questions?

Do not hesitate to contact or on Facebook for questions

We look forward to seeing you!

Results Student championship in triathlon:

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