NB: It is always the calendar that is valid for the training sessions.

Make notice: the times here are for when the session starts. That means that you should meet 5 min before the time.

In a typical standard week we have these following trainings:

Monday 08.00:

Thirty minutes easy running and an hour core- and strength workout. Meet up at Sit Gløshaugen or Sit Portalen. This can vary due to capacity at the gyms. Pay attention in our Facebook group:

Wednesday 19.00:

Running intervalls with NTNUI Track and Field at Øya (summer) or Ranheimshallen (winter). We normally run ca 6-12 x 600-1200m, and the program varies a bit from week to week.


Summer: Cycling with start at the roundabout at the end of Ila-park at 17:30. The program varies between hill intervalls and an easy long ride. Information about each weeks session can be found in the calendar. The session is normally 2 hours.
Winter: Spinning intervals at SiT Dragvoll at 19:45. Types of intervals vary. The session is normally 1 hour.

Sunday 08.45:

Sunday swimming every week all semester. Once a month we arrange a Tripple session consisting of swimming, spinning and running. You can find information about these sessions in our calendar. It is free for all members in NTNUI.


It is possible to access Pirbadet outside of our common practices. For more info read here: