Throwback: Martial art seminar

(Pun intended). Sunday march 17th, 2019 was the date of the second annual martial arts seminar of NTNUI at Dragvoll sports centre. The seminar introduced judo, taekwondo, aikido and karate, and it was meant as a social as well as educational event across the martial art groups. This to huge success and to a full dojo.

These get-togethers are really building bridges between the participating martial art groups. I can personally say, I am getting to know these guys!

While the other goup leaders argued why their sport was dangerous and should have the last turn, the judo group rather argued that our sport could be done anywhere, anytime – and got the honor of starting the show. First things first: Falling technique.

Each group had one hour of leading the practise, so there was no time to spare.

Ne-waza was fun for the other groups to try, given that they mostly stay on their feet.

Ofcourse some shiai was in order. Here is Rickard from judo vs. Wolfgang from Aikido.

The athletes also got to try tachi-waza.

And they soon learned that what goes up… But it was fine, because they had already learned ukemi.

Wolfgang from aikido proved a formidable opponent.

After an hour had passed, it was taekwondo’s turn. Sverre learned us to kick.

And also the “Flying high kick”.

After this, we had lunch at campus Dragvoll.

After a meal and some rest, aikido was up. Funfact: these guys could spend half of their time rolling.

Making us others too dizzy to keep up.

Aikido’s speciality was fencing with bokken wooden swords.

The hours went by and finally we learned karate. The karate group focused on self defense this class – and here most things were allowed…

The judo guys had a more relaxed attitude to the whole thing.

To summarise, it was a great seminar, with four hours of four different sports, that still have a lot in common. We hope to keep this seminar next year aswell, making it a tradition! Maybe then we could get jujistu to join us aswell?