Welcome to NTNUI Triathlon and biking autumn 2021!!

NTNUI triatlon is arranging welcomming-weeks for new members(and old), to give you a good start! Here is the program:

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You don’t have to participate in all the training, just come to the ones you want! If you don’t have the opportunity to participate in any of these trainings, you are still welcome to join later in the semester.

Week 36

Registration: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdlNG0Vhc5d_71qlBiYb6PxiNZ3IQTGfrthc64vYV2PwV6tgQ/viewform?fbclid=IwAR23eDYhYHvHw6GIuqY_kh76e9OrA6xf_1H7iw6UtV7T71JwVxDnBXg-5wc



What: 30 min easy jog followed by 60 min indoor strength in sports hall 4. Does not require SiT membership.

IMPORTANT: Due to COVID19 we are not allowed to use the wardrobes. You can put your stuff in Hall 4 before the run. If you want to get access to the wardrobes you need to book personal training time at https://www.sit.no/trening/treneselv. Does require SiT membership.

When: 07:55

Where: Reception at SIT Gløshaugen


What: Hill intervalls on bike 1x10min + 5x3min + Ferista-Skistua. Remember helmet.

When: 18:00

Where: By the pavilion in Ila Parken


What: Running intervals. 4-8x1000m 1 min pause.

When: 18:30 or 18:45 already warmed up.

Where: By the riverside of Trondheim Spektrum. See map:

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What: Easy run in Estenstadmarka

When: 16:30

Where: Outside SiT Dragvoll.

Followed by Information-meeting 18:30 at Dragvoll – event is on Facebook: “Bli-kjent trening & infomøte”.


What:Bike ride approx. 2 hours.




What: Swimming 1 hour. You can choose to follow a program or swim by your own desires. This training is open for all NTNUI members. Remember a 10NOK coin for the lockers. Due to COVID-19 there is a limit of 30 persons. Use the attached ticket for entrance.

When: Entrance at 08:45. Ready by the pool at 08:55. Start in water 09:00 sharp.

Where: Pirbadet, all 25m lanes.

Kan være et bilde av tekst

Information meeting:

Thursday September 9th we are going to have an information meeting with free pizza where you will get some information about the group, trainings etc. Here you can ask all the questions you want! We are starting with a run from the trainingcenter at Dragvoll 16:30, where we are running in Estenstadmarka. Afterwards we are having information meeting and pizza at Dragvoll, you can meet directly to this if you want, the meeting starts at 18:30. More information in an arrangment on Facebook – “Bli-kjent trening & infomøte”. Registrate to the meeting be saying “attending” at the arrangement on Facebook, deadline is 12:00 the same day so we can order enough pizza. If you have any allergies or food preferences send an email to andrea.vanebo@ntnui.no before 12:00.


Saturday September 11th we are having a get-to-know-eachother-party for new and old members! The plan is to start the evening with pre-party where we divide in groups, before we all gather at Sukkerhuset! More information in an own arrangement on Facebook – “Bli – kjent fest!”.


To get more information about the trainings and the group check out our facebook group “NTNUI triatlon medlemsgruppe”.

If you only want to participate in bicycling you can also check out our facebook group “NTNUI Triatlon – sykkeltreninger”.

If you have any questions feel free to ask us on the facebook page “NTNUI triatlon”.

Hope to see you on training!