Hu og hei! (NTNUI Greeting)

Also this semester is concluding towards an end, and it is almost time for graduation. This will mainly happen monday 6th of may, but we have the practise available wedneysday 8th at our disposal if monday is bad (NB! Wednesday 1st of may is Labour day, and so the gym is closed). After this, from week 20 to max week 23 bonus practises could occur if you ask sensei nicely. This ofcourse because we are students, busy with exams, master thesises and so on at this point of the semester – Hang in there!

Back to topic. Grading.

  • If you want a new belt, it costs 50 NOK.
  • Paid to account number: 8601 51 63471
  • Mark payment with: Judo, What: Belt/graduation and <Your Name>
  • When this is paid, send a mail with payment confirmation to

Curriculum  for yellow belt:

If  you need to see this in action, here is a YouTube-video:

Curriculum for orange belt:

YouTube-video. Watch & Learn:

Remember im your sensei, and know what you can do, even if you have troubles at the actual graduation. You probably have worse exams than this in may. You can do it! Hope to see as many as possible next week. It will be lots and lots of throws, chokes, pins, and useful things you need to freshen up – So it is something for everyone! If you got yellow at twelve, you probably did not know them perfectly.

-sensei out.