Yearly meeting and election of the new board

New year! New semester! And the yearly annual meeting which will be held Monday January 27th at 8:00 pm. This is our most important meeting throughout the year so we hope you will prioritize our meeting! It will be pizza!
Link to the facebook-event: YEARLY MEETING

On the meeting we will go through:

  • Masterplan: guidelines for the group.
  • Election of new board.
  • Summary of the year 2019.
  • What we are going to do/should do in 2020.
  • Fjellseterløpet; our biggest event!
  • Clothing in NTNUI Friidrett.
  • Extra.

The most important part of the annual meeting is election of the new board. They will replace the remaining board this semester. For the election process it’s put togheter a group – the election committee – which consists of Anna Liv L. Aasen, Erlend Hansen, Clément Suberchicot and Karoline Hammer. This group works with electing candidates for the board and will evaluate them by doing some interviews in advance of the meeting. The election committee will propose a new board at the meeting which we will vote on afterwards. The members of the election committee can not be elected for the board in NTNUI Friidrett.

Are you interested in joining the new board in NTNUI Friidrett and contribute to the biggest sports club in Norway?
Fill out this form (deadline 21.01.20):

Are you interested, but unsure of what the different board roles involves? Here is an overview to explain some duties!


  • Lead
  • Contact for the board
  • Make sure the rest of the board is fulfilling their responsibilities

Second in command

  • Support leader
  • Member registration
  • Writing meeting reports


  • Check the physical mail shelf
  • Budget: Making a budget together with the board and making sure it is followed.
  • Evaluate invoices, and pay the ones that should be paid.
  • Refund members that have prepaid (accepted costs)
  • Apply for financial support


  • Any sports event that we decide to have
  • First aid and security at events

Sports coordinator

  • Manage trainers and first aid for trainings
  • Facilities (track, gym, keys)
  • Announce trainings
  • Competitions (encourage signing up)


  • Storage of files (Google Drive, binders)
  • Communication checkup
  • Promoting
  • Web pages, social media (instagram, facebook)
  • Clothing in the group
  • Hjalmar


  • Social events
  • Balancing variety of events
  • Encouraging members to arrange and participate in social events
  • Analysing the social situation in the group
  • Beermile (spring and fall)

The board works together and split up the tasks. This overview is not set in stone and the new board could decide to change it up, but this task distribution is the current one in the Masterplan.

Members of the remaining board can be found here: LINK BOARD

Race Report: Amsterdam Marathon 2019

Race report from Amsterdam Marathon 2019, written by Johan Grøgaard.

Amsterdam Marathon was held on Sunday, October 20th, with 17 000 people signed-up for the marathon and 45 000 participants in total.  Johan is a new member to our group this fall and can be referred to as an experienced runner. Going from cross-country skiing to running ultra terrain distance, and then running the shorter distance on asphalt – only 42 195m.
He made a good performance in the streets of Amsterdam, and we in the NTNUI family is proud of him! <3

Hi, my name is Johan, and I am a proud member of NTNUI friidrett.

A couple of weeks ago, I ran my second official road marathon. The first in NTNUI colours💚💛🖤. I have been asked to write a little about my experiences from the race. The result isn’t much, but I hope you enjoy the short time it will take to read it.

The marathon in Amsterdam was my main goal this fall. So I was pretty exited before leaving. Before catching my flight to Amsterdam I teamed up with my father in Oslo who was joining me and planned to run the half-marathon.

Pretty exited before boarding the plane to Amsterdam. –>

We arrived in Amsterdam Saturday morning. After collecting our bib-numbers, we spent the day walking around the city.

In the evening we went out on a bar for some refreshments. Christian, a colleague of my father was also running the marathon and joined us. We ate at a small Indonesian restaurant which was great😋. This was my first time eating Indonesian, risky thing to do before a marathon, but you got to live a little right? 🤪

– Raceday –

Sunday morning and race day 😎. The small hotel we lived at didn’t serve any breakfast, so we planned to grab a sandwich on the metro before the start. This was going to be a mistake! Because it was Sunday, all the shops were closed. Luckily we found a small café that served a small piece of white bread toast close to the start at the Olympic stadium. But lesson learned! Next time, make sure to order a hotel with a proper breakfast.

Now to the most important part – the race. 👌🏻🕺🏼

During my first 5 km, I felt incredible. I stabilised my pace around 4:00-4:05, and tried to not push to hard the first 21 km. Knowing I would probably regret this after 30 km. The race plan went surprisingly well for a little more than two hours. I manage to maintain my around 4 minute pace up until the 37 k mark.
The last 5 kilometres, I hit the famous marathon wall. The long flat roads in Amsterdam started to feel like the steep hills up to Geitfjellet (mountain in Bymarka). My pace went down more and more. 4:10, 4:20-4:35.
I finished the race in 2:54:18, smashing my previous best (3:11:52) from Oslo a couple of years ago!

The finish was of cource celebrated with some beers. While waiting for my father to finish his half-marathon I was lucky enough to meet some Norwegians. They were waiting for a friend to finish his half-marathon as well, so we sat down at a table outside the Olympic stadium and talked about the race.

They even paid for three beers for me.🤩 Nothing tastes better than free drinks! Especially being a not so rich student.

After my father finished his race we went straight to the airport were we teamed up with Christian over some more beer.😉🍻

Christian and I had actually finished in the exact same time! What’s the chance of that? Thank god I sprinted to the finish, it would have been a little embarrassing to be beaten by a colleague of my father.

We agreed that running in Amsterdam had been a great experience and that we should do this again next year. Maybe doing the New York Marathon? Or what about Tokyo?

By then i am going to be even stronger. Next time we’re aiming for 2:45:00.


Results Amsterdam Marathon (Johan Grøgaard)

Did you enjoy reading this article?
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Newbie to NTNUI Friidrett

Newbie/newcomer to NTNUI Friidrett

Written by Ellen Marie Gaunby Jørgensen

Ever wondered what it is like to be a part of NTNUI Friidrett, well I let you know.

Just meeting up at any given practice is the way to get to know the Friidrett folk. A hi and you are of in a conversation with another member of the group. As a newcomer to the group they made me feel very welcome because here everyone talks to everyone, here are no old farts only talking to each other. They even make an effort for the whole team to get to know each other by having “talk to at least one new person” during practice, what made me feel very included.
Even though you might not be the greatest runner of all time, the Friidrett team still might be something for you. The team is diverse and has no demand on number of practices that you will have to attend. You just feel the welcoming feeling each time you show up, because even though it is a NTNUI sports team it always feels like a group of friends going for a run, with room for everyone elite runner or newbie.

Monday jog – more than just running

Do you want to contribute to our website by writing an article (race report, social etc.) or other content, please let us know! It can be both in english or norwegian.
Contact us by facebook or send an email to:

RECAP SPRING 2019 (1/3)

RECAP SPRING 2019, January-February (1/3)

Hey fellow runners! Due to little updates and lack of articles from what the group has been doing during the first semester of 2019, we want to make a newsletter over three articles to summarize the last semester. Hope you will enjoy looking back at these memories. Either as a group member or as a curious person wondering what’s going on in this group!

New Years Resolution Week

In the beginning of the semester, we wanted to kickstart the new year with a week full of activities. This idea is similar to what we have been doing every August in the start of a new semester, to welcome new students and old members from the summer vacation.

NTNUI Friidrett is not only a group for running and athletics, but the social part is something we value just as much. Besides the trainings, social gatherings are important for our group to become better known and strengthen the fellowship in the group. In our group, you are always welcome to join us! Either if you are an experienced runner or never have been doing running before.  

In the “New Years Resolution Week” the trainings where going as usual. For Tuesday, 6 people went to Ranheimshallen and participated in a 3000m indoor race which was a part of “Vinterkarusellen”. It was a great race with many participants and different starting heats depending on your own time goal. Several of our runners participate in races from 10k to the Marathon, but a 3000m race on the 200m indoor track was far enough!

On Thursday we had a mystery event at campus Gløshaugen where we divided in teams and did some activities, like quiz and paper-plane-competition, where we ended of the evening with pizza! On Friday, there where 3 runners who skipped the regular hill-intervals and ran ultra-intervals instead. They started at 14:00 by doing 1 hour of easy running, then having a 2 hour break, before running easy for 1 hour again. In total they did 8 hours of running in the time period from 14:00 at Friday till 12:00 at Saturday! Great job (or craziness) by Magnus, Ole Emil and June Kieu-Van! Later that Saturday, we gathered for winter games and party in the evening.

Election of new board

Like every year, we had the main yearly meeting where we discussed events and what’s important for our group. We also elected a new group board:

            Elise Wallinder, Leader

            Svenn-Helge Vatne, Deputy Leader

            Erlend Hansen, Finance Manager

            Clas Olaf Andersen, Social Manager

          Karoline Gartha Hammer, Events Manager

            Lisen Brønmo Næss, Sports Manager

            Ole Emil Frisvold, Informational Manager

Trainings in Ranheimshallen

Our trainings at Wednesdays are intervals, usually at a track. During the summer season we run at Øya Stadium, but due to conditions during winter we move the trainings indoor as soon as the temperature gets below zero degrees and the track gets slippery. We are very lucky to have the opportunity to train at an indoor track instead of running at treadmills during the winter. Although it consumes some time travelling to Ranheim, the board are satisfied with the attendance during this winter for the Wednesday intervals! It’s nice to have the wideness at the training so people always have someone to run with or strive to.

NTNUIs Orden – “Ridderkåring”

In the first weekend of March, board members from the different groups in NTNUI gathered at “Studenterhytta” for the yearly group-leader-gathering (gruppeledersamling). This is to get better known with the other groups, shear knowledge and have fun! From our group, Svenn-Helge and Magnus (former group leader) joined the event. During the weekend, NTNUI had an award ceremony called “NTNUIs Orden” where people who have made a great sports achievement or contribution to NTNUI becomes an honorary member of the sport club. They are titled riddere/knights of NTNUI. This year, seven people received this award, including Svenn-Helge and Magnus. Their contribution for the group has been astonishing, and the board wants to thank them so much for their great effort.

Fra gruppeledersamlingen

Joint party with NTNUI Triathlon and Cycling

In February, we hosted a joint party with the NTNUI groups Triathlon and Cycling. This was a nice evening for getting to know other people outside the group which is doing endurance sports! During this semester, the group has bonded more with NTNUI Triathlon where we invited members from their group to join us for the Wednesday intervals. We hope this will be a lasting cooperation!

This summarizes most of what has been going on in the group during January and February. Stay tuned for the next news-letter! There we will summarize most of March and April, where a lot happened; training camp in Spain, Gudenes Natteliv and Fjellseterløpet.

RECAP SPRING 2019 (2/3)

RECAP SPRING 2019, March-April (2/3)

Spain trip – Tour de Albir

Friday the 15th of March, 12 people from our group went for an adventure. We travelled to south, escaping the cold and wet weather in Trondheim. The destination was L’Albir, a small town in the east coast of Spain, where we stayed for 9 days.

Ready for the trip`s first workout!

In general, we trained two session per day. One before or after breakfast, and one session between lunch and dinner. We were having three meals included per day at our stay at the hotel, and the food was fantastic! The conditions at the hotel where quite well with facilitations as swimming pool (both outdoor and indoor!), strength-room, sauna, table tennis, volleyball field and wifi. It wasn’t possible to get bored at Albir Garden Hotel!

We tried to get many joint trainings, like going for a slow run together or doing the harder workouts at the running track close to the hotel. But runners from NTNUI-Friidrett travelling to Spain for a training camp are not like ordinary runners, which you can tell by several of incredible performances! Each day we were discussing who had been running most kilometres and what the further plan was.

Strava – Quantity week 12

Leonard, a former exchange student at NTNU from Germany, was really putting in those kilometres and pushed himself hard. Going from a weekly mileage goal of 125km to finishing the week with 200 km in 6 days were shocking the rest of us! The German lion was not a joke. June Kieu-Van (aka Kiwi) came to the training camp with a troubling knee, but worked hard with alternative strength-training and ran the pain of. Doing 190km in the last 7 days tells us which kind of a fighter she is! Magnus, the living legend, was patiently charging the batteries to end of the week to show us how a really hard workout is to be done. At the second-last day, the brutal marathon-workout was set to the test. He started off with 10km of warm-up, doing 3x10km with increasing speed from 3:45-3:20 min/km pace and finishing with 10km off cool-down. A session of total 50km in an average 3:54 min/km pace! The astonishing runner from Tromsø finished of his last 7 days with a total of 214km.

Besides running, a lot of eating were done. We hiked one day at a mountain in Calpe, and some rented bikes and did some cycling as well in the area. One of them was Terje, which cycled every day because of an injury.

We are very satisfied with our stay in Albir, and are definitely going back next year!

After some gocart fun
The Hjalmar King
On top of Calpe Peñón de Ifach


Gudenes natteliv / Nightlife of the Gods

This event is NTNUI’s yearly party at Samfundet where people dress up in the NTNUI colours green, yellow and black.  We met for a pre-party, hosted by Weizhi, before we went to Samfundet. To promote for the race Fjellseterløpet, we printed out start numbers and handed them out for people to wear. People had a great time and enjoyed going for a party in comfy training clothes!

Pre-party, Gudenes Natteliv
Hjalmar made it to Samfundet!

            Dinner-night at Clas

Like last year, our social manager (sosialansvarlig) – Clas, made dinner a Friday after the hill intervals and invited the group. He is quite good at the kitchen where he also made a vegan alternative! The rest of the evening went by with board games and snacks.

Fjellseterløpet 2019

Wednesday April 24th, we in NTNUI Friidrett arranged the running event Fjellseterløpet. It’s a hill race going from Lerkendal to Skistua in Bymarka. This was the 32nd time the event was arranged, and we got 268 people signing up! All kinds of runners attended with an age span from 11 to 68 years of age. This year we even got nice weather and sun, thanks to the event manager Erlend! This event could not have been done without all the volunteers from the group, helping out with tasks before, during and after the race. A big thanks to all of you!

Start of Fjellseterløpet 2019 (Foto: NTNUI Blits, Nils Dittrich)

Recap Spring 2019 (3/3)

RECAP SPRING 2019, May-June (3/3)

This is the last article to summarize the first semester of 2019. Even though the schoolyear was going to an end and people was preparing for the final exam, we continued the trainings and runners from the group was competing in races.

The 1th of May, the yearly relay race “Olavsstafetten” was held. It consisted of seven distances, from 300m to 1600m, with start and finish at Øya Stadion. We signed up a team in the mix-class. They did a great job in the pouring rain and even won the mix-class!

Dette bildet mangler alt-tekst; dets filnavn er IMG_1794-1024x768.jpg
Podium mix-class Olavsstafetten 2019

Other races which people attended to from the group during May was

  • May 14th:            Tordenskioldløpet, 5km and 10km
  • May 15th:            BDO-mila, 5km and 10km
  • May 17th :           KM Langdistanse, 10 000m men
  • May 30th:           Botn Rundt, 15km

17th of May

May 17th is the Norwegian National day which we celebrate by walking in the parade and eating ice-cream. In NTNUI Friidrett, we have a yearly tradition for meeting for a morning jog followed by a swim in the ocean. We meet up at 6.30 am and ran to Korsvika for a refreshingly swim. After the swimming we ate some ice-cream before running back. Later in that day, we celebrated with rest of Trondheim, by joining the parade in the city with others from NTNUI.

Dette bildet mangler alt-tekst; dets filnavn er IMG_18632-1024x768.jpg
Morning swim in Korsvika (May 17th)
Dette bildet mangler alt-tekst; dets filnavn er IMG_18772-1024x683.jpg
Lisen, Hjalmar and Svenn-Helge in the parade (Foto: Nils Dittrich, NTNUI Blits)

It’s also a yearly tradition to arrange championships (Kretsmesterskap) in 10 000m for men and 5000m for women at the athletics stadium in the evening. Magnus Warvik from NTNUI Friidrett competed among several of other runners, with the aim of running below 32 minutes (NM-kravet). Magnus ended in 9th place with the time 32:17,38. He was a bit disappointed, as he ran 40 seconds faster last year. Maybe it was because he ate too little ice-cream before the race?

The time went by fast and suddenly we were in the middle of June with most of the students gone back home for the summer. We continued with Monday trainings through the summer vacations as several of members were staying in Trondheim.

Thank you for reading the last recap-article of the spring semester!

Some of us went to Tromsø in June, running the Midnight Sun Marathon. We have uploaded a race-report from that event here:
Race report: Midnight Sun Marathon 2019Åpne publiseringspanelet

Race report: Midnight Sun Marathon 2019

Midnight Sun Marathon 2019!

Like previous years, several runners from our group went to Tromsø for the Midnight Sun Marathon, which was held on June 22th. This happens largely because of Svenn-Helge, and he’s commitment to the event and providing accommodation for the members! A special thanks to him! In addition to Svenn-Helge, Magnus and Oscar from the group also come from Tromsø. In total we were 12 people participating in the race, running distances from 10km to the marathon. We have made a great contribution to spreading the club colours in the streets of Tromsø!



In the days and time before the race we relaxed and did some sightseeing in Tromsø.

On Friday we joined the official opening of MSM with the official Marathon Flame from Athens. The Midnight Sun Marathon was held for the 30th time. You could really tell how big the event is, with around 70 nations represented in the race! Later that evening we gathered for dinner with lots of pasta, and some of our professionals filled their cups with beetroot juice.




The race started late in the evening, which makes sense for the Midnight Sun Marathon. The marathon started at 20:30 and the half marathon 22:30. The great thing with the late start was that we could have a long night sleep and didn’t have to get up early. But the day went by with relaxing and preparing for the race. The start of the 10km was at 19:00 where Oscar and Svenn-Helge participated. Many fast runners ran the 10km, where Oscar made a good pb! For the marathon, Malte and Fabia was running the distance for the first time while Magnus wanted to copy the great run from Paris this year with another time below 2:30. Unfortunately, his collection of 4th places got increased by one. With a time of 2:29.42 he was 36 seconds behind the podium. For the half marathon the group was represented by Erlend, Marte, Anja, June, Clara and Daniel.

Daniel and Anja getting ready for the half-marathon

Erlend feeling good from the start!

Magnus in his natural habitat

Oscar Ovanger, 10km
Marte Wilson, half marathon
Fabia Stich, marathon

The half marathon – words by Erlend Hansen

In advance for my start, I watched the 10km which started at 1900. There I was cheering for Oscar and Svenn-Helge.

Before the race I was really curious about the weather and checked the forecast regularly the days before. As a friend told me the course in Tromsø is really exposed to windy conditions which would give me troubles with achieving my time goal. Luckily there was little wind and good temperatures around 8 degrees. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see the midnight sun but got soaked by the rain instead. But that was not a big problem for a guy used to the conditions in Trondheim.

But enough about the weather! I need to focus on what I can control. And the race between me and the clock. Because, yeah, it is nice to visit Tromsø and watch the beautiful mountains surrounding the city. But first of all I went there to aim for sub 1.15 at the half marathon (to be honest). As the race approached, I started to do some warm-up. There was a lot of people, but I easily managed to do some running and throw of my clothes 5 min before the start. When I was waiting for the start, I asked a guy I knew from Trondheim about his time goal, which also was below 1.15. Perfect! Now I have a pacer.
I went out from the start and followed him for 3km before I let go of him because this was going way to fast! Now I had to run by myself and control the pace at around 3:30 min/km. After 10km a group of around 6 people overtook me and we ran together rest of the race. As I struggled at the end with the keeping the pace, I kept thinking about Magnus running at the same pace – but for twice as long! That helped me from feeling sorry for myself and letting negative thoughts take over. I clocked in at 1.14:41. Satisfied, but exhausted, with a stomach that was not ready to celebrate with a beer on the town…


The day after the race, we went on a car trip for some sightseeing outside Tromsø. With tired legs, we hiked on a mountain on Sommarøy in beautiful surroundings! After the hike we went to a cabin at Malangen where we ate some barbeque before taking sauna and a swim in the fjord. Perfect day for recovering after the race! It was nice to do something else in Tromsø besides the running. I want to make a special thanks to Svenn-Helges mom for organizing this weekend and taking us to the cabin!

From the hike on Sommarøya!
After sauna and a swim in the fjord in Malangen
Sauna with a view!
Happy campers!
Barbeque-chef, Svenn-Helge


Results eqtiming

Place (age class)NameDistanceTime
4. (3)Magnus WarvikMarathon02:29.42
101. (45.)Malte BrunnerMarathon03:26.02
235. (17.)Fabia Maria StichMarathon03:45.44
9. (5.)Erlend HansenHalf-Marathon01:14.41
72. (4.)June Kieu-Van Thi BuiHalf-Marathon01:30.46
105. (39.)Daniel PaceHalf-Marathon01:34.02
377. (52.)Clara BonHalf-Marathon01:51.08
398. (55.)Marte WilsonHalf-Marathon01:52.19
760. (132.)Anja TroxlerHalf-Marathon02:07.54
18. (13.)Oscar Ovanger10 km34.49
1221. (240.)Svenn-Helge Vatne10 km01:03.18

Race Report: Studentlekene Bergen Challenge 2018

This weekend, runners from NTNUI Friidrett attended at the Student Games in Bergen competing in several of races from 100m to half marathon. With some good results, NTNUI won the total athletics competition!

(Results below!)

On Friday there was competition in 100m, 200m, 800m and 4x 200m relay. Three runners from NTNUI competed in the distances at Fana Stadium. Nice to see our former leader and sprinter, Svenn Helge Vatne, making a good figure at running the 100m and 200m. Gold at the 100m and bronze at the 200m 30 minutes after was a result in respect of!

Svenn-Helge Vatne, 200m

Start 4x 200m realy

100m race

Magnus W. Warvik

Podium 100m

Happy runners!



On Saturday morning it was time for the half marathon. Three attendants from the group was ready, although two were a little affected after yesterday’s races.

This is what one of the runners, Erlend Hansen, experienced:

The days before the half marathon I checked the weather forecast, and it reported heavy wind and a lot of rain. Typical Bergen. This one was going to be a tough one.
As we moved to the start at Fana stadium Saturday morning, the rain poured down leaving us soaked before the start. We discussed a bit about clothing, but the temperature was fine, and I decided to run in singlet and shorts leaving the gloves behind. More clothes were going to slow me down anyway because of the rain. My legs were fresh and ready because I had not been racing the day before like Magnus and Jonas, and I did a good warm-up before the start. I was a bit concerned about Magnus complaining about a bad knee, but he said he was trying to run anyway and see how it goes. It turned out not to be such a bad idea.

Mass start half marathon

After the start, we quickly became a group of 8 people in the front. After staying in the group for 3km with a pace around 3:30 min/km, I decided to let them go and run my own race because this was going too fast for me! I was surprised by the speed of the other runners, but I had to think of my own battle. There were still 19 km to beat. I was happy with the pace I ran, although parts of the road were like running in a stream! I overtook the 6th place after 8km and cheered for Magnus in front and Jonas when I was by rounding (the track was 10.6 km back and forth). I managed to keep up the pace to the finish line and was quite happy with the result! Almost beat my pb with 3 minutes from racing the half marathon in Trondheim 6 weeks back! Shocked by the win from Magnus with a super strong 1.13:30 (!) we moved back to the accommodation for a hot shower and preparing for the banquet in the evening ending the Student games in Bergen.

Finished with the half marathon, ready for the banquet!

Podium half marathon












100 m

Place Name Team Time
1. Svenn-Helge Vatne NTNUI 12.82 s
2. Apoorvan Sockanathan NHHI 14.59 s

200 m

Place Name Team Time
1. Øystein Aas BSI 25:06 s
2. Lasse Tollefsen BSI 27:50 s
3. Svenn-Helge Vatne NTNUI 31:60 s

800 m

Place Name Team Time
1. André Juvland TRIMIUS 2.08
2. Jonas Riseth NTNUI 2.08
3. Magnus Winther Warvik NTNUI 2.18

4 x 200m relay

Place Team Time
1. NHHI 1.47
2. BSI 1.50
3. HiBI 1.53
4. NTNUI 1.56

Half marathon – men

Place Name Team Time
1. Magnus Winther Warvik NTNUI 01:13:32
2. Martin Kristiansen NHHI 01:14:00
3. Arne Kalland-Olsen NHHI 01:16:35
4. Arne Nygård NHHI 01:16:52
5. Jonas Riseth NTNUI 01:17:23
6. Erlend Hansen NTNUI 01:18:40
7. Bjørn Alexander Hovland HiBI 01:19:31
8. Martin Digranes NHHI 01:19:38
9. Erik Vadla BSI 01:19:42
10. Petter Elias Røkke NHHI 01:23:51
11. Anders Austad HiBI 01:24:05
12. Even Årekol NTNUI-Ålesund 01:24:09
13. Viktor Svensson HiBI 01:25:08
14. Erlend Solhaug Myklebust NHHI 01:26:17
15. Petter Ihlebæk NTNUI 01:26:32
16. Sigurd Bøe VSIL 01:27:36
17. Håkon Andresen OSI 01:28:30
18. Thorvald Mosvold NHHI 01:30:08
19. Erlend Godager NHHI 01:31:40
20. Håvard Lergernæs NHHI 01:35:24
21. Nicolai Hoel NMBUI 01:36:15
22. Antonio Johansen Cubedo NTNUI-Ålesund 01:53:05
23. Caspar Vinje Hagland NMBUI 01:53:42
24. Nicolai Birkeland GSI 02:04:08
25. Edward El Hayek VSI 02:04:18

Half marathon – women

Place Name Team Time
1. Karoline Saltemark NHHI 01:35:40
2. Julie Osen NHHI 01:40:53
3. Malene Knutsen Breivik HiBI 01:41:43
4. Ragnhild Seim NHHI 01:45:09
5. Sunniva Riibe MRK Bergen 01:45:17
6. Siv Simonsen HiBI 01:45:56
7. Elin Farestveit NHHI 01:48:24
8. Iris Einarsdottir NHHI 01:55:55
9. Ingrid Beisland NHHI 01:56:15


Race Report: Skåbu Fjellmaraton 2018

Race report from Skåbu Fjellmaraton, 29. september 2018. Written by Leonhard Faubel.

On Friday the 28th September at 15:30 was the departure. We went with two cars, eight guys and a girl to Skåbu to participate at the Fjellmaraton. After four hours of driving and a lot of joy including “car-games”, we finally arrived at the cabin. After a little run in the dark we ate tons of pasta and drank a lot of water to prepare ourselves to the run. We were warming up in the morning  after a little pasta and cereals and some coffee. As warmup we loosened our muscles with slow running and circling our arms.



Finally it was almost time to run the half-marathon. At about 11:25 I recognized that it was too warm in my jacket and took it off. Therefore I had to put my number on the t-shirt instead. Everyone was so friendly and smiling at me. At 11:29 I realized that the reason for that could be that my number was upside down 😀 Too late! I had to run! The start was very comfortable. I started very slow, enjoyed the view on the mountains and appreciated that it was not snowing or raining. Running all the way down to the Olstappen lake was a good possibility to get warm and relaxed. The lakes and the creeks, bridges and rocks around the trail were really beautiful. It was very warm in the valley compared to Skåbu. No need to wear gloves or a hat anymore. Finally we reached the last challenge of the race: the way back up to Skåbu with a big altitude difference. I didn’t expect that it would be as easy to ramp up and ended up on the 25th.

We had a very nice time together at an awesome place! Thanks for a great adventures running weekend!



Place (total/class) Name Time
1. (1) Magnus Warvik 3:03:44
3. (2) Morten Haugsvær 3:08:49
4. (3) Erlend Hansen 3:11:49
10. (6) Haakon S. Bergsholm 3:45:43


Place (total/class) Name Time
8. (3) Martin Dorber 1:30:40
25. (6) Leonhard Faubel 1:49:28

7.5 km

Place (total/class) Name Time
4. (2) Ole Emil Frisvold 40:56
9. (1) Kieu-Van June Bui 43:50
23. (4) Svenn-Helge Vatne 49:46

Full results: EQ Timing

Race report from (Norwegian): Skåbu fjellmaraton ble lørdag arrangert for tredje gang

Race report from (Norwegian):

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Race Report: Nidarø Rundt

Race report from the 1. race of the Vinterkarusell. Written by Erlend Hansen


Start 5 km Foto: Jan Arthur Aune


The fall has come to Trondheim. You can tell it for sure, as the days are getting shorter and the weather is getting colder. For most people it means that the competition season is over, but for many other runners in Trondheim, it’s the start for the “Vinterkarusell”!


Yesterday, Wednesday 26.09, the first competition of 6 was held. The weather forecast reported strong wind and rain, but as the races started the weather cleared up for the runners. The weather gods showed mercy!


There were two races, a 5km and a 10km. We had members running both distances, and with some good results!
In the 10km, NTNUI Friidrett took home the gold with a 1st place to Erlend Hansen!
In the 5km, Magnus Warvik was 1 second(!) behind the podium and ended on a strong 4th place. Several of our runners have suffered from illness the last period, but they attended anyway and finished! Impressed by all who attended though the bad weather.




Results EQtiming


Nidarø rundt – 5 km

Place Name Time
4. Magnus Warvik 15:38
48. Ole Emil Frisvold 19:45
56. Thomas Rakke 20:45

Nidarø Rundt – 10 km

Place Name Time
1. Erlend Hansen 35:36
12. Martin Dorber 40:20


Article from the race in Kondis:


Next races in the Vinterkarusell:

  1. Wednesday 26. september: Nidarø Rundt — 5 km and 10 km.
  2. Tuesday 23. October — 5 km at Leangen, 18:30.
  3. Saturday 17. November — 5 km at Leangen, 11:00.
  4. Tuesday 15. January — 3000 m in Ranheimshallen, first start 18:00.
  5. Tuesday 12. February — 3000 m in Ranheimshallen, first start 18:00.
  6. Tuesday 26. March — 5 km at Leangen, start 18:30.