Recommended equipment

This is a list of recommended equipment. This is not advertisement, but simply a recommendation. It is very much possible to use other equipment. You will find most of these things in our online shop: You can also find a lot of swimming equipment at: or


  • Swimsuit/trunks
    • We recommend swimming trunks that sit tight. Loose trunks will slow you down and make it harder to swim.
  • Swim googles
  • Swimming cap
    • You can buy one in our online shop.
  • Wetsuit (only needed for open water swimming)


  • Running shoes
  • Normal workout clothes


  • It is not a requirement, but it is strongly advised to use a road bike for the outdoor bike trips. If you don’t have a road bike, it is possible to borrow one. You can either ask in our members group on Facebook or rent one in our online shop:
  • Helmet is a requirement for outdoor biking.
  • Bike shorts
    • It gets uncomfortable to sit on a bike for longer trips.
    • It is recommended to use this during both indoors and outdoors practices.
    • You can buy this in the online store or in sport stores.