Student Championship and TriSprinten in Triathlon 2020

NTNUI invites every “triathlon-crazy” students to our Student Championship in Triathlon!

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Foto: Nils Dittrich fra NTNUI Blits


What: Student Championship and TriSprinten
Where: Trondheim – Pirbadet/Ilsvika
When: Race brief Friday, september 11. Race day Saturday, september 12.
Entry fee: 200 kr

The Student Championship is a low-key event. Suitable for everyone regardless of experience, level and ambitions. Take the challenge by it’s horns and join the Student Championship!

The Championship Swimming: 400m – Bike: 19km – Run: 4,5km

Swimming: The swim is indoors at Pirbadet and you are swimming in the 50m lanes. There will be 5-6 contenders pr lane and both lanes will be used at the same time. There will be a 25m lane where you can warm up prior to the race. The heats will be put together by expected swimming times where the fastests expected contenders start first. You will enter your expected swimming time after the registration closes.

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Foto: Nils Dittrich fra NTNUI Blits

Bike The Starting order is based on the swimming times where the fastest swimmer start the bike leg. You will ride from Ilsvika to Flakk, and back. The leg is 19km. Take notice that you are racing on open roads, meaning the roads are open for regular traffic. Take notice that we have to classes, one for road bikes/Triathlon bikes/Time trial bikes, and one for others like commute bikes, MTBs etc.. In other words you can just take the bike you use to school, just make sure the brakes works.

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Run: After the bike leg you will enter T2, here you’ll leave the bike and directly start the running leg. The run will be two laps and together make 4,5 km.

Dette bildet mangler alt-tekst; dets filnavn er N.-Dittrich-TS-115-1024x819.jpg
Foto: Nils Dittrich fra NTNUI Blits

Complete rules and regulations for the competition will be published closer to the race.

After party

Accommodation We are helpful to recommend hotels for those who prefer a hotel. Please contact us by mail or on Facebook.

Further questions Please don’t hesitate to contact or on Facebook if you have further questions.

We are looking forward to see YOU on the startline sepember 12.