You don’t need NTNUI clothing to run with us, but the day you get your first t-shirt will definitely improve your sense of belonging to the club. If you want refund from a race it is also a must to run in an NTNUI upper garment. Contact the finance manager if interested.

Happy people after running Trondheim Marathon
T-shirt270 ,-
Singlet (unisex)250 ,-
Singlet (women)280 ,-
Running Jacket690 ,-
Running Vest410 ,-
Retro Jacket500 ,-
Running pants550 ,-
Split shorts250 ,-
Thight shorts290 ,-
Speed hat230 ,-
Buff (headwear)150 ,-

Payment by:
Vipps: NTNUI Friidrett
Account: 86014352602
IBAN: NO07 8601 4352 602