Social beer

On monday 2nd of september it is time for the semester’s first beer at Samfundet after practise. This is a great arena for getting to know all the new judoka better, which in turn makes practise more fun.

As mentioned at last practise, I will switch practise with Martin next week so I can sing for an engineering business with the men’s choir Høystemt, while you practise. But fear not young padawan! I will just meet you at Samfundet, so you just shower at the gym and bus in gruop to Samfundet straight after practise 😀

I would not miss it, so if you miss practise like me, just come join us at Edgar, Samfundet arround 21:30 for a beer or just a chat.

Also remember the free trial period at Sit now is over. Check this site how to gain membership:

NB! International students, check your own insurance if it covers sports injuries. If you want to buy a gi, send me an email.