Ouchi gari

Major inner reaping

The Throw

Use this technique often when your opponent is standing in a self-defense position open to the side with their legs spread wide. It is even more effective if they are leaning backward at the waist. You actually clip your opponent’s foot with the foot you are not using as a support. They will fall over backwards.


  1. As your opponent steps with their left foot, twist your hips to the right, and bring your right foot, heel first, between your opponent’s legs. Put the back of your knee against the back of your opponent’s left knee.
  2. Clip diagonally to your rear with your fight foot, sliding your toes accross the floor. As you swing your clipping leg back, twist your hip wide from the right to the rear.
  3. Without slackening the pull of your left hand, push your opponent to the left rear with your right hand, and clip their foot so that they fall backward.


Ashiwaza II by World Champion Michael Swain is an excellent examination of several leg techniques (Ouchi gari, Kouchi gari, Kosoto gari and Hiza guruma) including many effective variations and follow-ups. Part of the Ippon Books Masterclass Series, it shows excellent competition versions of Ouchi gari.