Welcome to Trondheim and NTNUI Triathlon and Cycling!

Congratulations on securing a study spot in Trondheim, the world’s best student city! As a student in Trondheim, you are among the fortunate few who have the opportunity to join our fantastic club, NTNUI Triathlon & Cycling ❤️.

This group is perfect for those who want to meet new people, challenge themselves to try something new, stay in shape, and of course, have a great time alongside their studies! 🥳

In our triathlon group, we offer various training sessions each week tailored to different levels and ambitions. Whether you want to attend one training session a month or multiple times a week, it’s entirely up to you 😎.

Below is the plan for the start up period!

(This will be updated for 2024)

We strongly recommend joining our Spond group (see bottom of page) for updated info!

Here are ten great reasons to join the Triathlon group 💚🖤💛

  • Our training sessions are suitable for all levels; most people who start with us have never done triathlon before!
  • Get to know many new people from different fields of study!
  • It only cost 100 NOK per semester to be a part of the triathlon group as long as you are a member of NTNUI!
  • You’ll have the chance to participate in a training camp in Orkanger in September 2023 and a trip to Spain in April 2024! ☀️
  • We organize plenty of social events, ranging from celebrating May 17th to bowling, barbecues, and Christmas parties! 🎳
  • Every week, you’ll have the opportunity to join various sessions, including running, cycling, swimming, and other types of training. This means you’ll get the chance to train in diverse ways and challenge yourself to try new things!
  • We have no admission requirements! Everyone is welcome to join us 🙌.
  • NTNUI Triathlon provides plenty of equipment for borrowing. If you want to try road cycling or need a wetsuit, it’s super easy to rent from our website 🚲.
  • In our group, we offer a partner guarantee, assuring you a partner for 12 months. Whether it’s a romantic partner or a workout buddy, or both 😉.

If this sounds enticing to you, during the Active Campus weeks in August, we will hold trial sessions so you can get to know the group better!

Join our Spond group for more detailed training schedules for the rest of the semester.